Monday, January 19, 2009

Calendar with Coupons from Hershey's!

Snag a free Hershey Kisses 2009 Baking Calendar with $8 in money saving coupons! All you need to do is send in 8 Proofs of Purchase from select Hershey's products, you do NOT need a receipt! Check out all the details and print the form here.

To me, this is such an easy freebie to get. I have soooo many Hershey's kisses and other Hershey products that I got for nearly free while shopping during the 75%-90% Christmas clearance sales. There have also been various Hershey's deals at CVS and Walgreen's too!

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Anonymous said...

The form says you only need 5 proofs of purchase but they all have to be from Hershey's kisses if you choose the second option. I have 5 total if you count Reese's, etc but I don't have 5 bags of kisses. Thanks for all the work you do to help us save $$!