Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amazon: Born Free Bottles 80% Off!

Amazon has a great deal on Born Free Bottles:

Born Free Bottle Wide Neck 9 oz Twn 2/9 oz ( Six Pack)
Was $128.34, now ONLY $25.98!
That's 80% off!
Shipping is $9.99

Born Free Bottle Wide Neck 5 oz Twn 2/5 oz ( Six Pack)
Was $122.34, now ONLY $24.70!
Shipping is $9.99

That's an amazing price for these bottles! Wow! I'm out of the bottle stage now, but definitely will be grabbing some for Baby Shower gifts. You just can't beat that price!

(Thanks, Amy!)

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frugalmomma said...

Thanks for the tip! I linked to this post on my blog since it's just the kind of thing my readers are interested in :).

Anonymous said...

help- I'm confused- these are the bottles I was planning on buying- I'm so excited about the deal- but I can't find the price when I link to them. Is this deal dead? I would be SO sad!

The Sharpe's said...

i don't see that price either....

Melissa said...

Sometimes things ARE too good to be true! I jumped right on this, and ordered both the 5 oz and the 9 oz bottles, and got this email today:
Dear Babyage Customer,
I am contacting you in regards to the Born Free bottles you ordered from Babyage via This item was misrepresented on Amazon as being a 6-pack. In fact, we do not sell 6 packs, only 2 packs. When your order reached our system from Amazon, it reflected an order for a 2-pack, therefore this is what was processed and shipped. The amount you were charged is consistent with our price for the 2-pack you were sent.
I realize that it seemed that you would be getting 6 bottles for the price of 2, but again this was an error in the item’s listing and we do not sell 6 packs.
I apologize for this situation. If you would like to return these bottles for a full refund, I will gladly accommodate you. Or, if you would like to keep these bottles, I will refund your shipping fee as a courtesy. Again, the price you paid is consistent with the price of a 2-pack.

Tara said...

I got the same email. So sad.

Hip2Save said...

I'm sorry guys!:(
I received the same email too!