Thursday, May 28, 2009

FREE Reusable Shopping Bag from Riesling!

Get a FREE reusable shopping bag courtesy of Riesling! Just go on over here and click on the "save water/drink riesling" banner in the lower middle.


You can just send an email to:
Subject: Save Water Drink Riesling

Then copy and paste this message:
I'm passionate about Riesling and building awareness of our precious rivers and waterways. Please mail my free SAVE WATER/DRINK RIESLING reusable shopping bag to the following address - (fill in your mailing info)

I'm loving all my reusable shopping bags and can't wait to add this one to my collection!!!

(Thanks, Amy!)


Kim from OC said...

I do love Riesling more than this is perfect!

Thanks for all you do!

Hip2Save said...

I'm with ya on that!:)

Kristen said...

I'm a huge fan of reusable bags. Thanks for the tip!

Jenn said...

Just got my Earthbound one in the mail today!:)

Carla C said...

I got my earthbound tote yesterday! I love how sturdy it is!

Suzy said...

Awesome! Thanks. I, too, love reusable shopping bags. I have to keep a few in my car at all times otherwise I forget all these free ones are coming in handy! I just got my Earthbound one a few days ago and it's great!

Anonymous said...

when i click the link my computer tries to open outlook. I dont use outlook...hmm

Bonnie/AR said...

Just "cut & paste" the info Hip2Save gave into whatever email you do use.