Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Printable Coupons: Emergen-C, Organic Valley...

Printable Coupon Round-Up:

Buy one Emergen-C Health & Energy water get one FREE
This is a PDF coupon and expires 5/31/09.
(Thanks, Dana!)

Save .75 on Philadelphia cream Cheese at Publix Stores
(Thanks, Cindy!)

New Organic Valley Coupons
There are 8 new coupons available to print!
(Thanks, Isabel!)

Save .75 on Reynolds Parchment Paper
(Thanks, Bonnie!)

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mellisa rock said...

I just wanted to make sure that everyone could still get the 2.00 huggies coupon...i clicked on savings central after it told me i had printed the number allowed. also where on vocal point do you sign up for coupons or is that for new members only? Thanks.

Hip2Save said...

Once you sign up on their site you'll start receiving coupons in the mail. I've gotten tons of great coupons from them. Just recently I received quite a few high value Kashi Waffle coupons!:)

mellisa rock said...

Oh...I got those too! The link went to an older post about vocal point -- there was mention of some tlc bar coupons and crest...lol...It was from december though! Thanks for all the great deal that you post! I found your site through the frog pond at bzzagent!

Anonymous said...

anybody know how much the water retail and where

Hip2Save said...

The Emergen-C waters are sold at these stores:
Arizona Health Foods
Duane Read
Henry's Farmer's Market
Hi Health
Jimbo's Naturally
Lassen's Natural Foods & Vitamins
Mother's Market
Mrs. Green's Natural Markets
New Leaf
Nugget Market
PCC Natural Markets
Sprouts Farmers Market
Sun Harvest
Sunflower Farmers Market
Vitamin Cottage
Whole Foods
Fred Meyer

I've not seen these yet available at any of the stores I shop at, so I really have no idea of what they're priced at. Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

what are you guys talking about vocal point. i am lost i have never heard of this.

jonathan said...

I got this message (I am a guy) when signing up:
"Thanks for your inquiry into Vocalpoint. Unfortunately, we are only accepting new members who meet specific requirements. The information and content that Vocalpoint provides is tailored to specific groups of women and we do not want to send you things that may not be of interest to you. We suggest trying out P&G's Everyday Solutions. It provides coupons and samples on P&G products as well as updates on new and improved products." So, apparantly for ladies only, but with an thoughtful brush off for the guys, lol.

Tasha said...

When I click on the Emergen-C coupon to print it, it prints out in a two page format (HUGE). What am I doing wrong?