Monday, May 25, 2009

Readers Deals: Food Lion, Meijer & Walmart!

Readers Deals Round-Up:

Debbie emailed to let me know that Meijer has Air Wick air freshener starter kits on sale for 1/2 off. The I Motion starter kits are regularly priced at $5.99, so they're on sale for just $2.99. Use the coupon from the 4/26 or 5/17SS to snag these for FREE! Also, there are printable Air Wick coupons available here.

Mellisa found Febreze Candles in linen scent on roll back for ONLY $3 at Walmart. These are normally priced around $7. Use the $1 coupon from the 5/3PG to get them for just $2!

Christa Snagged FREE candy at Food Lion. Right now Food Lion has Mars/M&Ms single candy bars- buy one get one free. Use the coupon from the 5/17RP to get 2 FREE candy bars. Plus, Christa also found buy one get one free blinkie coupons in the candy isle, so even if you don't have the insert coupons you may still be able to snag FREE candy! Oh and if you have a Bloom nearby these are also on sale buy one get one free!

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Heather said...

Lowe's Foods also has them B1G1.

Michelle said...

Heather, what is B1G1. Is it the candy?

Sharon said...

Would both candy bars actually be free? I'm just asking because I thought food lion was one of those stores where they just ring them up half off... It would still be a great deal, but free is the best :)

Frugal Friend said...

The Airwick I-Motion is $4.99 at Target (on clearance) too.

Heather said...

Food Lion does ring up B1G1 items up at half price. So, it seems you would get both candy bars for half the price of one if you are using the coupon.

Kasey Hunt said...

The Wal Mart by me has the Glade Sense and Spray for $5 and the Glade Lasting Impressions for $5. I used my $4 off coupons I believe they were from P&G. Great deal for $1 a piece!!