Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sears: FREE 8x10 Portrait Collage ($29.95 Value)

Sears is offering up a great freebie: Get a FREE 8x10 portrait Collage! This is a $29.95 value! Plus, you will NOT have to pay a session fee either ($14.99 value)! This would make a fantastic father's Day gift!

**This coupon is valid thru 6/2.

(Thanks, A Lot of Savings!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks I just made my appointment, but am I suppose to print out a coupon or print the main page??

Hip2Save said...

You'll need to print the offer page off and bring it with you.

Angel said...

I just got back from the portrait studios, & be aware if you have more than one kid sitting in, you do pay extra. For me, it was only $5 extra to have my other kid in the pic (I have 2 boys). The girls @ the studios tried to talk me into a smile card (for $10), but when it says you can get 8x10's free everyday, that's only if you purchase a package. If you have a total of 3 kids in the picture, the card is basically free (since only 1 kid is covered for the free sitting fee), but you may want to check ahead of time to see how much it will cost for your other kid to be in the picture. They also said that if I wanted to have the pic today it would cost $3, or I could wait 2-3 weeks & not pay anything. I said since Father's Day is not soon, I'd just wait.

Lance, Tiff n Ash said...

Heads up: I just got back from Sears. The photographer said I had to buy something for the coupon to be valid. I looked at the coupon when she said this and asked where it states I have to buy something.. and she pointed at the statement at the bottom of the coupon where it reads "Restrictions apply. Ask associate for details at time of session."
So I ended up just buying an 8x10-wallets for $8. Not too bad, but I planned on not spending anything.

It seems like other people are having similar issues. Id recommend calling the store prior to your apt and telling them you have a coupon and ask if a purchase is necessary.