Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walgreens: New $5 off $25 In-Store Coupon! Yay!

Wahoooo!!! Walgreens just released a new $5 off $25 coupon that can be used in-store! This coupon is valid May 20th-21st ONLY. We haven't seen these types of Walgreens coupons in a long time, so take advantage of this great coupon while you can!

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(Thanks, Stacy!)

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Eden said...

does it have to be before coupons or can it be before them?

also. i was curious. i have never had a problem using more than one rr in a transaction. however, all of a sudden in the past couple of week's my walgreens will only let me use one per transaction. is anyone else having this problem?


Anonymous said...

The coupon does state $25 or more must be before taxes and after all manufacturer and Walgreens couponsand discounts.

You can use multiple RR in a single transaction as long as the the #of items is equal or more to the # of coupons (MFG, IP, RR) you are using. WAGS IVC do not count toward your coupon count.

exampls: 5 items, 2 MFG & 3RR is okay.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I can't find the coupon! when I link to the site, I get the home page with other offers, like 5 off 15 photo, but can't find this... ?

crystal said...

would you be able to use it on ink refills? it doesnt say you cant

Eden said...

so what should i do when i go to my walgreens & they won't take more than one rr? they say it says there can only be one on the back of the rrs. it is just frustrating me because i always used to do it & now they are changing on me! :(

thanks for help, anon!

Laura said...

Thanks for the coupon. I don't know if you already know this or not, but I was at Kmart today and Pepsi 8-packs were 4 for $6 (as long as a Diet Pepsi was one of your 4 packs). I haven't seen 8 packs for $1.50 around here in awhile...Wanted to pass that along.

Anonymous said...


The only thing I can suggest is to move up the chain of command until you get the answer that all WAG coupon shoppers know is correct: Multiple RR are okay!

Good luck to you!

Kate said...

So since this coupon is AFTER all coupons, that means even RR also, so at least $20 OOP,if I am correctly understanding the fine print. Right?! Thanks

Mary said...

Walgreens had Angel soft toilet paper for $1.09 on clearance for 4 packs..use the $.50 off coupon and they were $.64 after tax. Not too bad of a deal.

Anonymous said...

when I spoke with someone at Walgreen's 800#, it is $25 after RR but not after gift cards (as payment)

You could pay for your total purchase at the photo counter when picking up & paying for photos & use the coupon.

If you are unable to print the coupon because their site is so busy...(all I got printed was a blank page, w/'date & time' printed on the edge) write down the UPC # off coupon & call your local store & ask 'if' they will take that since I only get a blank page when I tried printing. Above is what is what I was told when calling their 800#

priscillawallace at sbcglobal dot net

Heather said...

I read on another site that someone gave this $5 off coupon first and then gave all her other coupons. When her total dropped below $25, the computer automatically added the $5 back in. Gee, Walgreen's ... thanks for the "great" coupon!

Anonymous said...

I also could not use multiple RR's in 1 transaction. I had 7 items, 5 MFQ's, and 1 WAG Q. My subtotal after MFQ's and WAG Q was $11.xx. I used one $5 RR and it went through fine. I then tried a second one for $5 and it gave the error about my subtotal not being enough. Obviously that was not true so I wonder if they have that programmed in to stop multiple rewards?? Anyone else get this??

Anonymous said...

If I could put in my 2 cents about the sudden restriction on use of more than 1 RR per transaction. I was also told this yesterday at a store that had previously let you use multiple. Manager said new policy.

I then called 1-800-WALGREENS and was told that on the back it states limit 1 offer per purchase and I said I thought that statement was concerning EARNING a RR not USING a RR. Her reply was that they are using it to impose the use of RRs during purchase.

If you look at next weeks ad on the last page, they are advertising 4 items that earn RRs and at the top of the page it states ""Receive over $13.00 in register rewards to use on your next purchase!"

Are they not guilty of false advertising? I do not see where it states use these $13.00 in RRs on your next 4 purchases?

Sorry for the long winded comment, I just feel they need to be upfront and print what they mean on their RRs and in their ads. Here in TX you can practically find a CVS across the street from most Walgreens, and that is where you will find me.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that I have had nothing but positive experiences using coupons at Walgreens. I love checking out at the cosmetics counter as the clerks there are always willing to take as many coupons as you offer, plus they offer addtl coupons...and never a line with other shoppers.