Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bally Total Fitness: FREE 7 Day Pass!

Bally Total Fitness is offering up a great freebie... perfect to get you motivated to exercise this summer! You can sign up here to get a FREE seven day guest pass! They will email you the pass and then you'll just need to bring it with you to your nearest Bally Total Fitness facility!


Linda said...

Thank you so much! I have one close by and just signed up! I needed some motivation!:)

Kate said...

Haha...you timed this to go with the free chocolate coupons arriving in the mail! :)

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up- this one may not be worth it unless you're really considering joining. I used this offer a year or so ago, and they called me RELENTLESSLY during and after the trial, asking me to join. Even after I said I wasn't interested! Just a warning...:)

Sarah said...

I also did this offer, but I told them from the get go that I was just interested in the free trial and nothing further, so they shouldn't bother with the sales pitch and they actually didn't bother me at all!

I'm signing up again!

Anonymous said...

I did this last year and also got the relentless phone calls and sales pressure, even though I told them I only wanted the trial. It was not worth it!

Chris said...

I also did this trial last year and was hounded. The one girl finally said to me our manager makes us ask until we here 3 no's from you in one conversation. Every time they asked, I just said NO NO NO and they shut up but it still wasn't worth it

Chrissy said...

Totally off subject, but I just got an email from Gevalia about the offer posted recently :

Thank you for your interest in Gevalia. Unfortunately your order could not be processed.

The offer you responded to was part of a targeted direct mail campaign which was extended to a select group of customers. This special offer was reprinted on different internet sites without Gevalia’s consent.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

The Gevalia Customer Service Team

Phooey. I was really excited about that deal! :( Anybody have any other suggestions to get a good deal from them?

Anonymous said...

Love your site!!!!!! Want to find a west coast site for my California friends. Going out there next week. Just to let you know....if there is not a Bally Gym in your area, Golds gym offers the same deal on their web site. Seven day pass. My family just joined and there are alot of deals going on there.