Monday, June 1, 2009

FREE M&M's Candy Dispenser After Rebate!

Target and Mars have teamed up together to offer up a fun rebate item (perfect for the kiddos)! Purchase 5 bags of M&M's brand chocolate candies or Snickers Brand Minis (9.5 oz or larger) from a participating Target location and get a FREE M&M's Brand Chocolate Candies TransformersTM Candy Dispenser! After purchasing the candy just maker sure to save your receipt, circle the qualifying items and mail in this form. This offer is valid through 8/31/09 and there is a limit of 2 candy dispensers per household. Allow approximately 8 weeks for delivery.

(Thanks, Monica!)

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Jenna said...

could you use your free candy bar fridays coupon and get 5 free m&m's and a free dispecer?

Anonymous said...


It doesn't look like it:

at least five (5) bags of M&M’S® Brand
Chocolate Candies or SNICKERS® Brand MINIS® 9.5 oz. or larger with such purchases circled;

Plus the free bar coupons are limited to 4 per household.


Hip2Save said...

That would be nice!:) Although, it looks like the bags have to be 9.5 oz. or larger.

jenna said...

well, can't blame a girl for trying! : )

Life with the Akin Clan said...

I have a $1/2 coupon from my paper yesterday for M&M's 9.5 oz or larger! Yay! Thank you so much for telling me this! I may see if my girls want to save this for their brothers Christmas/birthday gift.

Lauren said...

How do you know if your local target is participating or not?

dh said...

coupon is in the 5/31 RP.

I still have those b1g1f coupons for the Mars candy bars. Are there any deals on candy bars?

Anonymous said...

From Teresa:
That's neat! Thanks for sharing. I didn't see anything about having to pay for shipping. Did you see if there's any shipping $$ requirement? I'll actually buy the candy just to get this, it'll be great for the office at work, I'm the candy distributor.

Anonymous said...

Ok, do you buy the candy dispenser at target or just the candy and they mail you the dispenser? If you get 2 candy dispensers do you need to buy 10 bags of candy???

Hip2Save said...

All you'll need to do is buy the candy at Target, then mail in your receipt and they will send you a FREE candy dispenser.

If you want 2 dispensers, then you'll need to purchase a total of 10 bags of candy.

Hope this helps answer your questions!:)

Anonymous said...

i want one....i just wished i lived closer to a target.

Anonymous said...

any coupons for bags of candy that any one know of?