Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Kashi $1.50 Coupon + CVS Deal!

Yay! A new high value Kashi coupon is available: Save $1.50 on any Kashi Cereal or Kashi TLC Bars. You can print this coupon in IE or Firefox. Press your browser back button to print a total of 2 coupons per computer. (Thanks, Cole!)

Kashi cereal and bars are also on sale for just $3 at CVS this week. Pair with this new $1.50 coupon to snag them for just $1.50 per box!

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Rhonda said...

Thank you! This was very timely. Our local Meijer store had the TLC bars on clearance for $1.76/box (apple only, but why be picky!). With coupon, total was $0.26/box.

A quick question, if you don't mind. Do you know if the print limit for a coupon is per computer, or per printer? My son's computer does not have a printer...but, I'm thinking it wouldn't be too difficult to hook mine up:-)


Kate said...

The limit is per computer not per printer. We have a desktop and two laptops and I print coupons off all three computers to the same printer.

Popcorn House said...