Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Printable Coupons on Coupons.com + More!

Coupons.com once again has some new coupons available:

Save $2 on So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt (on 4)
Seems like a high value coupon! Anyone know the price of these yogurts?

Save $1 on 1 pint of Purely Decadent ice cream (Soy or Coconut)
Has anyone tried this? It looks pretty yummy!

Save $1 on 1 bottle of any Litehouse Product

Save .50 on one dozen Smart Balance Omega-3 Larger Eggs

**If you don't see these coupons, then try the zip code 90210!

There is also an awesome new Dole coupon available. According to Freebies4Mom, this is a new coupon link: Save .50 on any one can of Dole fruit, IE or Firefox! Remember to press your browser back button to print a total of 2 coupons per computer.


Jessica said...

The Dole coupon says I already printed it. I did print it a few weeks ago when you alerted us. Thanks anyway!

DrPrimo said...

Try this link:
IE or FF.

shelly said...

The purely decandent soy ice cream is just wonderful. Tastes really good much better than most soy ice creams, as good as my homemade.

DrPrimo said...

Sorry, I forgot to say thanks to sewingbea from HCW for the above link!

shelly said...

The So Delicious yogurt around here is about $1.50 for a yogurt but maybe you can find a sale to make it a better buy. We find them here at Fred Meyers in the health food section or at New Seasons too.

amy said...

A lot of my coupon print limits had been reset! got the $2 off Listerine, $5 off pictureka, and a few others.

Rochelle said...

Earthfare has the Yogurt on sale this month for $1. So, with the coupon, it is a great deal!!

Whitney said...

This is off topic, but I just saw a good deal and wanted to share it. Collin told us a few days ago about a $1/2 coupon at tridentgum.com on single packs of trident. Kroger has them $1.19 BOGO free, so you can get 2 packs for $.19!

Brandy said...

Both the Dole links on the original post and the ones posted by DrPrimo are showing that I already printed it. I think it's only been about a month since I printed Dole coupons so maybe they haven't reset for me.

BaseballMom said...

Try using the link DrPrimo said to use. I didn't print the Dole coupons the first time and it said I did. I use DrPrimo's link and I was able to print 2.
BTW- Thanks DrPrimo!!

Michelle said...

Thanks, DrPrimo. I was also unable to print from Hip2save's link but did with yours! And thanks, Hip2save as well! I love your blog!!!

Eden said...

The milk & cheese coupons are reset too!
83642 works for a zipcode.
The milk coupon will work wonderfully with the CVS milk deal that some are being able to do. (moneysavingmom.com)

Rachel said...

Typically, if you put in another zipcode do they still work everywhere in the US? I hate to waste printer ink if the coupon won't even work here (I'm in TN). I totally want the milk, cheese, and yogurt coupons if they do though.