Friday, June 5, 2009

Printable Coupons: Ziploc, Pull Ups, Hostess...

Printable Coupon Round-Up: has added some HOT new Ziploc Coupons:
Save $1.50 an any 2 Ziploc Brand Containers
Save .75 on Ziploc Brand Zip 'n Steam Bags
Save $1 on any 2 Ziploc Brand Bags

Plus, they've added other new coupons:
Save .50 on Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple
Save $2 on Pull Ups training Pants (will go great w/Kmart doubles!)

Other New Printable Coupons:

Save $1 on Hostess Donettes
(Thanks, Lisa & Kim)

Save $3 on Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defence SPF 50 sunscreen
(Thanks, Linn!)

Save $2 on a 24 pack of White Cloud Toilet Paper
(Thanks, SouthEastIowaDeals!)

Save $1 on 10 Jars of Earth's Best Baby Food
Plus, buy $15 in Earth's Best products and get a FREE Earth's Best Baby Body Care by JASON gift set! (Thanks, Kiki!)

Save $2.50 on any Got2b Full Size Guardian Angel or Fat-Tastic Styling Product This coupon expires 7/31/09!

Save $2 on any Got2b Fat-Tastic, Smooth Operator or Guardian Angel Full Size Product This coupon expires 7/31/09 too!


Lindsay said...

I have never done the Kmart doubles before and I have a few dumb questions. If the coupon says "Do not double ot triple", wil that coupon not double? And when it says up to $2, does that mean coupons up to $2 will be doubled to $4 or the maximum vaule is $2 after doubling? Thanks for the help!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Lindsay - not "dumb" questions at all! You're absolutely right, if the coupon says "do not double or triple" the store can't increase it's value beyond its face value, and it won't double. Since Kmart is limiting the number of coupons to 10 a day (or, at least per visit -- I plan on hitting a few Kmarts), you may not want to include that coupon unless the item has a really good sale that would make it worth it.

I always find Kmart's wording on the coupon value confusing too, but they will double coupons that have a face value of up to $2. So if you have some nice high value coupons, you could get as much as $4 off. Any coupon with a face value over that (for instance a $3 pet food coupon) won't double, it will just ring up as normal.

One other thing, I don't see anything about this in the rules they've been sending out for this sale, but in the past, Kmart's more in-depth rules have limited the same coupon to only 4 of that kind. For instance, at a past doubling event, I thought I was really going to make out by using all of my $.75/2 Knorr's Lipton Pasta Sides coupons to get $1.50/2 (almost free!). But after I checked my receipt, only the first four doubled, and when I went to customer service they told me that was the rule (and I saw it in writing somewhere later). So you may want to check that in advance. I'm going to play it safe, since there are lots of good coupons out there.

Hope this helps! Have fun & save a lot!

Lindsay said...

Mary Beth-
Thank you so much for the help!!! I love it when we can all help one another!!! THANK YOU!!!

MP said...

I was able to print the Hostess coupon 3 times! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I don't see the $1/2 Ziplock bags. Any ideas?

Sheila said...

I'm not seeing the 1.50/2 or the 1.00/2 ziploc coupons. Anyone find a zip code that works for one or both? Thanks

Mykkyya said...

I got the hostess to print 3 times as well.

Wendy said...

Is there a zip code that we can use to make the ziploc coupons show up? Thanks!!