Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sbarro: FREE Pizza for A & B Students Today!

Today, June 23rd Sbarro restaurants will be honoring students who have received A’s and B’s during the school year. Students with good grades can bring their report cards into Sbarro’s and say the secret phrase: “A’s and B’s… Pizza Please!”

After saying the secret phrase, Sbarro will provide every student and an accompanying adult a FREE slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza and a small soda!

This promotion is only available at participating Sbarro locations, so I would definitely recommend calling ahead!

(Thanks, ShoppingThrifty!)


Joe Money said...

Yay!! Good to have smart kids!!
Thank you Collin :)

Sharon said...

I love the fact that they are offering it to kids who get A's and B's. There is to much importance put on just straight A's. My mom had the best intentions giving my daughter (7)money for her straight A's but it ended up making her freak out when she got straight A-'s one sememster. She thought they weren't good enough. I made my mom quit! I think it is sad that kids who do make both A's and B's are made to feel that they did not do good enough. Cheers to Sbarro!!

Sharon said...

Clarification. My daughter thought the straight A-'s were not good enough, my mom thought they were good. Did not want you to think my mom did'nt think they were good! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I tried this and they put a bugger on my slice. Why hate couponers?

christinaprey said...

This is great, but our kids don't get their report cards until tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed. My kids and I LOVE Sbarro, but ours is not participating.

Oh well. Thanks anyway,