Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Amazon: Shun Knives 60% off!

I am so excited about this deal! The Shun Knives once again have been discounted greatly on I posted about Shun Knives being discount previously, but this time the price has dropped even lower!

Shun 8-Inch Stainless Steel Chef's Knife
Was $148.95, now only $60.49!
UPDATE: The price of the Chef's Knife has gone up to $107!

Shun Steel 7-Inch Wide Santoku Knife
Was $187.95, now only $71.49!

These both ship FREE!

Shun knives are higher in price, but I promise they come as close as you can get to the perfect knives! They are by far the sharpest knives I've ever used. You can cut through raw potatoes with ease! You can even ship them back to the Shun Factory (free of charge) to have them factory sharpened. If you end up purchasing one you'll have to let me know how you like it. You will be amazed!!!

Here is some feedback from others on Amazon who have purchased these knives:

"Cuts everything like a hot knife through butter. I got mine here on sale for 82 bucks. I don't know what it is now but it was worth ever penny."

"Unsurpassed quality and amazing performance. A lifetime knife you'll be so pleased you purchased this one!!!"

"This is an amazing knife. It's perfect for my hand. In fact, it feels like part of my hand. I have some good knives, but I have a feeling I'll be seeing less of them now. The cuts I can make with this knife are perfect. Sharpness, balance, beauty- what more could you want in a knife?"

If any of you own a Shun Knife, I'd love to hear what you think of yours!

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Andrea said...

The chef's knife is already back up to $107!

Chrissy said...

The price of the Chef's knife is back up already to over $107. :(

Erica said...

OMG I need to order my husband loves these and his birthday is soon

Sarah said...

The chef's knife with scallops is $79.99 (51% off).

Anonymous said...

They are amazing! I used to work at Williams Sonoma, and they are the best knives out there! I use mine for everything and everyone asks me where I got it when they use it. Hands down, the best knives!!!!
- S.