Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red Plum: New $2 Target Degree Coupon + More!

One of my readers, Meredith, just alerted me to the fact that a new $2 Target Degree coupon is available on red Plum: Save $2/1 Degree Women Fine Fragrance deodorant or body mist! This is a HOT coupon and can be paired with the manufacturer coupon from the 5/17 Red plum insert to get a sweet deal... possibly FREE deodorant or body mist!

There are also various other red Plum coupons available that you may want to go ahead and print now!

For more Target Deals and Target Coupons visit the new


Mary said...

Yes, the body sprays were $2.29 at my super target (i think the sign was marked higher though, so scan it)...and so the $2 Target coupon +$1.25 mfg. Q's would mean it's a $.96 money maker! Also, I tried to do the deal where you buy a deodorant and get the free mist using the travel size deodorant and it wouldn't specifically says on the coupon Excludes travel and trial sizes. But maybe with the $2 coupon, you could buy one deodorant and use the coupon and then get the free mist too.

tori said...

My store in Austin, TX had these body sprays for $3.24 yesterday(atleast that's what the sign said).
My coupon didn't say anything about excluding trial sizes, so it worked for me.

Yay!!! more free deodorant.

Rachel said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that I went to Target today and saved $33 by using coupons!! Can't thank you enough for all your help in helping us save money in this season in our lives!!

SuzyQpon said...

My Target had the deos for $3.29 - $2 Target Q - $1.25 MQ = $0.04. I was happy. Even better they had the men's Degree deo for $2.39 - $2 Target Q - $1 MQ = $0.61 money maker! VERY happy. Thank you so much for your earlier Target post. I went today and it was so helpful. My breakdown:
19 items - $53.20
Tax - $1.55
Subtotal - $54.75
26 coupons - $40.18
Total OOP $14.57
I bought the Scotch Brite cooktop cleaner which has a MIR so that will take $6.49 off for a total of $8.08 or about $0.43/item!!!! My DH and colleagues could NOT believe it. Thanks again!

mnrs. b said...

awesome, thanks collin!!!

Mrs20Mist said...

I got the same deal as SuzyQpon!!! Thanks so much for posting this.

Tara said...

suzyq- what MIR is for the cooktop cleaner? I am in need of it but i havent purchased yet cause i havent found a good deal. thanks!

SuzyQpon said...

Tara -

before people get upset about buying products with the intent to send in the MIR - I would not have paid $6.50 for a sponge (basically) so I am telling them the price is too high!

SuzyQpon said...

Shoot, doesn't look like the link came up. Sorry. Search for "Scotch Brite money back guarantee" and you should be able to find it. Also, don't forget about the $1 off coupon. I think it was on