Saturday, August 1, 2009

CVS Weekly Deals 8/2-8/8

3 Day ONLY Sale (Sunday - Tuesday)

Caliber or CVS 70-80 sheet 1 Subject Notebook .99=.99Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Caliber 10 Pk Pencils .99=.99Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Caliber Academic Book Covers $1.99=$1.99Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Poly Portfolio .49=.49Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Caliber 20 ct Pens .99=.99Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Caliber Academic Scissors $2.99=$2.99Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Caliber Academic Compass/Protractor $1.99=$1.99Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Caliber Academic Flexi Ruler .99=.99Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Caliber Note/Glue stick/Pen Eraser .99=.99Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Softsoap Nutri Serums Body Wash (15 oz) $4.99=$4Ecb (limit 1)
Use the $2 coupon from
(If you don't see the coupon, then try zip 45435)
Final cost FREE + a $1 moneymaker!

Almay Cosmetics buy one get one free
Prices starting at $2.99
Use 2 $1 coupons from the 8/2SS
Final cost as low as .99 for 2 items!

Buy 4 Pepsi 12 packs $12 total=$4Ecb (limit 2)
Final cost $2 per 12 pack!

Extra Care Buck Deals

Buy 2 Kraft Easy Mac or Velveeta Shells and Cheese $3 each=$3Ecb (limit 1)
Use the $1.50/2 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost .75 each!

Buy $10 of select items below=$3Ecb (limit 1)
Skippy $2
Ragu $2
Lipton Tea $3
Hellmans $3

Deal Scenario:
Buy 3 Skippy Peanut Butter $6
Buy 2 Ragu $4
Use 3 .50 Skippy coupons from the 8/2RP
Plus, use 1 $1/2 coupon from the 8/2RP (may be higher or lower depending on your region)
Or use the $1/2 Ragu coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost .90 per item!

Buy $20 worth of Electrasol=$10Ecb
Buy 5 (20 ct) boxes priced at 2/$9
Use 5 $2.50 coupons from the 7/12SS
Pay $10
Get back a $10Ecb
Final cost 5 boxes for FREE!

Buy $10 worth of Stayfree Pads (28-48 ct.) $5 each=$5Ecb (limit 1)
Buy 2 for a total of $10
Use the buy one get one free Stayfree coupon from the 6/28SS
Plus, use the $1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost FREE + a $1 moneymaker!

Blink Tears or Gel Tears $7.99=$7.99Ecb (limit 1)
Use the $3 coupon from the 8/2RP
Or use the $1.50 coupon from here
Final cost as low as FREE + a $3 moneymaker!

Buy 2 Pampers Jumbo pack diapers or pants $10 each=$5Ecb (limit 1)
Use 2 $1, $1.50 or $2 coupons from the 8/2PG
Final cost as low as $5.50 per package!

Other Great Deals

Bumble Bee Tuna Salad kits 3.5 oz $1.25
Use the $1/2 coupon from here
(become a fan on Facebook)
Final cost .75 each!

Dawn 10.3 oz .99
Use the .25 coupon from the 8/2PG
Final cost .74!

Scotch Tape 3 pk buy one get one free
Use 2 $1 coupons from the 7/12SS
Final cost ?

New to CVS Shopping?!?
Check out this post!

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Anonymous said...

It should be noted that ECB don't actually make the item *free*. If you buy a $2 item and get $2 of ECB, your wallet is still $2 lighter. You really get $4 worth of stuff for $2.

Tiffany said...

Instead of the buying the Stayfree pads you could buy 3 Visine Soothing Wipes for 3.99 each and use 3 $3 coupons from 6/14 SS. This would be a $2.00 moneymaker!

Mrs.Litz said...

Anon - That's true the first time you shop, but if you're "rolling" your ECBs and you use 2 ECBs to pay that $2 and you get back 2 ECBs, then it really is free. (except for tax of course)

Anonymous said...

Is the Visine deal for real? I would love that!

LilKim said...

Yes, its for real

LilKim said...

The price each in some areas for the Visine is 4.50, though

Diana said...

I've read about the stayfree deal at
Coupons, Deals and More
and she had pointed out that the stayfree on sale is for Jumbo packs which the coupon EXCLUDES! :(

LilKim said...

Off topic, but the SCHWANS deal is UP!!! Hurry!

Anonymous said...

Your wallet isn't lighter if you used ECBs to pay for the product to begin with. I haven't paid more than $3 for a cart full of stuff in months. Just keep those ECBs rolling....

Renee Richins said...

I think the 10 pack of pencils and the 20 count pens that are free after extra bucks are grouped together, so it is a limit of 2 total for those.

Another scenario for the Johnson and Johnson deal is buy 3 of the Tylenol Arthritis totaling $12, use 3 $2 coupons (5/17RP) and get 10ECB. So $1 for three. I have a rain check from when they were free and am hoping to get the ECBs from that deal plus the extra 5 ECBs from this deal. We'll see how that works.

Kj Larsen said...

so I am new to CVS and just got my new card but am hoping to get in on these deals, do I already have to have ecb on my account or will it really be free if I just use the ec card at the time of purchase?
thanks for any advise

Anonymous said...

Can anyone lead me to an easy way to put together the CVS transactions. I feel mathmatically challenged and always have such a hard time putting together the deals to include tax and such. Any help would be appreciated!

Tori said...

I got to get my Free after ECB deals for next week early again this week. My store manually prints the ECB. The sale prices ring up, then they print the ECB. It's great. I always get my free items, if i wait til Sunday they are always out of stock.

Anonymous said...

KJ - you don't get ecbs on your card, they print out for you at the end of your receipt when you purchase qualifying items. You can then use them on your next purchase.

I have been off the blogs for awhile during a move, but I was wondering if you all have come across the same issue I have with CVS - my local one said that they will no longer honor expired ecbs. I think I only did it once, which was last week, and they said that they could force it through once on each card, but after that no more...

Melissa Salmon said...

does anyone know what the limit is on the electrasol with the 10ech?

fran said...

I went to CVS free gift is "FREE CVS Brand Skin Lotion 3 oz.-value $1.69"...not bad. I also got some of tomorrow's sales today. Today the scissors are the same as tomorrow's price, only they are B1G1 today...I got 4 scissors for $5.98, and I got a $6.00, it might pay to go today.

The ad I have reads "limit of 1 offer"...there is no limit on the just need to spend $20.00 to get the $10.00 ECB.

LilKim said...

Melissa, you can buy as many electrasol as you want, but you can only get the $10 ECB once. (I think that's the gist of what fran said)

Melissa Salmon said...

thanks, just went to cvs and got all the deals I was hoping for. my free gift was cvs brand asprin 100 count, not bad either!

Tara said...

fran, when you got tomorrows sales today did they have to manually print them or did they print out for you and which store in nj did you go to?

fran said...

Tara, I went to the one on Rte. 73 South,'s next to the Shell Gas's a 24 hr. one. He had to adjust some of the prices, and he had to manually give me my ECBs...the only one that printed on my receipt was the free item. They don't really do the ECBs the day before, but I told him he will make the sale, if not, I would have to go to another one...the manager was real nice.
Did you go to Super Walmart yesterday?

Tara said...

thanks for letting my know which one. i think my cousin works at that store! no i never made it to walmart. i had my brother/sister-inlaw over for dinner and the kids and i were out grocery shopping and got caught in that storm! did you get damage from it!, and to top off getting caught in the rain, while i was getting the groceries out of the trunk a truck sped by down my street and totally drenched me!! i was so mad but i laughed at the situation lol.

Lowry517 said...

I have my the early edition. The CVS ad does not show the Pepsi deal hip2save says is a 3 day sale. I have waiting for another Pepsi deal. I wonder if they will be on sale in the store or not?

fran said...

Hey Tara,
That's a shame you got drenched, but it's good that you can laugh about it:)
There was damage in Medford, which is close to us...I'm in Mt. Laurel. No damage, but we did blow a fuse outside, which I know how to replace, but I didn't think that was the problem this time. PSE&G couldn't come until Monday, and it was really hot yesterday without air was actually nicer outside, than in the my husband says, why don't we try the fuses anyway...and voila, we had air conditioning. I don't know how anyone can survive without A.C..
How about you...everything okay at your end?
Is your cousin a guy or a girl? Patrick was the manager who took care of me...he was the one I said was real nice.

Melissa said...

Please note when purchasing the "free" items at CVS, some of them are in the same category, so you can only get two of those or you will not get the ECB's. (i.e. pens & pencils, compass & protractor, eraser & glue sticks & sticky notes).

Anonymous said...

Just got back from CVS and they had everything I went in for! I wanted to let you guys know that, even though the ad says the Softsoap has a limit of 1, the limit in the computers must be 3. I bought one and the bottom of the receipt said I still had 2 left in the "Quantity Needed to Earn Reward" so I bought another and earned 4ECB's each time. I'm in Central Florida if that matters.

Jannel said...

Hey Fran- I just moved to Marlton. Where is there a Super Walmart and do they take internet coupons?

Leila said...

Last time I tried this with the school supplies, CVS had a an easy bucks limit on 2 school supplies regardless of what type they were.

Sony said...

I too can confirm that the Softsoap deal can be done at least 3 times because I did the deal twice today and my limit still has not been reached. I'm in Charlotte, NC. Hope that helps!

Heavenly Coupon Diva said...

Can you use ECB's to pay for a purchase that you are going to receive ECB's? At Walgreens they wouldn't let me do a transaction where I was going to use RR and get RR in the same purchase.

Tara said...

jannel, the super walmart just opened over the bristol bridge. its less than ten mins when you get over the bridge. i think its considered Tullytown. its right next to levittown and bristol. hth.
fran, we didnt have any damage thank goodness, but my two year old decided this week she was afraid of thunder, great week for that! lol. my cousins name is christine, i honestly havent seen her in a few years but i just saw her mom (my aunt). i cant wait next time i see her to tell her that i am one of THOSE customers lol!

Anonymous said...

I went to CVS earlier today and got everything I wanted, too. I was able to get 4 Pepsis, Softsoft Serum, and 2 2-pk sticky notes for $1.33!!! I then got back $9.98 in ECBs and a couple of freebies! I LOVE CVS! :)

Robert & Tammy said...

My cashier at the local CVS told me today that they do not accept internet coupons, unless they are from I was unable to use the $2.00 Softsoap coupon from Was he right, or did I do something wrong?

fran said...

Thanks for answering Jannel's question...since you would know better...I had the computer turned off, as we had another storm today...we're supposed to have them the next few days. My husband had been out of work all last week with some form of the flu...our lawn needed to be mowed, so I went out to do it since he has been getting tired easily from all he went through with the flu...I got it done just in time...then came the rain...enough already:)

Drsandra and Sony,
Thanks for letting us know about the 3 limit on the Softsoap...I think these bottles are neat.

Heavenly Coupon Diva,
You can use the ECBs on any purchase even if you are getting ECBs...there are some stipulations on the bottom of the ECB, but that's not one of them. I know what you mean about Walgreens...that's their policy, but there are a lot of us that don't like it.

fran said...

He was wrong, and you did nothing wrong...they do take Internet coupons...heck, most of the good coupons are Internet printables. I suggest, tomorrow, call the phone # on your Extra Care card and discuss with them what happened to you...they will get to the bottom of it. Good luck:)

fran said...

Sorry, I missed part of your title.

fran said...

Hmmm, I typed exactly how you had your name, and that's how it came out both times...weird, huh?

Robert & Tammy said...

Our Google account is Robert & Tammy - but for some reason it puts the amp behind &. I know, I know, it's weird! :)

mathmomof2 said...

The softsoap nutri-serum has as limit of at least 4...I have bought three and still have not reached my limit...

fran said...

Just a reminder, the Softsoap producing $4.00 ECBs is on the 3 day sale, so after Tuesday, no ECBs.

Anonymous said...

My CVS didn't have Pampers or Softsoap advertised with ECB's nor did they have a sign by the shelf. The cashier said there was no way for her to see if they are on sale. Are their ads regional?

Tara said...

anon, i think some are regional. i know california has just taken over another pharmacy so their sales are a little different while going through the change and i think florida's differ as well. you could always buy it and return it if it doesnt produce the ecbs. Fran,
thats good that you got it done in time. i sent my hubby out to the store for milk and he got rained on but got in less than a minute before it started the monsoon!
I bought the softsoap today and the limit was 5!! hurry they might change it if it was a clich in the system. I thought they were so cute looking i was so excited!

fran said...

Hi Tara,
Thanks for the heads up on the Softsoap...did you do 5 in one transaction...or 1 at a time, so you could look at the bottom of your receipt for the limit? Since the manager had to manually print my ECBs, there is nothing on the bottom of my receipt showing that I bought any of this week's stuff.

Where is all this rain coming from?...I'm getting a little tired of it...this has been the weirdest summer yet. Have you been over this way lately?

Anonymous said...

Thanks For all you do. Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lolo said...

Hi Heavenly Coupon Diva, You got your answer about the Ecbs, but I wanted to address your walgreens issue. I had the same problem with mine except for they were saying I could not use my manufacturers coupons if I was getting a RR. I knew this to be crap so I contacted corporate and got the regional manager (who called me back to clarify everything) and after that it has been smooth sailing at all of my Walgreens. ( I had some other issues with them as well and they all got taken care of.) I highly recommend contacting their corporate and complaining. The explanation is this... Register Rewards are non specific manufacturers coupons. Meaning they are not tied to any specific product, so you therefore can use it on anything you want as long as it does not exceed the value. They can not deny you that simply because you may get another register reward which you may or may not use in the future. The only problem with using a reward is that if you use one for the same item you received it from, you won't get another, but then again that is none of their business either. They are to redeem the coupon (Register Reward) in compliance with the restrictions on the coupon (ie no alcohol etc...) and the fact that you may receive another is NOT one of those restrictions. EMAIL corporate. You will win!

Lolo said...

Just to let you all know those of us form CA did not get the good deals this week. No Electrasol, Softsoap Body wash, or Blink Tears. It has nothing to dop with the acquisition of Longs. That is done, it has to do with what the Manufacturer wants to offer. I emailed customer service to complain. Hopefully if enough people speak up we can be heard and will also receive the same deals.

Also, I think the reason you may be able to do multiple transactions on the soft soap is that sometimes there is a glitch in the system and on the weekend, there is noone there to fix it. I had this happen with one of my cards on the febreze deal some time back. It would not tabulate correctly. And then some of my school supplies rang up as at their limit but then I would buy non school supplies and it would state that I had not reached my limit yet. So if you want to get more than the limit, your best chance is on Sunday when the ad starts. :)

Jannel said...

Can you pay with the ECB you got from the 1st softsoap to buy more softsoap and get another ECB?

Tara: Thanks for letting me know where the Super Walmart is. Do you or Fran know if they take printable coupons? I have had trouble at a couple of Walmarts that they would not let me use printable coupons. Does the one in Medford or whatever town that is take printables?

fran said...

Yes, you can absolutely use the ECB from Softsoap to pay for another will probably have to pay the tax...the ECB used to take off the tax, but they are doing something different now, and I haven't figured the tax part out yet.

I don't know about the Walmart in Pa. that Tara mentioned...I would think they do take Internet coupons...Tara will let you know for sure.

The CVS stores in Marlton on Rt. 73 South; Medford on Rt. 70 & Hartford Rd.; Mt.Laurel on Rt. 38 & Ark Rd.; Evesham on Greentree Rd. do accept Internet coupons...these are the ones I frequent, and I never have any problems. HTH.

Tara said...

Walmarts copr policy is to accept internet coupons. i suggest printing it and having it with you. i think collin has it somewhere on this site. just serach it. they are strick at the walmart down the street, i havent been to the big one yet. maybe i will try to go today.
I did one softsoap with my order and then realized it wasnt maxed, i heard on onother blog that the limit was five, i was kinda nervous trying all four at once but i had dinner with my whole family last night, so i didnt have time to do separate trans, so i bought four and used 10 + 7.99 ecb payed 2 something in pa and 3 something in nj and got back 16 ecb (I used two cards, one in jersey and one in pa)

trash2cash4u said...

I purchased the softsoap Sunday and it said that I could purchase 1 more. It is probably like the photo books were; I will try later in the week buying 1 at a time and hope that they haven't fixed the glitch! Forgive me if this is a repeat, but remember that you can get a select writing instrument for a penny w/stationery purchase. I got a yellow highlighter -- limit 1 per card. Pepsis were not in my North MS ad, either. =(

fran said...

Thanks, I didn't know that. I shopped Saturday...are there signs in the store to let you know if there are specific writing instruments for the penny?

Samantha said...

It's official the Softsoap limit is **5**!!!!

Melinda said...

Lolo, I'm in California, too, and pretty disgusted with the differences, this week especially. I emailed customer service to complain, too. Hopefully lots of us CA'ers will contact them!

Anonymous said...

LOL...I'm in CA and bought 10 coupons on Ebay. Hopefully some other deal will appear before the 9th when they expire! Lyn

Gina S. said...

I'm in CA too. I bought a bunch of the Electrosal coupons because I share with all my sisters and co-workers. I got them all hooked anyway, then the deal didn't come around and now I have like 50 coupons for nothing because none of our local stores have them for cheap. I'm really bummed out. I will have to email and call to complain.

virginian04 said...

In my town, they opened a new CVS and sent out various coupons in the mail. I got 4 coupons in the mail; $10 off $20, 2 $5 off $15 and 1 $2 off any tide. People should watch out for something similar in their towns.

Tawanda! said...

I went to CVS this afternoon and purchased 5 using the ECBS from each transaction to purchase the next. OOP around $4 for 5. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Anonymous said...

Clairol Natural Instincts haircolor (reg $9.99) is $5.99 (part of the $25 total P&G purchase/free CG mascara). I used the $4 coupon (8/2 P&G) toward the Clairol Shine Happy Natural Instincts box (which is also shown in the CVS insert pic w/ the haircolor box but not shown on the coupon). The box was not grouped with the other Natural Instincts boxes but rang up on sale also.