Friday, August 28, 2009

Kmart Double Coupon Deals 8/30-9/5

Since the previous Kmart Super Doubles were just on the 16th of August, I'm not going to post an extensive Kmart deals list. The reason, well, most of the deals are the same. Kmart has a monthly ad available in-stores and online. This weekly circular advertises sale prices that are valid Aug 11th - Sep 14th. When I posted the previous deals, I went through this ad to locate most of the coupon match ups. Since the ad is valid through September 14th most of the sale prices have not changed, so you should be able to snag most of the deals I posted previously.

Please remember that prices may vary by region, so you may find some products priced less or price higher then what I have listed.

Recap of Kmart Double Coupon Rules:
  • You can double up to and including coupons with a $2 value. That means that a $2 coupon will be doubled up to $4, a $1 coupon will be doubled up to $2. However, a $3 coupon will NOT be doubled at all!

  • There is a limit of 4 like coupons being doubled in one transaction.

  • You can only double up to 10 coupons per day when you have $25 or more in purchases. This is before any manufacturer coupons are used, so it should be easy to get up to the $25 amount. Also, depending on your local Kmart, cashier and/or manager you may be able to have more then 10 coupons be doubled in one transaction!

  • Kmart also does NOT give coupon overage. For example, if you buy a product that is $2.50 and use a $2 coupon. The coupon will deduct $2 and the doubled amount will be .50, so you'll get the item FREE--you just won't make money.

Bring along this $5 off $50 Kmart coupon or go here (you'll need to sign up for Kmart email offers and you'll receive the coupon via email). Remember your total has to be over $50 before all manufacturer coupons, so make sure to hand this over first.

Don't forget that the $5 off $2o Kmart Toys coupon is available for a little longer--valid through 8/31/09! Plus, these new printable Kmart coupons are available as well: FREE DieHard AA or AAA Batteries, 4 pk when you buy $25 or more of health, beauty, food and consumables, FREE American Greetings Card when you buy $20 or more of health, beauty, food and consumables, FREE Smart Cents Paper Towel, 1-roll when you buy $15 or more of health, beauty, food and consumables and FREE 4-pk Sharpie Accent Highlighters when you buy school supplies totaling $15 or more. Remember that the $20 & $15 amounts can be used before all manufacturer coupons, so it should be easy to snag some freebies! (Thanks, AbundantFoodSavings!)

**There is also a $5 off $50 coupon in the upcoming 8/30 Kmart Circular that will be available to pick up in-stores.


Here are a few new deals that I wanted to make you aware of:
(These deals will be available starting 8/30)

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 8 pack $1
Use the $0.55/1 coupon from the 8/23SS
Final cost FREE!

Kellogg's Special K Crackers $2.50
Use the $1 coupon from here
(If you don't see the coupon-try zip code 90210)
Final cost $0.50!

Keebler Club Crackers $2.50
Use the $1/2 coupon from here
You will need to register or login)
Final cost $1.50!

Quaker True Delights Granola Bars $2.50
Use the $1 coupon from the 8/23RP
Final cost $0.50!

Post Honey Bunches of Oats $2.25
Use the $2 coupon from here
Or use the $1 coupon from the 7/26SS
Final cost as low as FREE or $0.25!

Hunts Ketchup $1
Use the $1/2 coupon from the September issue of All You mag.
Final cost 2 for FREE!

Sobe Lifewater $1
Use the buy one get one free coupon: IE or Firefox
Final cost both FREE!

Febreze Air effect $2.50
Use the $1 coupon from the 8/30PG
Final cost $0.50!

Cottonelle Moist Wipes (42 ct. tub) $2.49

Buy 2 and use the buy one get one free coupon from the 8/23SS (up to $2.25)
Plus, use the $0.50/1 coupon from All You magazine
Final cost $1.73 for 2 tubs, just $0.87 each!

Huggies Big Pack Diapers $19.99
Use the $1.50 coupon from the 8/16SS or from here
Pay $16.99
But then get back a $5 Catalina coupon to use like cash on your next purchase!
Final cost just $11.99!
**That's a really great price for the big boxes of diapers!

CoverGirl Liquid Make-up, pressed, Powder or Cheekers 2/$7
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 8/30PG
Plus, use the $1 coupon from the 8/30PG
(for the item you're not getting free)
Final cost just $0.75 per item!

Herbal Essences Haircare products $3.67
Buy 2 and use the buy one get one free coupon from the 7/26RP (exp. 8/31)
Plus, use the $1/1 coupon from the 8/23RP
(for the item you're not getting free)
Final cost just $0.83 each!

Vaseline Lotion (10 oz) $2.50
Use the $1.25 coupon from the 8/2RP
Final cost FREE!

**Remember to go on over here and check out the extensive Kmart Double Deals list!

For more Kmart Deals and Kmart Coupons visit the new


Unknown said...

when the stores print catalinas... ex: $5 back for the purchase of the Huggies big box... will you get a $5 catalina for EACH box you buy even in one transaction? or just 1 per transaction?

Anonymous said...

I recently ran into a hitch at one store where the cashier would not take my $5 Kmart coupon and the $5 Nerf coupon together. I made her check with the manager and the manager said No. I wrote a nasty note to the corp store and received a call today from the store manager saying they changed store policy and now they will put through all coupons and see if register beeps or not. They will not second guess coupons???? Interesting.

Maria M said...

Just to be safe, I would separate the huggies into different transactions. Plu, when you do that, you can use the previously printed catalina on your next box along with our 1.50 coupon that will double! Got to love it!

Betty said...

Where is the Huggies catalina posted? Is it a defintie?

Pam (meanestmother) said...

My local Kmart refuses to take more than one Kmart coupon per transaction. More than one always beeps. I've had an absolute terrible time using their coupons at their store.

Meghan said...

My cashier wouldn't let me use the $5 off $50 because it state:
"Cannot be combined with any other coupon for the same item(s)"

Is this correct? Or do I just need to find a different cashier. Please help.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up a Sunday Chicago SunTimes and it says on the front of the ad "Double Mfg Coupons up to $2". I couldn't believe that they'd do it again when they just did it 2 weeks ago, but I guess it's true.

Tara S said...

everyone stock up cause it most likely wont happen again till 2010 :(

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the K-mart coupons in the K-mart savings book will double? I see a few K-mart coupons in there & I have manufactuer coupons to match w/ those - but I am wondering if a K-mart coupon would double?

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for this great info, you can also check out there are some excellent discount and deals above the sellers discounted price.

Jamie said...

The way my stores computers are set up you can't use a BOGO coupon plus another coupon if you are only buying 2 items. They have to "select" two items when they scan the BOGO coupon and the third one always beeps and is refused since the computer doesn't have anything to attach it to. Managers have been called and confirmed this. Using the BOGO & another coupon on only 2 items I think is always YMMV at all stores (not just Kmart)

Ana said...

Hello Everyone!

I'm not seeing signs of doubling anywhere! I called my store--nothing. Went in tried a couple coupons--nothing. Checked ads online for stores that are supposed to be doubling--nothing...

Has anyone had better luck? My stores on all online lists but its not participating :(

Ana said...

Hello again,

If your having trouble like me, click on the link of stores participating posted along with the original blog entry for Hot Coupon World then go to the 8th page of comments. Some one has posted a PDF from Kmart's site listing participating stores:

I'm going back to mine and bringing this with me!

Rose L said...

My Kmart must be pretty awesome because I never have any problems with them. Today I used the Cover Girl B1G1 with no problems. The coupon says buy any foundation and get a face product free. I bought the foundation that was on sale 2/$7 and my free product was the Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Foundation (face product) that sells for $10.49. No where on the coupon does it state that purchased product has to be the more expensive one.

Diana said...

Does anyone know if the Huggies catalina would roll if you use the same one from a previous Huggies purchase? Or would it NOT print out another one??

Jennifer said...

I stopped by today and got several freebies:
Hartz Crunch 'n Clean Dog Biscuits
Endust Free Spray
Nivea Kiss of Moisture

I also got Pop-Tarts with Fiber for $.49 per box. I got 2 and used the $2 off Kellogg's with fiber coupon.

Anonymous said...

Just went to Kmart tonight to take advantage of the Double Dollars. My best buy was the Hawaiian Tropics suntan lotion. I got two bottles for $0.49. They were BOGO and then I printed 2 of the $2 off coupons. Now I am good for next summer! I got lots of other good deals too!

Anonymous said...

Are coupons that say Do Not Double doubled?

Diana said...

Had anyone done the Huggies deal yet?? Did it print out a Catalina (Manufacturer)coupon for you?? Or did it print out a $5 Kmart savings coupon???

Anonymous said...


I went to Kmart this morning and took advantage of their Double coupon deal. My price before the coupons and catlina's was $25.33. And after was a grand total $3.08 Mostly taxes. I was a little bumbed they didn't carry the quaker true delight bars that i was craving or there 8pk reese's cups. But on the up and up, I purchaed thier frebreeze 9 ton in stock) 2/$1.00 Rimmel mascara, FREE!! And a ton of other freebies to expand our tolietry selves.

Anonymous said...

Is the Huggies deal posted anywhere? Or is it like the $5 back for $25 health and beauty?

Thanks to everyone for posting their successes! Its great to read about everyone's savings.

Lourdes said...


Responding to anonymous question. In their Kmart circular. It says buy a big pack of Diapers at $19.99
and you will recieve $5.00 gift card. I went last night, purchase a box huggies with a $1.50 coupon. The huggies coupon doubled and at the end of my transaction I recieved my $5.00 at the end of my receipt using towards my second purchase and got it all free!!!!

Maria M said...

I am livid at my Kmart for what happened today. After spending over an hour in their store, rounding up my purchases with my 3 children 5 and under, I went to pay and the cashier told me that they would not accept ANY coupons that would not scan and had to be entered manually. Meaning - no computer generated coupons! That was all but 4 of my purchases. I had about 25 things. I was SO mad. I had the cashier call a manager and the manager told her the same thing. I am writing a letter to corporate and complaining. A coupon is a coupon. I don't buy the newspaper anymore because I can print them off myself online. Plus all the really good coupons are online! I am so mad.

Unknown said...

I went today and found that the Mead Flex Binder was $9.99 and when I use my coupons for a few other items they did not double them. I jsut told the cashier to cancel the whole transaction and left. Kmart is a total dump in my area anyway, so I will no longer be shopping there no matter what the deals.