Sunday, August 23, 2009

Target Freebies: SpongeBob Toothpaste + More!

I just wanted to highlight 3 great Target freebies available! These freebies are perfect for newbie couponers too because they don't require any manufacturer coupons--just Target printable coupons!

Travel Size Colgate SpongeBob Toothpaste $1
(In the travel size section)
Use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost FREE!

Gerber Bottles $1
(there may be other $1 Gerber feeding accessories available)
Use the $1 Target Gerber Feeding accessories coupon
Final cost FREE!

Artisan Mini Loaves of Bread $0.99
Use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost FREE!


Anonymous said...

This will be great, we are taking the kids on vacation and at this price I can buy enough bottles so that I will not have to worry about washing any of them while we are traveling, since they are free I can just recycle them! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

My target in orem, utah had a hand made sign saying that they would no longer accept the $1 off the artisan petite or mini loaves

mrs. b said...

I would call corporate. I cant stand when stores decide to make up their OWN policies. They still need to follow the companys coupon policy.

Ashley B. said...

went to Target today, the cashier said they were told not to accept ANY Target internet coupons, OR MGR internet coupons!!! I explained the coupon policy and she had to call over a mgr, mgr came over and said this time he would accept but they are supposed to be one per transaction. I told him if he wants I can wait for them to scan each cereal cup and toothpaste, etc. They went ahead and did it but this is insane that the stores are making up their own policies! I told them that at the other area super target I don't have a problem to use ANY coupons, but they really didn't care. The cashier told us that everyone is taking advantage of the coupons but I told her if Target does not set a limit and they don't specify a product size/type, then how is that taking advantage. Target has every right to limit or make specifications on their coupons if they like! I plan on calling corporate and start carrying their policy with me at all times.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a super target in my city and went to one at a different city this weekend. I want one so bad. I did get the wonderful bread, but our store doesn't carry them. I am jealous of all of you super targets

vane said...

FYI The $1 off johnson's toiletry item works for the BUDDIES SOAP at $1.00

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a super Target here in Hillsboro, Oregon too! We don't have CVS or WalMart either! BOO!

Candy said...

My Target reduced the Sponge Bob coupons to $.52 each. I was cool with that. They tried to tell me I couldnt get the cereal cups with the coupon and I'd have to buy the Cheerios box because that was the picture. A manager was called over she said no as well, called for another manager, then I guess got tired of waiting and gave them to me. lol Patience is a virture.

Ms. Meka said...

My Target in Columbia, SC has the regular size Spongebob Toothpaste on sale for $1.99, plus the Spongebob Toothbrushes are on clearance for $1.84.

Debbie said...

The target by me also had the travel size spongebob toothpaste for $.52 but still my coupon took off $1.00.

Also the Glade Candle tins wer on sale 3/$5 and they still have $1.50 coupons in them so there $.16 each

Becky Rasmussen said...

Target in American Fork, UT still takes the discount, but will not accept it on the Trial Size.