Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coupons: Enfamil, Nabisco, Kingsford + More!

Wow! There's a new high value Enfamil coupon available: save $5/1, any size, Powder Enfamil Premium. Make sure to press your browser back button to print a total of 2 coupons per computer.

(Thanks, $30WeeklyGroceryChallenge!)

Other New Coupons:

Various new Coupons available on
(Click on "Get special Savings")

Save $.75 off 3 Hunt's Diced Tomatoes 11-oz cans or larger
Save $1 off any 4 RO*TEL® 10-oz cans
Save $1 off any 2 Act II® Popcorn Balls
Save $1 off any 4 Snack Pack 4-packs
Save $1 off any 3 Kid Cuisine® meals
Save $.50 off any 1 Peter Pan® Peanut Butter

**You can also receive a FREE 14 oz. Reddi-Wip By purchasing $10 worth of products above! Check out more details and print the rebate form here.

Save $2 on any Kingsford Charcoal Product
(Click the banner at the bottom of the site)

Save $2 on two Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack Multi-Packs
IE or Firefox

Save $0.50 on Frank's Red Hot Sauce + French's coupons + More
(Thanks, Keri!)

Malt-O-Meal coupons
Save $0.50 on various Malt-O-Meal Cereals
(Thanks, Lisa!)

October Woman's Day Magazine Coupons
$4/1 any Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit
$1.50/1 Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Cream
$1/1 any Pledge Multi Surface Product
$3/1 Windex Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool Starter Kit
$1/50/2 Ziploc Containers
$0.75/1 any Marzetti Caramel Apple Dip, 12 oz
$0.50/1 any New York Brand Frozen Product
Free any single roll of Marcal Small Steps Bath tissue
+ More! (Thanks, $30WeeklyGroceryChallenge!)


Amber said...

Can the $5 Enfamil coupon be used with an Enfamil check? (the ones that you receive in the mail occasionally that have your name on them)

Nina said...

Yes, I have used a check and coupon before.

Amber said...

sweet, then this should make for a great deal - I've got several checks :o)

Anonymous said...

Where are the simple and delicious coupons? They are not there for me :(

Anonymous said...

I can't find them either. I'm checking the promotions page, there are links to some of the websites there. I have to run a feed the baby, will check back later.

Jennifer Hess said...

I didn't get the coupons list either however I did get other coupons like Egg Beaters and Pasta Al Dente.

Amber said...

When you click on the link H2S provided, it will take you to a Simple and Delicious page that says that you need to be re-directed. Click on the link they provide. It will take you to a WalMart page that has a halloween picture. On the right side, there is a yellow button that says something like: get special savings. Click on it and the coupons will print automatically. They are SmartSource coupons and you get all 6 at once without being able to select the one you want. HTH

Amber said...

Oh, I guess the "get special savings" button is orange not yellow.

Hip2Save said...

Sorry, guys! I just updated the coupon link, so now it should work!

Heather said...

I found Kingsford Match Light for $1.87 at Walgreen's, with the $2 q it would be free + overage!

Darcia W. said... this is the link that shows up when I click on the one that says "Various new Coupons available on
and when I go to the actual simpleanddelicious site , I see no icon that says "Get special Savings"

Tara said...

man i wish i had this coupon before the target enfamil coupon expired :(

Bonnie/AR said...

Can't get the MOM coupons to print. Put my name & email info in, but it won't print my coupons. Anyone else have any luck with the site?

SuzyQpon said...

Has anyone been able to find the single roll Marcal TP? I can't find it anywhere.

christinaprey said...

Kingsford charcoal was on clearance at my walgreens for a little over $5, this would make it around $3 with the coupon HTH


Anonymous said...

I just used this coupon @ Target and combined it with a $10 gift card I got for filling a prescription! Also using a $5 Enfamil check = $20 off my formula. It is on sale this week in the bonus size for $22.49. So sweet! Just think this would of only been $.49 if the Target coupon was still good :-) That's ok, $2.49 is still a great deal.

Anonymous said...

I used the $1.50/1 Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Cream coupon from Women's Day today to get a free trial size can. It was $1.47 at Walmart.


Anonymous said...

There is still a valid $2.00 Target coupon for Enfamil out there. If you got the baby "mailer" it had the same coupons in it that they put on the website except they do not expire until October 1, 2009. You might be able to find some for trade.

Melissa said...

No women's Day coupons in mine... must be regional...

Anonymous said...

I also had no coupons in my Woman's Day.