Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FREE Cup of coffee for Purchasing a Package of Starbucks Coffee!

If you're a Starbucks fan, you'll be excited to hear about this email I received from Jenna! She was at Walgreens yesterday purchasing a bag of Starbucks coffee to go along with the Walgreens Register Reward deal. Well, after purchasing she noticed that the bag of Starbucks coffee had a coupon on the side, valid on a FREE cup of coffee at Starbucks! This is a great deal, especially if you were going to purchase these anyway!

Here's a deal scenario:
Buy 1 package of Starbucks Coffee $7
Buy 3 Starbucks Ice cream pint $3 each=$9
Use the $1 Starbucks coffee coupon from the 7/26SS
Plus, use the 3 $2 Starbucks Ice Cream coupons from the 6/21SS
Pay $9
Get back a $5 Register Reward
Final cost $4 total, just $1 per item + a FREE cup of coffee from Starbucks!

Have any of you seen these coupons on the coffee bags?

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Jane said...

Yes, I had it on my comumbia roast bag a few weeks ago. They were on sale at the market and then there was a $2.00 coupon on the bag and then I got home and saw the free coffee coupon. It was a nice surprise. Now I just need to verify that my starbucks is participating.

Anonymous said...

There is a coupon of $1 off juicy juice and there offering a free juicy juice water bottle also!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that if you are using a discount coupon at Walgreens ( I had a 15% off coupon) the register rewards are calculated after your discount. Walgreens is giving out a 15% off coupon if you get a flu shot with them.

Anonymous said...

I found the 2.00 off 2 bags of Starbucks coffee at my local grocery store. We buy this all the time so I was pleasantly surprised that we also get a cup of coffee when we turn in the bag.

Shosh said...

Yep, I have it on my bags! Now I just have to remember to take the bag with me to Starbucks!

Anonymous said...

yes, I noticed it on one of my bags that I bought at Target a few weeks ago... the whole bag is the coupon. I took it to a free standing Starbucks and they accepted it no questions asked, just handed me a free cup of coffee! :)

Together We Save said...

Our Walgreens is not honoring the ice cream in their RR deal. Sign in store? :-(

Patricia said...

My Walgreens didn't want to honor the $3 price on Starbucks ice cream either. Said the $3 price was AFTER the RR. I asked for the manager, showed her the ad and she gave me the price anyway, agreeing that the ad was poorly printed. You might try asking for manager if you have the same problem.

Ellen said...

yeh...I had the same problem w/ the ice cream...she said it was after the RR too but I told her that didn't make any sense after the coffee rang up right!

Michelle said...

Duh, it helps to read the whole post. The coupon is on the coffee bag...I'll have to go check now! :-)

Michelle said...

Duh, it helps to read the whole post. The coupon is on the coffee bag...I'll have to go check now! :-)