Friday, September 4, 2009

FREE Nestle Abuelita Granulado Sample!

Yay! A great new sample is available! Go on over here to snag a FREE sample of Nestle Abuelita Granulado! Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

If you're unsure what exactly Abuelita is (like I was), then you can go on over here and read more about it!

(Thanks, Tressa!)


The Lioness said...

It's a great hot chocolate. I actually prefer it to the most marketable brands. I hope you enjoy your sample.

Jackie said...

My favorite hot chocolate is flavored with cinnamon. This is a delicious hot chocolate. I've found it at the Cleveland, TN Walmarts and tried it. It was weird tho, cause you put hot milk and the blocks of cocoa in a blender... But very delicious. YAY! Free!

XIBALBA said...

LOL you guys!!!! Abuelita means "Grandma" in spanish!! The whole name of it is "Granulated chocolate FROM Grandma"!! That way the make it more attractive to costumers by saying it's like grandma's. I hope I'll get mine soon!! =)