Friday, September 4, 2009

Kmart: *HOT* New FREE Item Coupons + More!

Three great new FREE item Kmart coupons are available:

**These are valid thru 9/10.

**Remember that your total just has to be up to $15 or $25 before ANY manufacturer coupons are used, so it should be easy to snag these freebies while still spending very little out of pocket!

(Thanks, WhoSaidNothingInLifeIsFree!)

Also, Naomi emailed about finding buy one get one free Halls Refresher coupons at Kmart right beside the weekly ads! Since the Halls Refreshers are priced less than $2, you can use the bogo coupon to score 2 bags of Halls for FREE (during doubles). Let us know if you're able to find these coupons too!

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Faye said...

Found them stuck to a cardboard display of Halls at the end of an aisle (actually, 2 cardboard displays-1 in pharmacy, 1 by the food). It's on special this week 3/$5. Got 4 bags and all doubled-so 4free! Yay!

Anonymous said...

if a catalina spits out a coupon for cents off next purchase of xx available at yy -- since it is a manufacture coupon, must I purchase it from yy or any retailer? thanks.

Anonymous said...

Do most Kmart stores offer the double coupons?? Mine when I called said they do not.

Anonymous said...

I printed the Zest coupon, and it stated it was for an 8-bar pack. When I got to K-Mart I could only find a 4-pack and a 6-pack. So I spoke with a cashier. She said Zest has "downsized", and they now make a 6-pack instead of an 8-pack. She said I should try it and see if it worked with the coupon, and if not, they would push it through. The coupon worked fine on the 6-pack.

mrs. b said...

I used the cereal coupon. I got special k which was 3.99 but the coupon gave me the whole value of 4.79!