Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Magazine Freebies: Marie Claire, Shape, Town & Country, Muscle & Fitness!

Wow... hurry, hurry, hurry! There are lots of great new magazine freebies available through Rewards Gold! To snag these magazines, you'll just have to fill out a survey and then your mailing info. Allow 8-10 weeks for your first issues to arrive.

FREE 1 Year Subscription to Muscle & Fitness

FREE 3 year subscription to Marie Claire

FREE 2 year subscription to Shape

FREE 3 year subscription to Town & Country

**Don't forget that if you already have a subscription to any of these, you can call the magazines customer service line and ask them to combine and extend the subscription you currently have.


Melissa said...

So i'm slightly confused... still a little bit of a newbie - so each survey i fill out is enough "points" for the subscription they're offering...?

Ashley B. said...

What customer service do you call? I didn't see any phone numbers on the website. I just got a 3 yr subscription to Marie Claire and 1 yr to Shape a few wks ago. If I call the magazine directly, what do I tell them?

mrs. b said...

awesome! great freebie!!!!

Amanda said...

Is Rewards Gold something I'll need to keep track of to cancel at a certain point?

Hip2Save said...

Hi guys,
Rewards Gold is a company that offers FREE subscribtion for taking surveys. You will NEVER have to cancel a bill and there are NO strings attached! These are really legit magazine freebies!

Yes, after you fill out the survey you will have earned the FREE subscription.

Once you complete the surveys above for the magazines you want, wait a few days for them to get put in the system. Then you'll just need to call the customer service # of whatever magazine you chose. They should then be able to look up your name in their system and combine and extend your current subscription. I hope that makes sense.

Melissa said...

hmmm... I haven't been getting e-mails though. I've done a few of these a few weeks ago (like the shape one when you first posted it...) and no e-mail. I guess I'm figuring i'm doing something wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great freebie info! I can't wait to start receiving Marie Claire. I missed out on it last time.

Anonymous said...

I really hope people REALLY want these subscriptions and are not just getting them because they are free. If you don't read them, it is such an environmental waste to print them and just toss them. Please only request them if you want them!

Chrissy said...

I request a lot of free magazines -I read them and then recycle them. No tossing involved. :)
I noticed a couple of these are no longer available, but I got the Town and Country which I have been wanting! Thanks, Hip!

Anonymous said...

I use all these free mags to heat my house for the long winters!

Anonymous said...

Marie Claire and Shape no longer available