Friday, September 4, 2009

Walgreens Glade Deal + CVS Progresso Deal + Walmart Glade Coupon Find!

I mentioned the monthly Walgreens Glade Register Reward deal previously: buy 2 Glade Scented Oil Candle Holders or 2 oz Glade Soy Candles and get a $1 Register Reward. If you don't have the free candle coupons from the 8/9SS, you can actually still snag them for FREE!

Here's how:
Buy 2 2 oz. Candles on sale 2/$5
Use 2 $3/1 coupons from here
(Use zip code 90210 if you don't see the coupon)
You'll need to add in an additional "filler" item to soak up the $1 in overage from both coupons.
Pay nothing but tax
But then get back a $1 Register Reward
Final cost FREE + overage!

Please note that the second $3 coupon may beep because of the coupon value being higher then the product. If you don't want to deal with that, then you could purchase 2 candles and use 1 $3 coupon. You'll pay $2, but then get back a $1 Register Reward--making each candle $0.50!

(Thanks, Beth!)

CVS has an Extra Care Buck deal available on Progresso soup: buy 3 for $6 and get back a $2 Extra Care Buck.

Deal Scenario:
Buy 3 for $6
Use the $1.10/3 coupon from
Pay $4.90
Get back a $2Ecb
Final cost just $0.97 per can!

(Thanks, Lynne!)

Walmart has the Limited Edition Glade Candle Holders (NO candles included) on roll back for $2.50! Inside the package are 2 coupons: $2 off one Glade scented oil candle holder and the other is for buy 2 Glade Oil Candle refills and get 1 free. You could use the $2/1 coupon to buy another glade candle holder for $0.50 and continue to "roll" this deal. These coupons would also make for sweet deals elsewhere too!
(Thanks, Lisa!)

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Anonymous said...

At my Target, the Glade Scented Oil Candle refills (Ocean Blue) are on sale for $1.66 ea & the Glade Scented Oil Candle Holders are on sale for $2.50.

Meredith said...

I bought two candles at Walgreens and used one $2/1 and one $3/1 and neither beeped and I got them free!

Ashley B. said...

My Frugal Adventures was reporting the candles will be on sale Sunday for 2/$4, buy 3, use 2 $3 off coupons to get all free + $1RR! I hope this is still the case...

Beta said...

Also I believe next week the soy candles and the small tin candles are going to be 2/$4 with a $1 RR. You can still get them for free. I have been stocking up on these all week. Now I have another week to keep stocking. I love the soy candles they burn forever and they smell so good. Hope everyone finds them.

Anonymous said...

The problem is all my walgreen sold out these candles!!

peggy said...

My Walgreens in Co.has a 3pack of Carmex for .74cents,they're not marked so check price first.

Anonymous said...

You can get a raincheck on these but then no $1 RR.

Leslie said...

redplum told me the coupon couldn't print because it's expired....anyone have a solution? Is that code for print limit reached?

Anonymous said...

My Target in WA also has these for $2.49

ilja said...

At Rite Aid they have Swiffer Dry Starter Kit for $9.99.
I have a $5.00 dollar manufacturer coupon!

Then they have a save $2.00 in the ad! In the ad it does say it is a manufatures coupon not a store coupon.
So can i still combine the ad coupon with the manufatures coupon!

If yes, I would like to know if am going to get a good deal on it!

So do you think paying $3.00 dollars for it! It's a good deal or not a good deal THANKS!!

Please answer anyone!
I want to know what people think of it THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

if it is a "manufacturer coupon" then technically you can only use one. However some RA will allow you to use both... YMMV

Anonymous said...

You can also use the Glade coupons on the same Red Plum link for "buy scented oil candle holder get refill pack free" - with the Wal-mart / Target deal. That way you can snag a cheap candle holder plus free candles!

Teresa said...

Wow, this is great!

Teresa said...

At my local Rite Aid I got the bigger size for free. They were on sale for $2.99 and I used my $3 coupon to get the 4.9 oz candle free, then I used another $3 off on the reed diffuser which was on sale for $4.49. Paid $1.49 for both!

Janaki said...

Thank u so much i just did progresso deal.

Beththebrideonabudget said...

At my Walmart in Western NY Glade fragrance candles were on clearance. The small ones were on sale for $3 and the large for $4.50. I had a bunch of "peelie" coupons for $4 off too.