Friday, October 30, 2009

Amazon: Radio Flyer Scooter ONLY $30.02!

Here's another awesome toy bargain:

UPDATE: If the link above redirects you to the WRONG price, then you should see a spot under the price that says "8 new from $39.99" click there and then select Amazon as the seller.

Was $59.99, now ONLY $39.99!
Plus, ships FREE with Super Saver Shipping!

...And to sweeten this further, the scooter also qualifies for the FREE subscription Parenting Early Years or Parenting School Years included with your purchase (a $9.97 value)... BUT if you don't want the subscription, you can get a $9.97 rebate! You'll receive an email within 8 days after purchasing your items with full offer and refund details! You can check out more details on this promotion here .

Final cost after the rebate--ONLY $30.02!

Radio Flyer products are rarely every discounted, so this is a really great buy! I even did a google search to see if I could find anything priced lower, but wasn't able to. Actually, ever other store seems to have this priced at $60, so I would definitely jump on this deal before the price goes back up!

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Anonymous said...

Is there a link to the rebates? i always find myself going back to find them and sometimes forget. Can anyone help as to where they may all be in one location?

Anonymous said...

i go to it and the price is saying $60?? is there a code i need to use?

LeandraCat said...

Mine says 64.99 :(

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I didn't get this one, but was able to find a good price on a purple razor and helmet. My daughter wants on for her birthday. This was perfect timing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love your site.

sixdurans said...

The one on the front is from Target but if you look to the right side it lists the other sellers. Amazon has it listed as 39.99. Just add it to your cart from there. The only drawback is it will be 3 to 5 weeks till it ships. HTH.

Amber said...

Yay! I'm so excited about this - I wanted a scooter with wider wheels for my 3 year old (he has trouble with the narrower razor scooters). This is perfect. And best of all - I used Swagbucks to pay for it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I got this bargain and I am pscyhed!!

Anonymous said...

this same scooter was in the toys r us christmas catalog for 39.99 also, along with the mickey mouse train, 29.99 plus there are a lot of toys r us coupons you can use. These are good deals but if you would rather not buy off the internet, these are the same prices at toys r us.

Amber said... can't use Swagbucks to pay at TRU :)

jane said...

when are they on sale through toys r us? The amazon link must be done because it says new from $59.99 ( or something like that) definately not 39.99. :(

Anonymous said...

I am assuming they are on sale doe a while because it was the christmas book. My coupon that was on the front of the book is until Nov. 30.

San said...

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