Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guest Post: Earn Extra Money Doing Surveys!

Guest Post By Nicole from Nicole's Nickels:

Looking to earn some extra money?
Doing online surveys may just be the answer for you! Now, don't get me wrong, you can make money doing surveys but they won't make you rich! Depending on how many companies you sign up with and how dedicated you are to doing surveys, you can earn around $100 per month! That breaks down to just about $3 per day.

I have been doing surveys for over a year now and love the additional income. It's my gas money for the month! I do surveys from home, in my pjs, while on the phone or watching TV. Who doesn't love earning some money from home?

Here are a few tips for a good survey experience:

1. Sign up with a separate email address. I don't get spam in my surveys email account so that's not the reason I recommend this. It's because you'll get A LOT of survey invitations and it can get overwhelming. I try to make it a point to log in to my survey email account each day otherwise some surveys may not be available.

2. Sign up for as many companies as possible. There are a lot of survey companies out there and not all are legit. I've posted on my blog about all of the ones I am personally signed up with and my experiences with them. You'll want to sign up for as many of them as possible.

3. You won't qualify for every survey. You won't qualify for every survey you try. Many are looking for a specific demographic and will disqualify you if you don't fit it. Don't get discouraged. All it takes is $3 per day and you're at almost $100 for the month!

4. Keep track of each company you sign up for, your account, and payment timeline. Each company is different so I recommend keeping a document with your login info, account info and the payment method and timeline. Choosing Paypal sometimes means you'll get paid faster.

5. Inviting friends to join will sometimes earn you extra money. Most survey companies have a referral program where you earn extra money or points when people sign up. Check out each company you are signed up with to see whether they have a tell-a-friend program you can use. It's a win-win situation!

Interested in signing up for some surveys?

Check out my top 6 survey companies:
1. My Survey
2. HCD Surveys
3. Opinion Outpost
4. Ipsos-I-Say
5. Pinecone Research
6. Say Nation

Check out the other survey companies I have blogged about previously for more details. Happy surveying!

Hip2Save here: If you already make a few dollars or more from doing surveys, I'd love to hear! Also, let us know your favorite survey company!


kristin M said...

Hi! I take surveys on Sendearnings.com & have already been paid $30!!! They are usually 15 mins & you also get paid to read emails!

Rebecca said...

Ive done pinecone research and its totally legit..I dont get too many surveys from them..but the ones I do get I take and get $3 in the mail within a few days

Angela said...

I belong to way too many to mention. I have to say that one of my favorites is HOTSPEX.

Most of the surveys that they offer are relatively short and they are fun!

The best part about this site is the points add up quickly and I use them to donate to specific charities.

I can very quickly earn points to help animals and people through different charaties.

You are bound to find something! :D

Lynne said...

YouDatadotcom is just starting out and you don't make much, but they do pay every Friday and they are legit. I get $1 - .40 a week from them to read an ad or answer a question about an ad. They pay directly to your paypal account, I've never had any problems and only have good things to say about them. They pay for referrals also.

Anonymous said...

I have received several $10 and $5 checks from doing surveys (for accumulating points or doing surveys depending on the company) but I found I just don't have time (as a full-time working mom of several teens). The payout per hour isn't worth my time, although some surveys are super fun. In some cases I've learned about new products and even found new favorite products from doing surveys which I think is part of the deal of surveys. I think the focus groups are more worth it but there are few in my area plus I made a decision a few months ago to cut this money maker out of my schedule!

Anonymous said...

pinecone is the best the others are just too long to get paid out 1.00..

Anonymous said...

This is so cool. It is very encouraging, even though it is not very much money, it still is CASH that spends in the United States (lol). I think we all spend a lot of time online, why not get paid for some of it, some of the time? Do they send $3 checks? And do you (any) ever have any trouble w/cashing them at your bank? Thanks.

Mary said...

A great survey site to also try is yourfreesurveys.com. I have earned 210.00 off this site. Can earn $1.95 a day off each survey you qualify. If you want other ways to earn check out my site for proof.

Lindsay M. said...

I like Harris Poll Online and MySurvey. Both use a points system that I cash in to get fun prizes.

SuzyQpon said...

I like Inbox Dollars b/c I can check my email when ever I get a chance and do a bunch at once. The other companies seem to have pretty strict deadlines so I seem to miss out on those! It's not a lot but every little bit helps.

Eden said...

My favourites are Opinion Outpost & Pinecone Research.

OO pays you a little bit per survey, then once you reach a minimum of $5, you can cash out. I do find that I do not qualify for most of their surveys they send me, but I only answer one or two questions before I find that out (rather than doing the whole survey to find out you won't get anything for it.) However, they send me lots, so I can get to $5 quickly.

Pinecone Research is probably my favourite! They only send you ones which you are qualified. In other words, you will be prequalified for every survey they send you. Its $3 per survey. There are other reason I love them. They send their checks PRONTO. Most of the time I get mine within 3 days or so. Also, they tell you about how long each survey is in the email so if you don't have to time for a long one, you can wait till later,etc. My favourite surveys they send (which they send several a week) are the ones that say they will take less than 5 minutes. Normally they take me about 2 minutes & they give me $3 for those too. So in the long run, the shorter surveys get as much money for you as the long ones. I LOVE PINECONE RESEARCH. :)

Hope that all helps some!

mogrill said...

I do surveys all year and cash out in October to spend for Black Friday Shopping. I just cashed out at $398.00 in total survey money!! I think it is really worth it.

mogrill said...

Forgot to say my faves are Opinion Outpost,Opinion Square,survey Savvy and Survey Spot!

Eden said...

Oh & I was also going to mention that PR sends me probably about two surveys a day. So that is about 14 surveys in a week. $42 per week! Most of the time I only do one a day, so I don't get nearly that much, but it is very possible too.

Okay. That's it from me. Sorry for all the rambling! :)

ABC said...

I signed up for e-rewards. I get surveys once or three times a week. At the moment I have $21 dollars. I got an invitation from Macy's and then another from AE Outfitters but I only could signed up with one sponsor who invited me.

Kerry said...

Mogrill, what do you mean by "cashing out" your survey money?

charmedaz said...

i just now after reading this post (20 mins) signed up for youdata.com b/c they dep right into your paypal...i just made like 1.05 in 20 mins and that includes signing up and doing the first adgets all in 20 mins..id like to sign up for a few more of these to make some "mad money" to spend..wonder if anyone has or could compose a list of ones that will just auto deposit to paypal vs having to request checks?

SweetCanela said...

I signed up but don't have much time either but I'm putting in some time this month to have some money for black Friday. I'm looking forward to cashing out this week to make sure everything comes in time so we will see how I do. I can already cashout on Mypoints and Opinion Outpost for sure the rest I have to check.

mogrill said...

I save my money all year long (on certain sites like Test Spin, Survey Spot,Toluna etc.. you get points or money that you can accumulate. For instance I had stored up $22.00 on Survey Spot and $56.00 on Opinion outpost, so than you go in and request a check!!

Anonymous said...

I have made about 200 from My survey. But this was about over 3 years.

Kerry said...

Thanks for the explanation!

Angela said...

How does youdata work?

I thought I tried to sign up on it, but it wanted a confirmation sent to your cellphone and I don't have one.

Can I still participate? If I can, will someone please tell me how?


Anonymous said...

GLOBAL TEST MARKET~!!!! I have gotten a 38.00 dollar check and am up to about the same agin now. I think you can cash out after like 5 dollars

Anonymous said...

About a week ago I registered with Pinecone when they had the open enrollment. It stated that I qualified, but I have not heard anything from them yet. Not even a confirmation email. Does anyone know how long this usually takes? Normally when signing up for things you get an email from them rigth away.

Lynn said...

K. Totally off subject, but does anyone know how Catalina promotions are discovered? Is there a website you can find out when they start and end? Does somebody just come across them by chance and then blog about it to let all of us know?

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU EVERYONE!! I'm gonna try it out. Sounds like a great way for a stay at home mom to start a vacation fund!

Anonymous said...

Do any of these survey sites charge to join? I'm looking for some that don't cost to get started.

Drew said...

My favorite is cashcrate.com. It's a fun little site that has a lot of different surveys and offers. Easy to use too.

Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels said...

Anon 7:06 - None of the survey sites I posted here or have on my blog cost anything to join - they are paying you for your thoughts!

A said...

I only do Pinecone right now and I usually get 1-2 paid surveys per month ($3/ea). You will get 1-2 "5 min" surveys per week which qualify you for the paid surveys. You don't get paid for these. They ask you questions about what things you buy and use, and then your next paid survey has to do with whatever it was they were asking you about. If you have them deposit to Paypal, you get your $3 within a day or so. The faster you respond to surveys it seems like you get put into the next round faster. I have missed a couple because I didn't check my email for a couple days so you have to stay on top of it.

Anonymous said...

How long does it take for the surveys to start rolling in? I joined 4 about 2 days ago, and a few more about a day ago, but haven't gotten any offers yet.

Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels said...

Anon - It may take a few days and some of them sned more invites than others so it probably depends on which companies you signed up with.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nicole.

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