Saturday, October 24, 2009

Walgreens Deals 10/25-10/31

Before listing the Weekly deals, I want to make you all aware of something I noticed in the weekly ad. Check out the Dulcolax FREE after Register Reward advertised on page 16 of the ad in the left column. It shows how you can combine a manufacturer coupons with a Register Reward deal and still GET the Register Reward back! I would save this ad and keep it with you at all times. If you have any cashiers or manager tell you that you cannot use a manufacturer coupon on a Register Reward deal, then just show them this ad. It's proof that you can do so! Yay!

Weekly Register Reward Deals

Buy 2 snacks below $3 each=$2RR
Tostitos or Salsa Con Queso
Stacy’s Pita Chips
True North Chips or Clusters

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 True North Chips or Clusters $3 each
Use 2 $1/1 True North coupons from here
Pay $4
Get back a $2RR
Final cost $1 each!

Dove Hair Care-- buy 1 at $4.99, get 1 FREE=$10RR (on 8)
Buy 8 Dove Conditioners for a total of $19.96
Use 8 $1.50/1 coupons from the 10/4RP
Pay $7.96
Get back a $10RR
Final cost 8 for FREE + a $2.04 moneymaker!
**Unsure what to do with all that conditioner? Check out this post!

Dulcolax Balance $7=$4RR
Use the $2/1 coupon from here
(or you may find a $3/1 peelie coupon attached to the package)
Plus, after purchasing submit for the $5 rebate
Final cost as low as FREE + a $5 moneymaker!

Fiber choice (10 ct) or Beano to Go (12 ct) $2.49=$2.49RR
Final cost FREE!

Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive $2=$2RR
Final cost FREE!

Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles $10.99 (online price)=$5RR

Use the $2/1 coupon from here
Final cost $3.99!

Glade Fabric and Air Sanitizers $2.99=$1RR
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the August or September issue of All You mag.
Final cost $0.99 each
**These also qualify toward the $5 SC Johnson Rebate!

Glad Trash Bags 25-80ct. $5.99=$1RR
Use the $1/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost $3.99!

Other Great Deals

Oscar Mayer Ready to Serve Bacon buy 1 at $3.99, get 1 FREE
Use the $1.50/2 coupon from the 8/30SS (exp. 10/25)
Final cost $1.25 each!

Quaker Quick Oats buy 1 at $3.19, get 1 FREE with in ad coupon
Use the $1.25/2 coupon from the 8/30RP
Final cost $0.97 each!

Simply Asia Bowls $0.89
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from the 8/30RP
Final cost $0.39!

Nestle Large size Candy Bags, buy 1 at $5.99, get 1 50% 0ff
Use 2 $2/1 coupons from here
Final cost $2.49 per bag!

Reese's Pumpkins 1.2 oz 3/$2 with in ad coupon

Use the $0.55/1 coupon from the 8/23SS
Final cost $0.12 each!

Wonka Candy (large bags) 2/$8
Use the $2/1 coupon from here
Final cost $2 per bag!

Mentos Gum $0.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $0.55/1 coupon from the 8/16, 9/13 or 10/11SS
Final cost $0.44!

Act II Popcorn (individual bags) $0.25 with in ad coupon
**These would make great filler items for your coupon to item ratio! These would also be great thrown in a gift basket! I've done Movie themed gift baskets. I usually throw in a few movies, popcorn, and candy!

Rimmel Cosmetics 50% off
Prices Starting around $3.49
After 50% discount ONLY $1.75
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 8/23 or 9/13RP
Final cost $0.75!

Revlon Cosmetics buy 1, get 1 50% off
Buy 2 Revlon Colorstay Foundations $11.99 each
Minus BOGO50% off sale=$17.99
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from the 10/11SS
Plus, use 2 $4/1 coupons from the October coupon booklet
(will deduct $8 since you're purchasing 2)
Final cost $3.99 for each foundation

ConAir Infiniti Cord-keeper Dryer $17.99
Use the $5/1 coupon from here
Final cost $12.99!

Dove Bar Soap $0.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $1/1 Dove face care coupon from the 10/4RP
Final cost FREE!
**Make sure to hand over the manufacturer coupon before the in ad coupon to avoid any beepage!

Dickinson's Witch Hazel toner is on mega-saver through 10/31 for just $1.99--regularly priced at $4.99!

Plus, use the $3/2 PDF coupon from here
Final cost $0.49 each!
(Thanks, AbundantFoodSavings!)

Listerine Quick Dissolving Whitening Strips (56 ct) $9.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $3/1 coupon from here
Final cost $6.99!
**Seems like a good Price for whitening strips!

Clorox Bleach $1.29 with in ad coupon
Use the $0.50/2 coupon from the 10/4RP
Final cost $1.04 each!

BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter $2.50 with in ad coupon
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 8/23SS or from here
Final cost $1.50!

Bayer Contour or Breeze2 Blood Glucose Monitor $14.99

Use the $30/1 coupon from the 2/1 or 10/25RP
(will have to be adjusted down)
Final cost FREE!

Monthly Register Reward Deals

Buy 2 Trident Layers Gum 2/$2=$1RR
Use 2 $0.75/1 coupons from here
Or the $1/2 coupon from here
Or the buy one get one free coupon from the 10/18SS
Final cost as low as FREE + a $0.50 moneymaker!
(Thanks, PrintableCouponsAndDeals!)

Travel Size Johnson's baby powder $1.19=$1RR
Final cost $0.19!
(Thanks, Danielle!)

Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99=$3RR
Final cost FREE!

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion 6.8oz $6.99=$7RR
Use the $1.50/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Or the new $1.50/1 coupon here: IE or Firefox
Final cost FREE + a $1.50 moneymaker!

Gillette Fusion MVP Manual or Power Razor System $8.99=$6RR
Use the $4/1 coupon from the 9/27PG
Final cost FREE + a $1 moneymaker!

Emergen-C Booster $3.49=$3.50RR
Final cost FREE!

Robitussin DM To Go 2 pk $2.49=$2.50RR
Final cost FREE!

Halls Refresh Sugar Free 20 ct $1=$1RR
Use the $0.75/1 coupon from the 9/27SS
Or the $0.50/1 coupon from the October issue of All You mag.
Final cost as low as FREE + a $0.75 moneymaker!

**Check out a few more October monthly Register Reward deals here.

Have questions about Walgreens?
Check out this Walgreen's Q&A post or better yet check out this Walgreens Video!

For more Walgreens Deals and Walgreens Coupons visit the new


Courtney said...

This may be a dumb question but the glucose meters that are 14.99 with the mail in rebate. What if I bought 2 at 14.99 used the $30 coupon from 10/25 would it take the whole $30 off then without having to be adjusted? I know I can submit for only one 14.99 rebate but i would still get them both for free?

Meg said...

thanks for the great post (as always!)-- just a head's up that my Walgreens here in Savannah, GA does *not* have that sale running for the Dickinson's Witch Hazel :( people might want to double check the price at the register before buying, I ended up paying way too much.

Courtney said...

Meg- My Walgreen's doesnt have that sale either its $5.99. Dayton, OH

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to point out that the Rimmel is not officially on sale for 50% off. Walgreen's is discontinuing the line, so only items with an orange tag are on sale. At ours, that's only the nail polish and most of the lip products. Don't give the employees a hard time if the item you want isn't on sale, please. We can't control what is and isn't on clearance. =P Also keep a look out for Physician's Formula, which we are also discontinuing, and the Maybelline cool eye sticks (the sticks that are eyeshadow). Those are on clearance for $3.19. Pared up with the BOGO 50% off deal, it should be a nice price for two. =D I'm in Florida, by the way.

Mom who cares said...

Courtney - If the coupon says $30 off of 1 item, they wont allow the $30 off of 2 items. They will have to do like collin said and lower the Q to $14.99 - you will need 2 coupons to get 2 free.

ALso on:
"Dove Bar Soap $0.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $1/1 Dove face care coupon from the 10/4RP
Final cost FREE!
**Make sure to hand over the manufacturer coupon before the in ad coupon to avoid any beepage!"

Any walgreens I go to consider the in store coupons a coupon - so you have to have a filler to do this. As it would be considered 2 Q's on one item, unless the items rings up at the .99 price before the in store Q.

I am jsut letting others know to be prepared to have a filler if you wish to do that - jus tin case your walgreens does that too. I know all of my walgreens are very couponer friendly - so I am guessing this would apply to any walgreens. But I don't know that - so just a heads up

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, that's my mistake. I didn't see they decided to put it in the paper as well. Guess they are trying to get rid of it ASAP. Sorry again!

Courtney said...

I know its worked like that before on items that are priced at least half price and the coupon is for double oh well it was worth a try. My Walgreens is a pain when it comes to adjusting coupons!

Mom who cares said...

In regards to collins post on "conditioner stock pile". Do you Collin or anyone here who has stock piles of stuff have family who has troubles knowing what to get the "woman with everything" gifts for the holidays?

I don't have a much of a stock pile as I am fairly new to all of this - so I was just wondering about you pro's out there. How does your family gift give to you?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the price of the Stacy pita chips & if they're any good? There is a $1/1 coupon on but I have never tried them.

Anonymous said...

Just a note that the coupon for the Infiniti Cord Keeper by Conair is only good on Model 223X (located in the coupon's fine print).

Not completely sure which model this is, but from the picture on the coupon, it looks like the dryer that generally retails in the $34.99 range.

If anyone sees a great deal on the dryer, please let us know. Thanks!

fuzzymitten said...

FYI, the link for the True North chips doesn't work. It's also not under Smartsource zipcode 90210 or 33907.

Kristin said...

Courtney - Just an FYI. If you use a coupon on a monitor to get it free, they won't let you have the rebate too. It's only glucose meters that do not fulfill the rebate when a coupon is used.

Anonymous said...

FYI - I found some clearance Visine Allergy Eye Drops marked down to $3 (regular price almost $7) and there's a $2/1 Visine coupon in that ABC booklet that's located near the pharmacy section.

Abby said...

Also FYI my Walgreens is discontinuing the Daisy Fuentes hair care line. So it is all clearanced

Anonymous said...

GrammarPolice: So what if you saw it there first you dont know when people look at their papers do you? You're not her so I dont think so. All im saying is if you dont have nothing nice to say DONT SAY IT AT ALL. Why waste your time posting something when you dont even really have purpose to your post excepot to be a smart a$$?

Anonymous said...

Im sure if anyone saw it somewhere else first and posted it they would link back, I have seen Collin say Thanks quite a few times to various Blogs and people.

It's Just Me said...

I did the Triaminic deal yesterday morning at one of my Walgreens and used the $1.50 coupons and the $2.00 Healthy Savings coupon. The cashier tsk tsked me and said something like "only one at a time young lady" ??? (this was when he saw the register take $6.00 off with the Healthy Savings coupon).

I know my face turned red and there were people behind me - but I didn't do anything wrong did I?

Anonymous said...

You did nothing wrong! Next time be ready with a comeback! How dare they do that to you. I'd file a complaint. You rock in doing your thing!!! Stand firm.

Mom who cares said...

It's just me:

Hey, some people really hate it when they see others get a great deal, because they do not have the time, don't want to take the time, or are not organized enough to do what it takes to be a "couponer" like us deidcated do.

So not let those cashiers make you feel bad. I had one lady at target kept telling me what I "can't do" and even fought with her manager and said "NO" to him, when he said if the register allows it and it's in the policy then do it.

Everything I did was completely correct and nothing wrong - corportate was so upset at the domino effect of all she tried to put over me, they even sent me coupons to use on my next shopping trip and sent her a repremand.

I normally have perfect, excellant service at my target.

Anyways, that cashier just sound slike she was being annoying - and did her job with out telling you "NO".

So I agree with anony 1:19 - don't let them get to you, it is what they want. Just smile at them and say, It feels nice the company and manufactuers allow us shoppers such great offers. I am glad to be a customer of theirs. Geesh - if it wasn't for such great coupon deals, this walgreens might go out of business and you'd be out of a job. lol - maybe exclude that last sentence - lol

Mom who cares said...

I just want to add - do you ever wonder why these companies give such great coupon deals:

Think about it - stock holders need sales to allow the number to stay high - otherwise, the recession gets worse.

Giving coupons keep sales up, small companies like rite aid, walgreens etc.. protected from big ompanies like walmart and in buiness - keeping jobs open to mor epeople.

Then, those coupons that are turned back into the manaufacture are written off as a business expense/loss when they file taxes and the companies get to file that as deductions in what they pay out in taxes at the end of the year.

In turn - it is helping the economy and keeping people from being afraid to shop and spend their money etc.... so when things start to improve people have not learned to shop less.

As long as other people see other people shop - it prevents mass panick and helps these retailers. Yes, they take a short term loss - but it helps the economy and buisnesses now and later.

( I may not know a lot about business politics - but I bet I am close on the nail here)

So, don't feel bad when couponing! Don't let those jealous cashiers make you feel bad, Collin is rarely, rarely ever wrong on a post - and she is very helpful when people have problems, such as how she posted the ad shows using a manuf Q to get RR.

Take care

Anonymous said...

The True North coupon worked for me, in fact after backing all the way out (not just the back button- that didn't work), I clicked again and it printed a second one.

AC said...

According to i heart wags (, the Fusion razor deal ends on 10/24/2009 (today!).

Courtney said...

So if I buy the Glucose meter I cant not use any coupons including rr's or they wont mail me the rebate?

Anonymous said...

I have a $1 off 4 Mentos from my Walgreens Oct coupon booklet. Can I use it with the in ad coupon and the .55 mfg coupon?

Mom who cares said...

Courtney - she is saying you can't ask for the rebate

But, you can do this:
buy 2 glucose meters 14.99
use 2 coupons and have them markt them down from $30 to $14.99.

For purchasing $20 or more of select products (that being one of them) you can get a $5 RR back. It should be both free and a $5 MM

Read walgreens ad tomarrow to verify - but I believe I am right.

Jana said...

Will the Dove RR work if you buy shampoo also. I didn't get the 1.50 coupon in my paper, but I have a 1.00 coupon from the Dove website for hair care products. Will it work on all haircare products or is it only buy 1 get 1 free off of conditioner???

The Lioness said...

The Oust is on sale for $2.99 with a $1RR. I think it's Red Plum or Smart Source that has/had a $2.00 wyb 2 coupon. Buy the 2 and give 1 to your child's class. The teachers would gladly appreciate it. Between the coupon and RR it's like 1 free.

Jackie said...

There is a coupon for $2 off 3 dinty moore in the 1/18 ss and they are 4 for 5 in the ad. So $1.75 for 3.

Frugal Mommy said...

Anyone know if the Dove $8 RR is a nationwide deal, a monthly deal or....? I don't see it in my upcoming ad. =(

Mom who cares said...


Yes - the dove BOGO is for select shampoo, conditioner, and styler

Frugal Mommy:
This is a weekly unadvertised national sale - you should see the tags at your walgreens. Not all of these types of RR deals are posted in the ads. You can always call your walgreens in the morning to verify before you go.

Dove hair care BOGO
get $2 rr wyb 4 Dove Shampoo or Conditioner 12-16 oz 9/27 - 10/31
get $6 rr wyb 6 Dove Shampoo or Conditioner 12-16 oz 9/27 - 10/31
get $10 rr wyb 8 Dove Shampoo or Conditioner 12-16 oz 9/27 - 10/31

Anonymous said...

My walgreens will only take 1 mfg coupon per item per transaction! so if its a 2 for $5 deal and you have 2 coupons they will not let you use the 2nd coupon you have to do it in a separate trans and then you will not get the sale cause you are only buying one. whats up with that? Anyone have this problem.
Mom who cares I think thats what she tsked about maybe!

Chrissy said...

Good tip, Collin! I have carried a piece of an old ad that advertised a RR deal and also said to look for a coupon in the paper for even more savings ever since the first time a cashier gave me trouble about it. I have whipped it out many a time, and have won my argument everytime. :)

Mom who cares said...

anony 9pm:

I would call the walgreens corporate about the 1 Q policy rule. It doesn't make sense - I mean so if you have a store Q allowing an item to be 3.00 and you have a $1.00 off MFG Q, accoridng to their rules - you can't use the MFG Q. That woul durt buisness as walgreens makes more money allowing you to use the Q then not, since Q MFG pays an extra .08 per Q redeemed.

Consumer Relations Contact Information
Phone: toll-free (800) 925-4733
7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday thru Friday

Give them a call and if they agree what the MNGR is doing is wrong, then get their name and have them send you a letter in writing with the coupon policy and stating you can use more than 1 Q in a transaction, but let them know you are aware that you can only use 1 Q per item. That would mean if you have 5 items, you can only use 5 total Q (whether store, MFG, or RR)

ANyways, the reason I say get it in writing by corporate is because they will call the MNGR, but that doesn't mean he will not still try to push the issue. Having the letter is above the MNGR's head and the cashier has nothing to argue with you about, and if the MNGR says no, show him the letter, if he still says no, call corporte back right there on your cell phone and when they say he is wrong again, hand him the phone. That will put him on the spot.

That works at target and walmart and other places, don't feel bad - Many couponers do that and it works. YOu are doing nothing wrong as long as you follow their policy and they say it is right.

If corportate says the manager can do that, then find another walgreens. Good luck

Amber said...

Does the system allow you to use a Q on a free item (Dove deal)? Will it beep?

Anonymous said...

I did the Dove deal yesterday! The tag on the shelf said valid 10/24-10/31! I did however have to go back in after I got to my car - the total didn't seem right. Only 2 of the free Dove's came off so I ended up paying about $10 too much. But in the end I got 4 shampoos (used 4 $1 off Q's) and 4 conditioners (used 4 $1.50 Q's) for FREE! I love it!!! Thank you Collin!

Anonymous said...

By the way beeps! Use your coupons! :-D

Roxanne said...

Well let me tell you about our Walgreens in Wichita Kansas! If they see someone shopping with coupons, like a box, binder or anything that holds alot that you can't conceal. Well the cashier calls a code 60 and the manager comes to the register when it is time to check out to oversee everything! This has happpened to myself, my daughter and her friend from work? What do you think about this? I won't even shop at Walgreens they treat you like a criminal for using coupons, it is soooo embarrassing to say the least! My daughters friend went up to the register and put her hands out like go ahead and cuff me now! This is the oddest thing for a store to do! So I only shop Target, Wal-mart, K-mart and Dillons with my coupons.....

Anonymous said...

The Walgreens in my area are great. The cashiers here always love to see the savings I get. I usually don't shop early Sunday morning but I did this morning and it was coupon central at Walgreens. I saw one lady with the biggest binder I've ever seen, another lady buying about 10 papers with her RR's and several other ladies with coupons. That's too bad some Walgreens aren't coupon/savings friendly.

Mom who cares said...

Walgreens Dove, Get More Freebies tip:

This morning at walgreens I bought 4 dove conditioners and 4 shampoos
bogo + 4/$1 off and 4/$1.50 Q.
Paid $9.96
Got Back $10 RR

Then, I bought:

Vasaline sheer $6.99
Dove bath soap .99
chapstick fresh effects 2.99
j&j trial baby powder 1.29
store Q for dove soap
$1.00 dove Q for dove soap
$1.00 vasaline Q
$10RR from Dove

Paid .26tx

GOT back $7RR, $3RR, $1RR

So, I got everything FREE and made $1.00 - well if youadd the .26 + tx - I came out even!!

And, still have $11 in RR!!

Anonymous said...

I want to cry when I see these deals I'm missing out on this morning! lol Just too tired to shop right now.

With the Dove BOGO, I have Q both $1.00 and $1.50. I'm still new to Walgreens and such so I just want to make sure I don't do anything wrong.

Will they let you use 2 MFC with a BOGO? I didn't know so wanted to make sure. They will except the Q for the item your getting for free?

Nicole said...

Here on the Wags website you can print a Pull ups Q for $2/1 package. I am assuming you can stack it with a MFG Q b/c this coupon says WALGREENS COUPON, not manufacturer....pretty cheap pullups.

trash2cash4u said...

Anon 11:22
You should be able to use an MQ on each item on a store's BOGO sale. You can also use a BOGO coupon and a dollar off coupon ( on the item you're not getting for free) most of the time.

It's Just Me:
I have had bad coupon experiences at pretty much every store other than CVS, but my mouth dropped open when I read your post! You can use an in ad coupon or one from any of the Walgreens coupon books that do not say "manufacturer's coupon" in conjunction with an MQ. I think it kind of shocks the cashiers when they see that $6 come off!

Stand up for what you know is right! You can be nice, but firm. =)

KP said...

Head up on the Dulcolax - there is also a $5 rebate attached to the $3 coupon that is on the bottle. You pay $7, use coupon for $3 that is on the bottle, cash out at $4. Then get a RR for $4 and rebate for $5 - profit!

Anonymous said...

mom who cares:
Thanks for the info but
I also noticed that a lot of the coupons now say 1 per purchase so when wags sees this they are sorry no.
I do not have any trouble any where else but I live in the mountains and there is only one wags so if I want to go to another one its over 1 hr drive. :(


Mom who cares said...

Anony 12:54:

You are aboslutly right about the one Q per purchase -

Let me explain the lingo:
1 item = 1 purchase
1 - several purchased items = 1 transaction

This is where peopel get confused, so let me explain.

If you buy 1 item - you can only use 1 MFG Q for that 1 item as the MFG will only reimburse for 1 Q.

If you buy 1 item - and the store has a Q, that Q is not from the MFG and is actually just a store discount (not a real Q - sometimes they say they are MFG Q, but if it does not say in small print that the Q will be reimbursed to the retailer by such and such MFG + .08, and it has the stores name on it - then it is more than likely a store Q, inother words a discount)

At that point you can use a store Q and a MFQ - since you are still not using two reiburseable MFQ Q.

Now, a purchase is an item, not a transaction - so you can buy lets say 5 items and use 5 Q - you are still only using one Q per purchase. That term is so that peopel do not bring in one Q and want to buy 3 of that items and have the cashier ring up that one Q mulitple times.

I used to work as a cashier and people will try to convience a cashier to take one Q for multiple of the same item and tell you that "it is one Q and the "trasaction" is considered the one purchase". So, I had to explain this many times to people.

Each Q is like a ticket at a carnival, one ticker per ride - not one ticket for one ride all day.

So, you can use More than one Q for more than one item in ONE transaction. Unless the Q says, one Q per transaction. Then you will have to do seperate trasactions.

Now it gets better. lol
Some Q say one Q, per transaction, per Customer - then you can only use that Q on that item one time and you cannot buy a 2nd of the same item in a 2nd trasaction. But, you can still use other Q in that transaction.

For ex. YOu have 2 dove deoderant, 2 dove soap, and 2 dove body wash - lets say you have 6 Q, but one of them say you can only use one Q per transaction per customer for the dove body wash because it is giving it to you free.

Then, you can only use 5 Q, and the 6th one (that would have given you the 2nd body wash free) you cannot use in that day or store.

So, you would pay for that body wash or remove it from the sale.

Hope that makes sense - I know it seems confusing - but it really is not that hard once you do it.

Now walgreens - only let's you use one Q per item - so that is why collin tells you to use fillers to use the 2nd Q. This is allowed at walgreens, there are just some managers who like to be in control of to many things. You have to choose - do you let people be bullies or do you take a stand for your hard earned money and let them know they have no right to bully you for not doing anything wrong.

ROC Coupons said...

There are some amazing deals this week at Walgreens. I've been there twice already.

Amy in WI said...

Loving walgreens deals this week, did 3 separate Dove deals for shampoo and conditioner then used one of the rewards for 4-12 packs of soda!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous with the question ~ I have a $1 off 4 Mentos from my Walgreens Oct coupon booklet. Can I use it with the in ad coupon and the .55 mfg coupon?

Sat Oct 24, 05:30:00 PM 2009

The coupon booklet coupon is for candy, the id ad coupon is for the gum.

Rochelle said...

$1 Stacy's Pita coupon available on Smart Source that goes with the RR deal

Anonymous said...

I found a coupon for Beano at their website. The link is Thanks for your site. I love it!!!

CJ said...

The coupon on the Beano website is for the 30 ct or larger package, so it can't be used with the 12 ct package.

Amber said...

My Walgreens had Clorox Greenworks laundry detergent on Clearance for $4.99 (originally $9.99). I used the $3 IP Qs to score them for $1.99! So, keep your eye out for those :)

Anonymous said...

Double MFG Coupons at WAGS!!!
Saturday I did the Zantact $5 coupon at Walgreens. On the package was a $3 off peelie. The cashier used it AND my $5 internet Q for a total of $8 off! I questioned her at first, saying I'd rather use the $5 Q instead of the $3 Q but she said it would take them both - and it did! Plus I got my $9RR...all with no beeping!
I thought this experience could help with the Dulcolax Balance, since you said there may be a peelie on the box.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice the softsoap ensembles deal? On sale: buy pump at 5.99 and Base at 3.99 get 4 RR. There is a coupon from sunday buy pup get base free. And there is a $2.00 IP. which makes everything free.... Plus there is a rebate out there for $4.00 that's good until 12/31/09.

Anonymous said...

Mom who cares:

That is so cool of you and totally clarified things for me.
Now The cashier will not let me use 2 coupons per purchase even when they say 1 per purchase so I need to clarify it to her LOL. I can do that Now thanks to you Woo Hoo!
I would put up an identity but I don't know how LOL maybe you can teach me this to. You are good you need your own blog. HE HE

Bethany said...

Regarding the dove soap using the dove face care coupon...really? Does that coupon really work on the soap?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where i can get documentation about the Dove 10$ RR. Its not in their ad and i know there is going to be a issue. Dont want my proof to be Its on HIPs Site.. LOL HELP!

ericandash said...

This thread is super long so I don't know if I am repeating anyone :) I just wanted to say that I found some great deals today at Wags! One was a Black & Decker Home 450 watt crush master 10 speed blender that was marked down "last chance" from $30.99 to $7.79!!! I got the last one in my store. Also, there was a Brita 8 cup pitcher system that was "last chance" for $8.49 (was $19.99) I had a $5 off Brita coupon from a Houseparty that I did and then it also printed a $3RR!! A great deal even without the coupon!!
I also found Burt's Bees Lip shimmer in Raisin on clearance for $1.24!

Also, when I was looking at the Wonka candy the $2 coupon is for a larger size bag.

Hope this helps someone! :)

Jana said...

Anon 1:57

I just did the dove shampoo/conditioner RR deal yesterday. It worked for me. :) I can show you my RR and receipt, but I doubt Walgreens would count that as proof.

You can always do it and if it doesn't print the RR (which it SHOULD) you can return the items. Good luck!!

lillian said...

i have had many problems with this store where can i find the coupon policy so i can have it with me

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the Sunday Q buy pump get base free for the softsoap? Anyone know what day that was?