Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Walgreens: Diabetes & You $60 Coupon Booklet!

Couponers United just emailed about a new Walgreens coupon booklet she found by the pharmacy! The new coupon booklet is called, "Diabetes & You Holiday 2009/Winter 2010". Also, the coupons inside are all Walgreens coupons and can be paired with manufacturer coupons for even more savings!

Coupons Inside:

$1 off Natures Bounty Diabetes Support pack 30 packets

$0.50 off Curad Hold Tite bandages or Adhesive pads

$3 off JointFlex Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

$1 off Nature's Bounty Cinnamon 60 or 100 capsules

$2 off Lotrimin AF Antifungal

$2 off Kerasal Ointment 1oz

$3 off Lamisil

$2 off Theraflu Sugar-Free nighttime Severe Cold & Cough 6pk

$5 off Neuragen PN .17oz

Buy 2 Get $1.50 off Colgate Total or Total Advanced Toothpaste

$2 off Benefiber

$6 off Comfort Scanner Temporal Thermometer

$1.50 off BD Ultra-fine II Lancets

$5 off Bayer Contour test strips 25ct

$1 off BD Sharps container

$5 off Truetest Blood Glucose Test Strips 100pk

$1/2 Crystal Light Drink Mix .87oz or 2.1 oz OR On the go .6 or 1.4oz

$1/2 Nabisco - Triscuit, Wheat thins 10oz, Snackwells 6.75oz, 6pk 100 calorie pks

$0.50/1 Gluco Shot 2oz

$1 off Planters Peanuts 12oz

$5 off Accu Chek Aviva Blood Glucose monitor

$0.50/1 Ricola Sugar Free cough drops

$1.50 off Glucerna Shakes 4 or 6pks

$2 off Foot Care: Zostrix or Diabetiderm Foot Cream

$1 off Curel Lotion 13oz

$1.50 off Glucerna Cereal and Snack Bars

$1 off Lubriderm Lotion 6-16oz or Ointment 1.75oz

$3 off Iceland Health Chromax Plus Ultra Strength 60ct capsules

**Coupons expire on 1/31/2010.

I'm guessing lots of these coupons will make for some sweet deals when combined with weekly sales, clearance deals and manufacturer coupons!

(Thanks, CouponersUnited!)

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Anonymous said...

I can tell you that you just posted a coupon for Lotramin the other day! $2 off! If this is truly a walgreens coupon I can see some free lotramin by stacking the two!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that you just posted a coupon for Lotramin the other day! $2 off! If this is truly a walgreens coupon I can see some free lotramin by stacking the two!

Anonymous said...

i just came back from Target. I was very discouraged after today's shopping. I bought 4 candles and tried to use two BOGO and two $3 off 2. But the cashier wouldn't let me use both. She said either I can use the BOGO coupons or the $3 off 2, but not both. I ended up buying 4 candles paying $1.50 each. I had some other coupons too and she took so much time inspecting one by one. The lady in the line behind me sighed and went to another counter. To top it all, on our way back home, my husband told me he would never come with me again if I'm going to use coupons again. He felt very embarrased. In fact, I feel bad too. I only had 12 coupons, but still it is such a pain...

Anonymous said...

My goodness I can only think of one thing here; how many little old ladies or anyone really, in a nursing home, in your neighborhood, your grandparents even that could use some of this stuff when/if we just have too much in our stockpiles, etc??!! It doesn't take much to be kind and I can't wait to get to the point where I am just doing it (getting the deal) where I can give back. A basket of lotrimin or ortho socks or you name it may not be extremely exciting to receive as a donated item but in a basket w/some other goodies like sugar-free hard candy, something novelty-like and a couple other things, you never know, you may may someone's day or year! Happy Early Holidays Folks, I can feel a good one coming on! ;)

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:54:

We've all been there. Don't worry about the occasional grouchy checker. Just keep working hard to save your family money. Hip said in one of her videos to pick your checker...very true. I had a lovely lady a Walgreens yesterday who looked through my Q's with me and helped me match for some sweet deals. Some people love there jobs and some people don't.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget 9:54 about Target's coupon policy! Collin lists it on her page and you can also print it off; it is a must when you go shopping in there to have to 'show' if you need to about their own policy! Did you think to ask a manager? The first time I went Target shopping I had to pull out my handy dandy coupon policy and to be honest, both the cashier AND the head-manager person acted like they knew all along about 'their coupon policy' when in fact they really didn't! But I didn't make a big fuss about it...just keep your head up and next time persist w/what you already know to be true and get a second opinion. You can ask for the mgr. or even call corporate. YOU are the customer! And the customer is always right, right? ;) If there is one thing I have learned it is to do things (most times) with a smile and BE Persistent w/what you are doing, it will almost always come through. Of course, if you go in tomorrow, you are likely to get another cashier that will grant you your stuff, the way you had intended...Just food for thought.

Jana said...

Does anyone know if I can use a Unilever RR on another Unilever product and still produce another RR.

I bought the Dove deodorant last week (I think) which produced a RR. and now this week I want to buy the Dove Shampoo & Conditioner which produces a RR. Can I pay with my Deodorant RR and still get the RR from the Shampoo???

Rochelle said...

On a happier note, I had an amazing trip to Target today! I did the Kellogg's Fiberplus deal w/ giftcard, then the Pledge deal w/ giftcard, then a bunch of other great deals and only spent $17 OOP plus I'll get $5 back with the SC Johnson rebate. I definitely got the 'jedi cashier' of the day! She even said, "I should come shopping with you!" Hang in there Anon 9:45, some days are just better than others when you coupon.

Mom Who Cares said...

Anony 9:54 - I had a older lady who was a "YOu can't do this and that" cashier too. Even though her MNGR told her it was ok, she still said "NO".

1) If you encounter a problem - make sure to have the coupon policy with you and show them.
2) Do as Colling recommended and had worked for many of us: Only go through lines with young guys in it. They do not care and are not all pent up with women issues. Women seem to be naturally competitive and like to show other women up. Avoid this and go to a young guys line, who is there to make a paycheck, not to tell you how to run your bank account.
3) Corporate told me there is a red phone at the front of the store free to use for customers to call them. If you have an issue with a cashier, have them put the sale on hold, call corportate and they will clear it up right there with you. That way you leave the store with what you came in for and that cashier learning not to mess with you anymore.

Nicole D said...

Had a great experience today at Target. Lots of Kashi stuff with my coupons and the peelies on the box. Love it!
I still think it takes a lot of courage to actually call coorporate though, when stuff does go wrong. Iv'e gotten better, and will defend myself and why I can use certain coupons. But if they won't take something, I have them void the item and I come back later, when a different cashier is working. Those first few angry cashiers can be discouraging, but don't let it stop you!

Kristin said...

Anon 9:54 - I don't know if this would have affected the outcome of your experience at all (since it sounded like you had a not so nice cashier) but you should have only used 1 $3/2 coupon and 2 BOGO's. If you use 2 of the $3/2 Q's AND 2 BOGO's then you're ending up with 2 of the items having 2 coupons attached to it. So if you're buying 4 items each BOGO attaches to 1 item each so you have 2 more items that you can attach a coupon to which is why you can only use 1 of the $3/2 Q's. Does that make sense? Anyways, sorry you had a bad experience and don't feel discouraged. We've all had our run-ins with "those" cashiers.

Melissa said...

Oh I've been there before with my husband. And oh how he reminded me everytime I thought about stopping at the store on our way home. My husband refused for about a month. I slowly got him going in again when I had little things that I knew weren't going to be hard to go through. And finally he went with me to do a large major money maker sale and since then has been full of patience with coupon shopping. Just hang in there. It SO worth it!!!

Anonymous said...

Annon 9:54 Kristin is right about the number of coupons. You can only have one coupon per item unless you have a store coupon and manufacturer coupon. $3/2 attatches itself to two items. I can understand your husband's embarassment. The other day at Walmart I was shopping with my husband and I warned him they would have to call a manager with a key because I had so many coupons and sure enough we had to wait several minutes for a manager making the people in line behind me not so happy! But he has witnessed how much money I am saving and he's all for coupons! So don't be discouraged. Keep showing your husband examples of how much you're saving and before long he'll be proud instead of embarassed!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:54,

You have gotten lots of good advice, I have a couple more. I hope you don't mind if I indulge

1) If I don't like the way the coupon deals went down, I walk over to customer service and return all unwanted items or talk over the issue with the customer service agent. I tell the agent that I am returning these because I was unable to use my coupons that way that I thought I could.

2) I never bring my husband when I do my coupon deals. He and I are total opposites on coupon usage, and I respect that. Or if he happens to be along, he looks around at other things while I check out. Using coupons is not a guy thing. When a woman uses coupons, she looks like a smart cookie. When a guy does it, well, he looks a little nerdy. I hope I didn't offend anyone. I didn't want to ignore the white elephant in the room.

Anonymous said...

One other thing you can try. I was at the grocery store and was buying the Steamfresh meals for two. I had 4 of them. I gave the cashier 2 $1.50/1 and 2 BOGO. She told me that I couldn't use both. I very nicely explained that the first 2 coupons were for the first 2 bags I bought and the second set were for the free items. She then said the register wouldn't do it. I nicely told her I didn't want to buy them. She was very nice and said she would call over the manager to help. The manager told me the same thing. I still nicely told her that I knew Walmart would take all the coupons so please just take them off my bill. The manager said she would give me the BOGO coupons on my order, then when we had completed that trans. she would just give me the other $3 back. Sometimes they just want to keep the sale and will work with you.

Upset With Target said...

I tried using the Herbal Essences Buy ANY one styler, shampoo or conditioner, get a styler free! So I bought a trial size shampoo (shampoo) to get a large styler free and they said no! Like 4 of them surrounded me cashiers and managers saying O you can't do that you can't do that I know because I work in retail and you can't do that! Well it says any ONE for ANY styler, and when I called Targer corporate she kept repeating herself that she understands about I'm upset but they stand by them in their decision.

So much for standing up for myself!

Anonymous said...

Thank you everybody for the encouraging words... I feel a lot better than yesterday.
I've learned to ignore rude cashiers, but what made me feel bad was that the people behind me were restless & I felt I was wasting thier time. So if I were to call the manager or customer service, that would mean making the people behind me more impatient.
Yeah, now when I think of it I should have used the BOGOs and only 1 $3 off 2. I saw some comments in yesterday's post that I can use 2.
I've decided to keep my husband out of this and not to use more than 10 coupons per transaction. That saves time for everybody.

I've learned so much from this blog. Thank you Collin and thank you each one of you for your support.

Tawanda! said...

Anon 7:49
You are so on about your second point! Although my husband is so pleased with the savings that are gerenrated when I use coupons, he refuses to use them. If he comes shopping with me, I just send him to electronics, make my purchases with my daughter, who is so excited to count up the amount we'll save on the calculator function of my phone, and then call him once we've checked out. I've had great cashiers at WAGS, CVS & Target, and the one sour one who inspected all of my coupons, decided that I was ok once I offered her one that I had. Just go in with a positve attiude, smile and make eye contact with the cashier and show her couponers are fun people. Good luck!

J.J. said...

If I want to use the unilver $7 RR from the vaseiline to pay for my Dove Shampoo RR deal to get $10, will it let me do this since they are both from Unilver

Kristin said...

Yes J.J. it will

J.J. said...


Andrea A. said...

I have taken my husband with me a couple of times now. Last time I messed up a few things at walgreens and had to get a manager over to fix it. Bought 2 items with RR in one order by accident. When we left he told me he could never do it. He is proud of how much money I can save but doesn't think he could keep it all straight in his head. It really is a gift.

I used to be embarrassed when it takes a long time. Now I am just patient. Even if I became a millionaire over night I would still be a die hard couponer and thrift store/ clearance junkie!!! Remember that most people that use coupons actually make enough money not to HAVE to use them. For those of us that are using to make ends meet. Hold your head high and remember one day you will be using them only because you want to and not have to.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the Walgreens and Target shopping, and I'm happy to report that they are wonderful so far. My Walgreens even grabs their flier when they see I have items with instore Q's. But I always say "I got it covered :)"

Yesterday at Target, I got some good deals. I got the I-Motion for $1.99 after Q..the Sense and Spray for $1.99 after Q..and another one (can't remember the name)for $1.00 after Q.

I also got the Kashi for .75 profit because they had them on endcap for $3.49 (making it .49 after Q) but they must of priced it wrong because it rang up $2.75. She pushed it through anyway :). And..on an endcap in cleaning supply, they had clearance items for laundry. There was a big bottle of liquid Gain for $5.48 and i had a $1.00 Q so $4.48 :) Then they had a real big bottle of liquid Tide marked at $6.48..but it rang up $5.48 like the Gain and I had a $1.00 Q so $4.48 for that too! I'm set for laundry detergent for a very long time!

I wish I had a snuggle Q because they had dryer sheets on that clearance endcap too. :(

Green Works detergent was cut back to $12.00 a bottle..I didn't expect it to be so expensive! I still have those $3.00 Q's but will hold off till I see it go WAY DOWN!

There was halloween sugar cookies (the ones with cats and pumpkins on them) for clearance in the freezer area for $1.74. Theres also a .70 off 2 Q on (I think its that one) to save even more. Eggo chocolate mini muffins were also there on clearance for $1.74. If you have a any Eggo Q that would be sweeter!

I saved in total $45.00 at Target last night! :) The cashier was great. But one of my $4 Q only took off $1.00? So I had to go to Customer Service, which was a young guy and got my $3.00 back no questions asked lol.

One question from me though. I had 2 $1/1 Any Aussie haircare product coupons. I grabbed 1 bottle of Aussie Conditioner and 1 bottle of Aussie Shampoo to use the Q's on. One went fine, but the other said no? She said it was probably because I had the other. But I bought 2 items. Does the computers now make the decission how many you can get with duplicate coupons? She said it was okay and put it through anyway, but I wanted to know if this is the norm to be told no when using 2 of the same coupons for 2 items.

Thanks for all you do Collin!

MamaBear said...

Question- I went to Target to do the glade candle deal (buy 5 glade holiday scented products, get a $5.00 gift card) and had my BOGO coupons (buy the holder, get the refill) and the holders had a coupon in them for $2.00 off of two items. I did the math in the store there and figured out that the candles being on sale for $2.50 each would mean 3 holders and 3 refills = $15. Use 3 BOGOs and subtract $7.50. Use 3 $2/2 coupons and my total would be $1.50, or .25 per item, plus the $5.00 gift card! I did this deal and it went smoothly. I had my baby with me so I didn't do a second transaction like I wanted cause he was cranky.

Went back the following day to do it and had a young male cashier who wouldn't take the coupons because "I can't take two manufacturer's coupons." I tried explaining to him that they worked the previous night when I did the transaction but he kept arguing with me. I used to work at Target so the cashier I had the night before was someone I had worked with and knew I wasn't doing anything bad. I had never seen this new kid. So, my question is- are they really both considered manufacturer coupons? The BOGOs I printed off the internet, I didn't get them from a blinkie, and the other coupon came right out of the glass candle holder that I was purchasing.

Any ideas? I'm gonna go back when tomorrow when I know that same cashier from my first transaction is working and hopefully he won't have any issues with the whole thing. :-s

Anonymous said...

Just got back from WAGS and got the Lubriderm lot. for .79 plus tax. So, not completely FREE but a deal I'll gladly take! We/I use lots of lotion during the Fall & Winter months so this is right up my alley. :)
I also had no problem locating the Diabetes & You Holiday edition; what great coupons in there also.

cjs said...

Would love to have a copy of that Diabetes & You coupon book - anyone have an extra?

cjs said...

Just found a copy of the Diabetes Cpn book at a different Wags than I usually go to, so disregard my last post!

Anonymous said...

Ok why when i go into my wallgreens and ask for these coupon books, they always have no clue what i am talking about? i searched the pharmacy and the front where the other coupon books are and even the manager has no clue what im talking about!!! i mean for just trying to save money!!!