Sunday, November 22, 2009

Amazon: Children's Activity Book Deal + Amazon Prime FREE 2 Day Shipping Trial Offer!

Wow! Amazon has some sweet deals available on Children's activity & pop up books! Most of these books are discounted up to 70% and all ship FREE with Amazon Prime!

Also, if you haven't signed up for Amazon Prime, you'll definitely want to do so now! You'll score FREE 2 day shipping on all eligible orders + more... AND with Christmas just around corner this is the perfect time to sign up!

The best part is that they are offering up a FREE one month trial and you you can set up your account to auto-cancel the free trial after the trial period is over! Yay! To set this up, just sign up for the one month trial, click on the "Your Account" tab, then click on "Manage Prime Membership" and finally click on "More Order Actions". After getting to this step, you should see a spot to select that says to not upgrade the Prime Membership automatically and your free trial will be set to end after the period is over. This is great... especially if you're forgetful like me! (Thanks, CentsSavingMom!)

Book Highlights:

Ships: A Pop-Up Book
Was $17.99, now ONLY $5.82!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Book & CD)
Was $12.99, now ONLY $4.29!

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (Reusable Sticker Book)
Was $6.99, now ONLY $3.41!

Royal Princess Homes (Disney Princess (Hardcover))
Was $9.99, now ONLY $2.89!

Disney Pixar Wall-E Movie Theater Storybook & Movie Projector
Was $19.88, now ONLY $8!

Around the World with the Little Einsteins
Was $14.99, now ONLY $3.34!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Glow-in-the-Dark Sticker Book
Was $6.99, now ONLY $3.11!

Puzzle Town In the City
Was $12.95, now ONLY $5.01!

Snowmen at Night Jigsaw Puzzle Book
Was $10.99, now ONLY $5.49!

These would make excellent stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts and Birthday presents!

(Thanks, SD!)

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Anonymous said...

What is SD? Slick Deals?

Jaime said...

Hot Dog! That free one month deal on amazon prime is great - perfect timing for Christmas shopping!

Heather said...

YAHOO! 2 names crossed off my list. And free Amazon Prime...couldn't ask for more. Thanks Hip

cjs said...

Awe bummer...It's only one per household, and I used up my free trial last year :( Totally worth it if you ship a lot of gifts, though.

Anonymous said...

many of these are 4-for-3 promotion too!

Anonymous said...

the books are not showing at the price you listed. they're showing at the retail price...??

Anonymous said...

the books are more cause I think its due to the fact that if you upgrade you no longer get a good deal on price they make the price higher to include ship fees so they are really charging you ship fees cause the price is higher.

Anonymous said...

no, sorry Im wrong cause I went to my moms account which is not prime and the prices are higher still. so what I mentioned above is not the case with amazon. I only said that cause one of the books it says you can get it for $4 but with ship its $9 and with prime its $9 with free ship. hum, they just are not offering the lower price on the books anymore. amazon changes often and frequently so if you see something you like watch it its bound to fluctuate in price this next month you will be amazed.

Anonymous said...

I believe the prices have changed due to Amazon selling out of the books and them only being availble by a third party.

Stephanie said...

I think this deal is already dead. Man you guys are too fast for me!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is still looking for good deals on children's books, I bought a whole slew of clearance-priced books for my nieces at Books-A-Million online last week. Free shipping on orders over $25...I also threw in a couple of books that my mom wants for Christmas (which were priced the same as @ Amazon) and I was able to use a coupon code for $10 off of $50.

Abby said...

I so LOVE Books A Million!

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the prime and went through the instructions to cancel the autorenew. I am seeing a $1 charge on my credit card. Is this normal? It is pending right now.. so maybe it will be taken off?

Unknown said...

I am confused about the cancellation. I went to manage Prime Membership. Then, I didn't see the "more order actions" tab but there was a "do not upgrade" button. Is that what she was talking about?

Bridget said...

Thanks!! Love ordering from amazon, but hate spending for shipping! Got 3 sticker story books @ 1.50 :). Gonna get more today!

Anonymous said...

Im showing a 1.00 charge from amazon prime also??