Monday, November 9, 2009

Boston Market: Kids Eat FREE Promo Extended!

Boston Market has decided to extend the "Two Kids Eat Free" promotion thru January 31st, 2010! Here's a recap of the great promotion:

Two children, ages 14 and younger, can receive a FREE kids’ meal all day, Saturday and Sunday with only one adult purchase of just $6 or more! Wahoo! The best part--there is NO coupon needed to snag the FREE kids meal. All they need to see is your kiddos smiling faces!

(Thanks, Sophie!)


Anonymous said...

what if i just have one kid?

Anonymous said...

The add says Saturday and Sunday. I could not find a place that said everyday. I think the deal has changed?

Hip2Save said...

If you have one kid, then you'll be able to get one FREE kids meal!

Also, I just changed the post to Saturday and Sunday only. Thanks for the info.

Carolyn said...

We did this on Saturday (I was checking their website on my husband's iphone to see if we needed to go home and print coupons first and then saw that they extended the deal)... the manager didn't know it was extended at first but we showed him the page on the phone :) Then while we were eating, he found the sign and put it up. :) Anyway, it was an awesome deal! We didn't do it last time, but now that our 2nd is on solids it was a GREAT deal - she had cut up turkey, fruit, and green beans (didn't eat it all of course, but who cares when it's free) and it was SO nice to not have to bring baby food to a restaurant with us!

hi said...

I don't live anywhere near a Boston Market but I just want to say how impressed I am with this offer. I don't know of any company that considers a 14 year old still a "kid" as far as pricing goes. Heck, even Disneyland only considers you a kid until age 10 I think. This is a great deal, just wish I had a Boston Market by me.