Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Huggies Rewards Program: 8 New Points!

For all You Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Program members, there are four new codes available (I think!)--for a total of 8 points:

Code Worth 5 Point:

Codes Worth 1 Points:

(Thanks, IndiMoney!)

Also, you can now watch videos to earn even more points!... AND remember, if you're feeling unlucky, then you can always save up your points and cash them out on gift cards. Currently, you can snag a $25 Kohl's or Gap gift card for 625 points!

**Don't forget to check out my previous post on the Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Program. I discuss in detail what the program is and also list a total of 81 points to enter (some may be expired now).

Good Luck and Let me know if you win anything!


Bev said...

I won playing the baby hide and seek game. I got a $10 check in the mail yesterday. That's cool!
I'll be entering and earning these points more often!!
Thanks Hip :)

Anonymous said...

8 more points - thanks!

the hollis huddle said...

I won the baby hide and seek game a while back and just got my $10 check and today I won a $25 visa gift card. This is SO great right before the holidays! Thanks for the codes!

danaymarie said...

I have some points I got today from 2 wipes container.

this one is for 8 points!

this is for 3 points

Anonymous said...

i think that some codes from products cant be enter like the ones from danaymarie

Anonymous said...

How do I win the instant games? i dont see any other games! Please help, I am new to enjoy the ride!!

mommyof4 said...

thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I never have any luck with all these games, but I just have to know lol...what exactly does the baby do when you win? lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you danaymarie for sharing the codes, but they wouldn't work for me :(

Anonymous said...

the baby leans over and blows bubbles in the water with his mouth when you win.

I've won 4 or 5 music downloads..

Anonymous said...


I think those are 1 time use codes that will only work for the 1st person entering them. Collin is getting her codes to share with us on other promos they do (like a bonus code in the coupon advertisement). Thanks for thinking of us anyway.

Melanie said...

thanks for the codes. does anyone have any Pampers codes?