Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rite Aid Deals 11/8-11/14

Remember you can go here and print a $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon that will make all the below deals that much sweeter! Also, don't forget that you can go on over here and participate in the Rite Aid Video Value program! Watch videos to earn various Rite Aid coupons--including a $5 off $20 Rite Aid coupon!

One more thing--if you're having problems with Rite Aid accepting your coupons, you'll definitely want to check out this post regarding Rite Aids corporate coupon policy!

Single Check Rebates
(Rebates below are a limit of one unless otherwise noted)

Boost Nutritional Drink 2/$12
Get a $1 Single Check Rebate #77 (on 2)
Use two $2/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost $3.50 each!

Chapstick True Shimmer or Fresh Effects $1.99
Get a $1 Single Check Rebate #111
Final cost $0.99!

Oral-B CrossAction Toothbrush $2.99
Get a $2.99 Single Check Rebate #123
Use the $0.75/1 or $1/1 coupon from the 10/11 or 11/1PG
Final cost as low as FREE + a $1 moneymaker!

GE Reveal Light bulbs 4 pack $2
Get a $2 Single Check Rebate #10 (on 2)
Use two $1/1 coupons from the 10/4SS
Final cost two 4 packs for FREE!

Other Great Deals

Post Honey Bunches of Oats pecan Bunches $1.99
Use the $2/1 coupon from here
Final cost FREE!

Buy Scope Outlast Mouthwash 750 ml $4.69, get Crest Plus Scope Outlast toothpaste 4 oz FREE ($3.79 value)
Use the $0.75/1 Crest coupon from the 11/1PG
Plus, use the $1/1 Scope coupon from the 11/1PG
Final cost $1.47 each!

Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers buy one get one free
Use the buy Herbal Essences shampoo, conditioner and styler, get styler FREE coupon from the 10/11PG
Final cost 2 Herbal Essences products for FREE!

Clairol Natural Instincts $6.99
Use the $2 in ad coupon
Plus, use the $2 coupon from the 11/1PG
Final cost $2.99!

Maybelline Cosmetics buy one get one free
Buy 2 Maybelline Lip products priced at $4 or less
Minus bogo sale=$4 for both
Use two $2/1 coupons from the 11/1RP
Final cost possibly 2 Lip products for FREE!

Aveeno Lotion (smallest size) priced around $3.49
Use the $2/1 Aveeno in ad coupon
Plus, use the $1/1 coupon from the 9/17RP
Final cost $0.49!

Nivea Lip Care 2/$5
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 11/1RP
Final cost $1.25 each!

Glade Spray $0.99
Use the $0.75/2 coupon from the 11/1SS
Final cost $0.62 each!

Air Wick i-motion Kit 50% off--priced around $7.49
Use the $4/1 coupon from the 10/11SS or from here
(click on the save over $30 Air Wick link in the lower middle)
Final cost $3.49!

Joy Dish Soap $0.99
Use the $0.30/1 coupon from the 10/11PG
Final cost $0.69!

Dawn Dish Soap .99
Use the $0.25/1 coupon from the 10/11PG
Final cost $0.74!

**New to Rite Aid shopping?!?
Check out this post
or better yet check out my Rite Aid video!

For more Rite Aid Deals and Rite Aid Coupons visit the new


Anonymous said...

for a follow me monday could you show us how you store all your purchases in your home? how do you organize it all?

Tiffany said...

I second that request...that would be awesome. I would really like to see some gift bags/boxes/baskets whatever you make to give as gifts. I had a great week at Wags with all the Almay deals and would like to share some of that as gifts. Thank you for all you do!!!

molly said...

have people used a b1g1 coupon on a b1g1 sale at rite-aid before?? I have done it once at CVS and just wanted reassurance that it should work if I try it. Thanks! LOVE your site!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have had success using a bogo coupon with a bogo sale @ rite aid. The cashier was unsure if she should accept them, and called a manager, he was very helpful and they did accept my coupons. Happy shopping :0

*~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~* said...

Molly-I've never had a problem using a BOGO coupon on a BOGO Sale. Make sure to check out the link to their coupon policy at the top of Collin's post! :)

Anonymous said...

For the lightbulbs - What is the single rebate #10. I'm new to this

Mom who cares said...

No problem with BOGO combined with bogo Q at my rite aid

A little off topic but - Kmart shoppers sunday only:
Sunday November 8th Only! Family & Friends - up to 20% off almost everything.

*~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~* said...

Anon 10:30...SCR is Rite Aid's Single Check Rebate program. All you need to do is purchase the item and enter your receipt details on their website. See more details here:

Anna said...

I, too, have used B1G1 coupons on a B1G1 sale at RiteAid. Never had any trouble. If you have a free product coupon and the product is on sale B1G1, you will get two for free at RiteAid, also. I am using my FREE product Herbal Essence coupon at RiteAid tomorrow to get two for free. Also, if you have 2 of the B1G1 coupons for the Nivea lip care and 1 of the FREE lotion coupons from the 11/01 RP, you could get 4 lip cares and a lotion for $5. That's my plan :)
I have become a huge fan of RiteAid, and an even bigger fan of this website.
Thanks, Collin!

Anonymous said...

So I was wondering, can we use the free herbal essence coupon and the $1 off coupon from the facebook deal? then it'd be a $1 moneymaker.

Anonymous said...

I have used a BOGO on a BOGO sale at Rite Aid several times. The last time I got 8 candy bars for free. Each time I've had to show them the Rite Aid Corporate Coupon Policy - I don't leave home without it! LOL...

Stormy said...

At my store there is a $.50 coupon on the display for the Nivea lipcare if you want to pair that with any you've got in your stash. Keep your eyes peeled ladies! :-)

Couponing4myTacoma said...

Question -

I have yet to venture into the Rite Aid world BUT I need some of my styler from HE- Will two really be free with the BOGO Q AND the Rite Aid BOGO sale?

Really? Seriously? Will i get hasseled about it?

:) Thanks!

Couponing4myTacoma said...

Okay another question - Is there a better way to print the RA Q policy? It's horrible from that blog... :(


Anonymous said...

the air wic i motions minis are priced at $9.99 here and on sale this week for half off $5 - 4 coupon should make tham about a dollar a piece

Stormy said...

You really should not have a problem with your transaction, I've had nothing but success using bogo coups with a bogo sale at Rite Aid. They should just scan right through. Good luck!

*~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~* said... problems with BOGO, you should be just fine! :)

MamaMataUSMC said...

Tacoma- If you look at that copy of the Corp Memo on the coupon policy in the 3rd paragraph it tells the managers where to look up the coupon policy in their portal. SO if they give you a hard time just tell them where to look to find their corp coupon policy & it clearly states in there you can use 2 coupons on a BOGO sale.
Also if you copy it & past it into a Word Document it doesn't print that choppy it actually prints very clear, it's just LONG.

On another note was there an extra insert in the 9/17 paper that had the Aveeno Q? That was a Thursday not a Sunday & I only get the Sunday paper.

Anonymous said...

Here's another link to rite-aid coupon policy if anybody needs it.

Mom who cares said...

I lov emy rite aid - they are always so friendly. THey also know me very well - :)

I went this morning and bought 18 BOGO herbal Essence sytlers for gift bags, and I bought ge 100w reval 4pk light bulbs,
18 bogo HE stlyers 4.49 each
2/$4 light bulbs sets
Oral B cross action $2.99
1 chapstick tru shimmer $1.99

total was 53.88
used $5/25
9 bogo Q
and I forgot my GE lightbulbs revel Q's, but the manager who rang me up was so nice he said to bring them back and he will post coupon them - meaning he will redeem them for me and pay me back.

I paid 3.23tx (6.47)

He said wow, it mus tbe nice to get $50 worth of stuff for so little and I smile and said yes, my family loves it too.

I came right back and the computer wouldn't le thtem issue my coupons back, so they tookt he $2 out of the drawer and said they will do the compute rpart later and honored the coupons.

So, that meant I paid $1.23tx (4.47)

Plus my SCR = 5.99

I made money off this deal!

My walgreens still doesn't have the diabetes Q book -so I got 8 c/g lipslicks they were $4.49 not $3.99 each @ bogo, got a .99 drink for myself

used 4/$2.50 off Q and
$5 RR (should have used my $8RR)
paid 3.95tx ($5.09)

SO my OPP total with tax was $9.56 - my SCR of $5.99 = $3.57 for all of this stuff!!

ANd, I only just begun for today!! WOW - thanks everyone and Collin!

I may go back to rite aid for more stuff; like those air wick I motions - and use the $5/25 Q to get them free. But, I will see later :)

Mom who cares said...

ps - I want to note that the $5RR was a free RR as it was a money maker RR :) So, it was like free $5.00!

Anonymous said...

I hope that I didn't just miss lead the lady at Wal-mart, seriously. I had a $3 of any Aveeno facial product from Rite Aid Video Program and I know Wal-mart takes competitor's coupons. When I read the Rite Aid coupon guide I was understanding that if your coupon is over, they will just manually put the coupon in as the amount needed. I told this to the lady at Wal-mart so she did it and the register took it. So, a $2.97 Aveeno face bar was free! She entered the $3 coupon at $2.97. Is this right?!

Couponing4myTacoma said...

HA HA I Knew it. No one around here must coupon. The manager who was just happening to cash me out says with attitude - "well, they're already BOGO so I'm not taking these." So i very nicely said that their coupon policy says I can... well this is going to get me in trouble so i'll take one... (I had 5 coupons and 10 Herbal Essences.) So thank god i printed that thing out... I said well mam under the BOGO heading it explains that I can.


(She took them and asked if she could keep that part of the policy but oye. Never fails with me.

Anonymous said...

I cant take honey bunches coupon "a problem with web page" anyone had same problm?

ilja said...

I am trying to use my lip care bogo coupon! Buy one Nivea lip care product get one free!
Can i use a 50 cent coupon for the one I am not getting FREE!!

ilja said...

the Oral-B CrossAction Toothbrush is on sale for $2.99 at Rite Aid. I would like to know if i can use the $3.00off coupon from the P&G 11/1! Will this work for these toothbrushes.


Debbie said...

I just returned from rite aid. Used 3 b1b1 nivea coupons and 2 b3 chapsticks get 1 lotion free and 3 .50 coupons that were laying by the chapsticks. And the $5 off $25. Paid $1 plus tax, did this twice.. =) come of the nivea lotions had a travel size attached to them but they were behind the regular ones.

Stormy said...

I did that exact Nivea combo last night at my rite aid, and it went through. Should work for you too!

Stephanie in PDX said...

The Honey Bunches of Oat coupon didn't print for me either, so I emailed them from their website. I told them what the site says and asked if they could send me some coupons instead. They sent me one. That was printed out from someone's computer there. :) Well, I at least got one anyhow.

Jennie said...

Help -- When I try the Honey Bunches of Oats link, nothing. No coupon, no indication of coupons. Ideas?