Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toys R Us: Hasbro Games $0.99 after Gift Card & Rebate + More Deals!

Wow! I thought I'd go ahead and highlight some of these upcoming smokin' HOT deals available at Toys R Us! Starting tomorrow, Sunday, November 8th and running through Saturday, November 14th Toys R Us will be offering up multiple ways to receive FREE Toys R Us gift cards with purchases!

One gift card highlight is on Hasbro games--Buy $25 in Hasbro game below and get a FREE $10 Toys R Us gift card (use the gift card coupon available on the front page of the ad).

$3.99 Games:
Candy Land
Chutes and Ladders
Ants in Pants
Don't Break The Ice

$7.99 Games:
Boggle Jr
Scrabble Jr
Monopoly Jr or Deal

$9.99 Games
Mouse Trap
Connect 4

The best part about this deal is that there are $2 and $3 mail in rebates to go along with the games purchased! You can check out the details on these rebate offers here.

Here's a Deal Scenario to get ya thinkin':
Buy Candy Land $3.99
Buy Chutes and ladders $3.99
Buy Ants in Pants $3.99
Buy Don't Break The Ice $3.99
Buy Connect 4 or Scrabble $9.99

...BUT then get back a $10 Toys R Us gift card and submit for four $2 rebates and one $3 rebate! Final cost for all 5 games ONLY $4.95--just $0.99 per game! What a sweet deal!

(Thanks, Tracy and AbundantFoodSavings!)

Other Gift Card highlights:
  • FREE $25 Gift Card with the purchase of two select video games for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3
  • FREE $10 Gift Card with any purchase of $75 or more
  • FREE $10 Toys R Us Gift Card AND FREE $15 Skin-It Gift Card with the purchase of any Apple iPod touch
  • FREE $5 Gift Card with the purchase of select DVDs
For more Toys R Us Deals and Toys R Us Coupons visit the new


Anonymous said...

The rebate form says you must buy them at Toys R Us.

Abby said...

I wonder what the select dvds will be....hmmmm

Hip2Save said...


Yes, that is correct. You do have to buy the games at Toys R Us. It's a great deal, though, especially since you'll be getting back a $10 Toys R Us gift card too.

The Thorn Family said...

Aren't the rebates one per household?

*~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~* said...

Not quite as good as Hasbro's online deal last year, but still very good. Thanks!

Tori said...

do any of the manufacturer's coupons available recently apply?? i thought i saw one for perfection & clue.

Abby said...

Did you know that Walgreens now price matches?

RK&RJ said...

i found a hasbro $5 off coupon for connect 4 at:

but i don't see any of the other games on there

Bringing Basics Back! said...

Family game night is such a great way to save money on entertainment!! Wow - only $0.99 for many-a-nights of entertainment on the cheap - I'm "game"! ; )

Victoria said...

I'm thinking all the 'Cootie Games' will be on sale for 3.99. If that's the case then I'm going to get:

Ans in the Pants
Don't Break the Ice
Don't Spill the Beans
Hi Ho! Cherry-O
Chutes & Ladders

= 27.93 OOP
- 10.00 GiftCard
- 14.00 in rebates
Total Cost: 3.93 or .56 cents/ea!

I really hope this scenario works! I played the 'Cootie Games' with my mom when I was a little girl and I can't wait to play them with my daughter! :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for the heads up about such a sweet deal! We love games at our house!

Jen said...

So, do you thing that if we purchased other things to equal $75, we would bet both $10 gift for the games and one for the purchase over $75??

Laurie said...

There is also a $10 gift available when you spend $40 on blue ray disney dvds

Anonymous said...

How do you do the rebates? I'm sure it says in one of the posts, but I haven't seen it. Thank you very much.

Susan said...

Must I have the coupon for the gift card? Any idea where to get the coupon as I don't have the flyer?
Thanks for the terrific info!

Simple Saving Savvy said...

Don't forget the hasbro game coupons:

Also, could you use the coupon for the $10 gift card w/ $75 purchase in conjunctin with this deal??

Jodi said...

You do not need a coupon to get the 10$ gift card for buying 25$ in Hasbro games. I went last night and didn't get quite as good of a deal as Collin but I got two really great games that were both on sale and then I got the gift card. I was really excited to get this great deal because my kids love games and these will be great Xmas gifts.

Anonymous said...

How does the mail-in-rebates work when you have several items on the same receipt?

Baker Tribe said...

are the prices on any Hasbro game - b/c the coupons are very specific ...the rebate form is very nice not to have to send in upcs!! woohoo!

Frugal Friend said...

Thanks for the heads-up. These will also make great Toys-For-Tots presents if you don't have a preschooler. I linked your post to my blog too.

Sophie said...

does TRU accept competitors coupons??

CouponClary said...

Just got back and scored 7 games for $29.61(-$10 gift card-$14 rebate) makes them approximately 80 cents per game!

Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...


The $10 Gift Card for the purchase of $25 of Hasbro games can be used 6 hours after your purchase. Amy

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...if it's only one rebate per household & you must include your original do you get the rebate on all of the games??? I'd love to know because I really want to take advantage of this deal!!!

Casey and Kimberly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terry said...

They have the rebate form in the store hanging by the games, it lists all the games and how much your rebate will be ($2 or $3) - you check off which games you bought and fill out the one form, send in along with original receipt. When you check out, the cashier will give you your $10 gift card. I was also able to get a really cute and big stuffed dog for $4.99 as I spent over $50.

Terry said...

That was a little confusing - toys r us had a bin with big, stuffed bears and dogs (I thought the dog was cuter) - they are only $4.99 each if you spend $50 or more. I dont know if its a great deal - but the guesstures (sp?) game is on sale for $19.99 and there is a $5 off coupon for it (hasbro family game night) - I havent played it in a long time, but I think its pretty fun!

Ashley said...

all of the cutie games are included in the $10 gift card deal! It was pretty clear at my Toys R Us. I got 4 of the games that were 3.99 one that was 9.99 total was $25.95. I got the $10 gift card back and will submit for 4 $2 and 1 $3 rebate! Same total as original post. After everything my 5 games will have cost $.99 each! awesome!

Anonymous said...

On Tuesday you can also do this deal.

Monsters Inc BluRay 34.99
Up Bluray 24.99 with free Doug Stuffed Animal
Ans in the Pants
Don't Break the Ice
Don't Spill the Beans
Hi Ho! Cherry-O
Chutes & Ladders which is 27.93
Use the $8 Monsters Coupon and there should be a $10 Up Coupon released on Tuesday
The OOP is kind of high...69.91
But then you get 3 $10 coupons (1 for $40 of Disney movies, 1 with the coupon of a purchase over $75, and one for the games) and a $5 one for Monsters, and then submit for $14 of rebates. Making the final cost come down to 20.91 for 2 blu rays, a stuff animal and 7 games.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from TRU. I got 7 games for a total of $27.93 (I got all the $3.99 games). I had a $10 gift card (I got from purchasing $75+ last week with the coupon from the Big Book). I paid $19.01. I also filled out the rebate and will get back $16. So $3.01/7 games, or 43¢/game. Awesome! (**I got a Disney Princess Chutes & Ladders which is not part of the rebate. The rebate has all the games that you can get money back for and you just check the ones you bought. Also, if you say, bought 5 Candylands, you would only get a rebate for 1 game.)

The coupon for the $10 gift card in the flyer is if you spend $75+.


Anonymous said...

Oh...I also forgot to mention --- On the Hi Ho Cherry games, there was a $2 peelie!! This would be an amazing deal if you just bought that game. Give the peelie in the beginning of the transaction because once they scan the promotional gift card, the manager has to come and give you the cash back.

Scenario -
7 Hi Ho games = $27.93

- $10 gift card
- 7 $2 peelies
- $2 rebate
TOTAL - $1.93 or 27¢/game!!!

Anonymous said...

I posted Anon 6:55 - Math mistake!!

$12 rebate, not $16!! Oops!! It's late...LOL. So...$7.01 for 7 games, or $1.00/game. Still good!

Anonymous said...

if i buy 3 connect 4 games will i get the rebate for just one or will i get 3 $3 rebate for it being in the same transaction? are they on sale all week or just this past week. Thank you

Jennifer said...

I went to Toys R Us today and found 7 games for $3.99 each. My total was $27.93 minus $10 gift card = $17.93 minus $14 in rebates = $3.93 minus a $2 peelie coupon on Hi Ho! Cherry-O = $1.93. So I'm figuring after all is said and done it will cost me 28 cents plus tax for each game. I was pretty excited!!! I have been able to get tons of inexpensive Christmas gifts for my 3 yr old daughter this year. Thank you for the great tips on this site!

bfam said...

Does anyone know the TRU policy on $5 off $25 coupons? For example, I want to purchase a Lego set for $24.99. Will the coupon work, or will I have to add in a filler item?

Cydne said...

You can combine the Hasbro game deal with the $10 gift card with $75 purchase.
The $25 & $75 are calculated BEFORE manufacturer's coupons!
All Hasbro games will trigger the gift card, but not all can get a rebate.
All the games with a rebate are listed on the same form, so you can get one rebate per game per household.

I gave them My TRU gift card coupon for spending $75 first, then my MCs and so my total actually ended up less than $75, but it still triggered the gift card. ($20 - $10 for games & $10 for $75).

Today I am combining the "spend $40 on Disney DVD's," the Hasbro game deal, and the $10 gift card with $75 purchase deal, so I will get $30 back. Also I can use my $20 from yesterday to pay for today's purchase.

And as previously mentioned, you can get a large stuffed dog for $5 if you spend over $50.
And if you get the "Up" blue ray package, you can get a stuffed "Doug Dog" for free.

Anonymous said...

we get 10% off for family discount!

Anonymous said...

I went in today and had a hecka problem with them I am so frustrated I ended up with 7 games for 42 oop and 10 dollar gift card left over and 16 in rebates after 2deals not sure how good that is but I wanted to scream at the computer it kept messing up

Anonymous said...

Does this work for buying online?

Anonymous said...

Please help! where is the coupon for $10 GC when you buy $75 or more? Thank you

Inarosie said...

I went in today and got Scrabble, Candyland, Hi-ho cherry-0, memory, Don't spill the beans, Chutes and ladders. If you bought Scrabble or several other games, you could get a Family Game night trophy ($9.99 value) for free.
The games total $32, after taxes, but I had two $10 gift certs that my son had gotten as gifts and never used. I also qualified for $13 in rebates, not to mention that I got the $10 gc for purchasing today.
So that was 6 games and a family game night trophy, and made $11 off the deal.
Thanks for the heads up about the sale.