Sunday, November 8, 2009

Walgreens: $5 off $25 Coupon + Deal Scenario!

If your Walgreens ad didn't have the $5 off $25 coupon, then I have great news! You can now go on over here and print your very own $5 off $25 coupon! This coupon should make all the weekly deals that much sweeter! Remember, though, this coupon has to be used after all manufacturer coupons and Walgreens store coupons. (Thanks, Barbara!)

Here's a deal scenario:
Buy 3 boxes of Tylenol Cold 20-24 ct. $4.99 each=$14.97
Buy 1 box of Sudafed PE $5.99
Buy 2 100 ct Rolaids $4.99 each=$9.98
Buy Almay Pure Blends Foundation $9.99

Use three $2/1 Tylenol Cold coupons from here
Use one $2/1 Sudafed PE coupon from the 9/13RP
Or use the $2/1 Sudafed coupon from the ABC coupon booklet
Plus, use the $1/1 Tylenol Walgreens coupon from the Healthy Savings Booklet (Will deduct $3 since you're purchasing three)
Use the $4/2 Rolaids coupon from the 10/4SS

Total now=$25.93
Use the $5 off $25 coupon

Pay $20.93

...BUT then get back a $10 Register Reward for the Tylenol & Sudafed, a $5 Register Reward for the Rolaids and a $10 Register Reward for the Almay! Final cost all FREE + a $4 moneymaker!

...Then go use the $25 worth of Register Rewards to stock up on all the great deals Walgreens has on Baking supplies!

For more Walgreens Deals and Walgreens Coupons visit the new


Anonymous said...

does the subtotal have to be $25 after all your coupons are deducted?

Gina S. said...


Gina S. said...

Thanks for the deal! Will do this tonight.

Anonymous said...

thanks gina..i'm new to this. Just had my first walgreens trip last week :)

Couponing4myTacoma said...

ya know i'm not usually too big on these "$5 off $25" because i feel like it's not making a great deal if i have to buff up what I'm buying... BUT considering the Almay deals this week... I may have to figure this one out. We don't really need more meds right now though... no kids and we're stocked up on adult drugs... hmmm

I do need TP. :)

Anonymous said...

is the almay deal still going

Anonymous said...

I cannot get the Tylenol coupons to print. Anyone having this problem?

Couponing4myTacoma said...

Anon - yes, it's a monthly as far as I've heard. I was so excited because i can stock up all month! I so wish it was rolling that would be amazing!!!

Frugal Friend said...

for those who shop at Publix, you can use this coupon there too!

Thanks for the link!

Lauren said...

will the $5 off $25 work.. tylenol and rolaids are both mcneil..

I know they are for different amounts, but I want to make sure you still get both, even though they are the same manufacturer..

Lauren said...

the almay $10RR for the pure blends is all month.

as is the $5 for the eyeshadow, mascara or lipgloss.

however the bogo or bogo50% was last week only.

Lolo said...

My walgreens will take the $5 off $25 up front (before coupons) but the machine will kick out the discount if you total falls below $25 after Wags Q's only. So, if you can get your total to be $25 after wags q's and your cashier doesn't stop you, the coupon will work. I plan on doing the tylenol scenario with 3 lubriderm so my pre MQ and post wagQ total will be $26.93 but after MQ's and the $5/$25 my oop will be $7.93 (to be paid with previous RR) and I will get back $18 in RR ($10 for Tylenol and $8 for Lubriderm) so a money maker of $10.07!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried this yet? On my $5 of $25 coupon it says it can't be used in conjunction with any other walgreens coupons etc....I was thinking they wouldn't let me use it w/ other coupons.

Anonymous said...

Can you use the $5 off $25 to buy photos along with your other items?

Mercy said...

There were $1.00 on any one Rolaids (or Pepcid, Imodium, Mylanta or Lactaid) in the 10/4 RP as well.

moname said...

I just did this deal and I want to scream!!!!!!!!!! I hate my work Walgreens. I don't know why I go there. I got the Rolaids 5.29 at my store. I got the $10 RR and the $5 but not the $10 for the Tylenol. I got the manager over and he said it was because I used coupons. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to kick him in his privates! Now I have to deal with Catalina or go back in there and make the jerk return everything.


Bre T. said...

Wanted to share the deal I did this morning.

3 Neosporins (6.99) - $20.97 total
3 Tylenol (4.99) - $14.97 total
1 Sudafed - $5.99 total
1 Bayer Breeze Meter - $14.99 total
2 Trident Layers(1.49)- $2.98 total
1 Almay Pure Blend - $9.99

Total BEFORE COUPONS - $69.89

(3) .50 Neosporin -$1.50
(2) 2.00 Tylenol IP -$4.00
(1) 1.00 Tylenol insert -$1.00
(1) 2.00 Sudafed insert -$2.00
(1) FREE Bayer Meter insert -$14.99
(1) .75 Trident IP -$.75
(1) BOGO Trident insert -$1.49
$.99 Trident Bonus Coupon -$1.00
$2 Neosporin Coloring Book -$6.00
$3 Neosporin Bonus Coupon -$9.00
$1 Tylenol Healthy Savings -$3.00

Total Now: $25.16
Used 5/25 Wags Coupon

OOP: $20.16 + Tax = 23.94

Got back:
10 RR for Almay
10 RR for Tylenol/Sudafed
8 RR for Neosporin
5 RR for Bayer Meter
$10 MM
Plus submit for the $14.99 Bayer Meter Rebate

Total of $25 MM!!!!!!

Sharee Black said...

Can you still get the $5 off $25 if you use RRs? For example: after all my manf and walg coupons my total is $26.07. I would then get $5 off making it $21.07. Can I use some RR to pay the final amount or do you have to pay oop? Thanks!

moname said...

You can use RR to pay the balance.

Anonymous said...

my total was just over $23 after the $5/$25 coupon and then I used 2 $10 RR from last week so I only paid $3.02 for all of mine so yes you can use the RR after to pay for it! good luck what a great day at Walgreens!

esther said...

RR counts as manufacturer coupons, so you can't usee RRs to bring your total below $20 after using $5 off $25. so that $20 will be oop only.

Anonymous said...

My Wags took the $5 off $25 up front before my manufactor cps & wags cps. Plus the neosporin bonus cp states limit of 2 but mine rang up for all three so a saving of $9 instead of $6.

esther said...

I guess it really depends on your walgreens cashier. My store had my use all my coupons including RRs before using the 5 off 25. I hadn't been using the 5 off 25 coupon since last year because of this reason, I didn't want to pay oop of $20 or more to get RRs back!

cindy said...

Any one have a extra ABC saving book. email me if so. I would send you a prepaid env. THANKS in adavance.

Melissa P said...

My ABC Booklet expired on 8/31! When do your expire?