Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walgreens: FREE Travel Size Pantene + Profit!

Here's yet another great Walgreens Register Reward deal:.

Buy 2 travel size Pantene Pro-V products $1.19 each
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 10/11PG (does NOT exclude travel size products)
Pay $1.38
Get back a $2RR
Final cost 2 for FREE + a $0.62 moneymaker!

**This Register Reward deal is part of the buy 2 Herbal Essences, Pantene or Aussie products and get a $2RR.

(Thanks, Dana!)

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rbabe1 said...

I just did this! No beeps and $2RR spits out. :)

Couponing4myTacoma said...


Anonymous said...

10/25 RP Suave $1 off 2. They are on sale at Walgreens for $1. So 2 for $1

Anonymous said...

I did this today, and didn't work for me!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am going to add this to tomorrow's Walgreens trip now.

(Walgreens is so awesome this week, that I've been there every day.)

Awesome, thanks!!!

April said...

my coupon says excludes trial you think its regional?

rbabe1 said...


There are two Pantene coupons. One excludes trial sizes and one doesn't.

- 10/11 P&G coupon doesn't exclude and won't beep.

- 11/2 P&G excludes trial sizes.


April said...

Thanks..of course I looked at the wrong one!

Holly said...

This is great, I needed the travel size. I am headed out of town next week and prefer to not pack it under the plane.

Anonymous said...

I really need to start getting the sunday paper!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen travel size at Walgreens. Is there a special section?

Amber said...

I know this is totally off subject, but does anyone know how to get the 30% off Gap Friends and Family coupons that are good 11/12. If so, please email me.

Anonymous said...

Yay! It worked for me!

Also, I bought the Aveeno buy 3 products and get the 9.99 Travel Kit for free. When I came home, the travel kit had a 2.00 off coupon inside for another Aveeno product.

I had done this offer twice and I have another $2 coupon from a previous print out, so I will get to do this offer again.
My transaction looked like this:
Aveeno shaving gel: $3.59
Aveeno shaving gel: $3.59
Aveeno Body Wash: $4.86
Aveeno Travel Kit: $9.99
3 Hunts tomatoe sauce: $1 (with in add coupon)

TOTAL 23.03
Then I used 3 (2.00 off Aveeno coupons)
then 9.99 minus for the free kit
and a $1 off 3 hunts coupon
Bringing my total to $6.04

I paid with a $5RR and paid 1.04 plus tax and I got $2 RR for the pantene


Tara said...

The coupon doesn't specify size, but my Walgreen's ad did (8oz+) so I couldn't do this.

Anonymous said...

In response anonymous who did the aveeno deal, all my coupons state $2 off a positively radiant product. Where can you get the ones for shave cream and body wash?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:55

The Body Wash was a Positively Radiant (it is actually a body wash scrub) It says "NEW" on I don't know how new it is. I don't think the shave gel was positively radiant though. I had one coupon that was 1.00 any Aveeno product that I got from a freebie in the mail awhile back.

So you could use your $2.00 off coupons for the body scrub/wash if it says Positively radiant. And they actually have quite a few positively radiant products in different sections: ie the lotion section, the shave gel section, and the body wash section as well as the hair section too.
However...there are 2.00 coupons in the travel kits too.

Anonymous said... point was that in all the sections, there is quite a bit of their "Positively Radiant" sub-brand that are price from 3.59 to 5.56 so only 1.59 to 3.56 after the coupon is used. If you by 3 of them, you get the free travel kit. I had to ask the beauty rep where the kits were, because I didn't see them by any of the Aveeno products. It was in the hair isle on the top shelf.

Hope this helps.

Linda said...

Off the subject, but need help.
Today Walgreens wouldn't accept my Manufacturers coupons for the Campbells Select soups because it was generated at Albertson's and had their logo on it.
I was under the assumption that a Manufacturer coupon is just that and can be used nearly anywhere.
I've had Safeway accept Albertsons before??? Any way to convice this store mgr?

mrs. b said...

Pantene deal worked for me today! Awesome, thanks hip!!

Anonymous said...

I am really starting to see how this all works. :) The other day I was in Wags and used two coupons on Lubriderm and my final cost was less than .80 for that name brand that easily costs way more than that anywhere else. If I can offer any advice here it is this: if you are unsure that the cashier has taken off your coupons correctly, always speak up! Also, if they are telling you that you can only use one, for instance, the other day I was at Dollar Gen. and I had a $1.00 that Herbal Essences sent me, plus another for buy one get one styler free and the cashier initially wanted to just let me use one but then she said, 'do you want me to scan it anyway?' and of course I said 'yes.' :) It took it and I told her (to reassure her really also) that the reg. would beep if it were not right. I know the nature of how this turns out depends on the cashier too, etc. But JUST SAYING (wink-wink) that to be persistent and try and follow-through on your usage of how you know you can use coupons, etc. Try it anyway, and what is the worst that can happen? Lately, I have found that most of these workers are happy for me and tell me with a smile how much I saved. Only one has asked 'where I got these coupons at?' Have a good one. :)

Heidi said...

Did anyone do this whose walgreens paper specified 8 ounces or bigger? I've been burned at Walgreens way too many times to mention lately....