Thursday, December 3, 2009

American Eagle: 20% off Coupon + More Deals!

American Eagle is offering up a new 20% off coupon code: 95877752 . This can be used to take 20% off your entire purchase--including clearance and sale items! Yay! Plus, all tops are on a buy one get one 50% off sale! And finally, if you purchase any AE Gift Guide Styles item you'll score FREE shipping!

Here's a deal scenario:
  • Purchase this AE Black Vintage Bracelet $11.95 (Click on the under $25 women's gift category and you should see the bracelet)--this will get you FREE shipping since it's part of the AE Gift Guide Styles line!
  • Purchase 2 adorable $29.95 sweaters. These qualify for the buy one get one 50% off sale.
  • At checkout apply discount code 95877752 and your total will come to just $45.50 with FREE shipping! Not a bad deal for 2 sweaters that retails for $40 each and a cute bracelet!
Keep in mind they also have lots of clearance items available--with discounts up to 60%! ...And if you spend $100 or more you can score FREE shipping too!

Also, remember to go thru Ebates! You'll get a $5 sign up bonus if you're a new member and 3% Cash back from your American Eagle purchases! Just go on over here and login or register, then in the store drop down menu find American Eagle.


Megan said...

Thanks Collin, I love American Eagle! If you need an Ebates referral, feel free to use me.

charlie54933 said...

I loved the deal awhile ago, there were t-shirts clearanced to $4 or something like that, and I got 2 XL t-shirts and 2 Large camis. I'm kind of a bigger girl and I was afraid they'd fit weird because the brand is geared toward the younger crowd (I'm 37)...anyway, they are AWESOME. My favorite shirts EVER. Thanks so much for posting this, I'm going to go find some more camis, especially, they're long so you can layer them, and they have adjustable straps to hike up the girls. :)

moneysaving4mom said...

Thanks Great deal

mom of two boys and a girl on the way! said...

Thanks Colin! Got 2 t-shirts and the bracelet (giving as a gift) for 21.00 shipped! Not bad for 3 gifts!

Anonymous said...

Grabbed it! Thanks Collin.

Anonymous said...

If any of you have an aerie store near you? its THURSDAY!! 1st of the month!!!!
get an A-list card and get your monthly free gift from them ( in store and in seperate aerie stores next to AE)
Last month it was a free $11.00 perfume and month before that it was a free 7.50 panty. Dont know what this month is but its always worth it AND FREE!!!

I think you can find out more about the a list on their site:D

charlie54933 said...

Ok I just ordered, and wanted to let you know there is a cami on the gift guide that qualifies for free shipping and it counts toward the BOGO 50%. I got 2 shirts and 2 camis for $30 and free shipping.

Jen Caputo said...

this sweater:

Is part of the free shipping too, no need to buy the bracelet!

2 sweaters for 35.94!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I got my BIL a very nice polo for Christmas for a little over $17 (taxes added), shipped!! Shipping was free on this also! :) Thanks so much...crossing off names on my Christmas list fast and cheaply thanks to Hip2Save!!

Anonymous said...

The Aerie gift guide works for free shipping too. Check out their items by price. Softie socks for $6.95 or Thong set for $9.95.

You can combine the Aerie/AE/77Kids orders together.

The Kids gift guide doesn't count for free ship but has some good deals. A cord skortie for $5, etc.Then the 20% off.

Anonymous said...

to Anon at 9:19

those "valued at" prices are inflated to make the freebie gift seem more valuable. Would you honestly pay $11 for the oz of perfume from November? It didn't even have a squirter or proper cap.

This month its a chocolate bar and the "value" is $9.50.

leah said...

how awesome! i just had 2 orders from ae and 77kids come to my doorstep today! lol! looks like another one is on its way! they are a great company and the clothes are quality! dont forget to use your all access pass for points! you can sign up online

Chrissy Saving a Bunch! said...

either way they are free!

leah said...

hey heres a good deal if you like stripes :)


=17.94 shipped

April said...

Several tops qualify for free shipping so the bracelet may not be necessary, depending on what you want to order.

I'm getting two hoodies on sale for $29.95. They qualify for free shipping so after BOGO and 20% discount it's about $35.92 for both!

Thanks so much! My DD's are going to be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

I received my order this week, just unpacked everything & found a bonus "$10 AE" money card! My 2 shirts ended up being $9.54! What a deal!