Sunday, December 6, 2009

Avon: Items Starting at $0.59 + FREE Shipping!

I'm lovin that Avon always seems to have new FREE shipping codes available! Currently, you can use this code FSANY to score FREE shipping on any order! They also have lots of cute stocking stuffer items discounted quite a bit here and lots of sale items available here.

Deal Highlights:

Winter Delights Lip Balm

Was $0.99, now ONLY $0.59!

Wish of Happiness Body Lotion

Was $8, now ONLY $1.99!

SpaFinder Revitalizing Gift Set

Was $14, now ONLY $3.99!

Kids' Floral Comfort Clogs

Was $9.99, now ONLY $3.99!
(limited sizes available)

...AND lots more!

To sweeten these deals further, don't forget to go through ShopAtHome! You'll get a $5 sign up bonus if you're a new member and 9% Cash back from your Avon purchases! Just go on over here and login or register, then in the search box type in Avon.


amy said...

I had to find an E-Representative before I could place my order. It was easy to find one and then the order went through!

Ashley said...

just an F.Y.I. I'm an avon rep. and on my personal website which is you can ALWAYS get FREE shipping on ANY size order using the code REPFS.

April said...

you have to find rep. on site in your area and if you order from their store you can use code FSANY for free Holiday shipping. You don't have to call anyone you can order online.

Anonymous said...

i order some items a few days ago with free shipping over $5.

Anonymous said...

if you always order online the rep doesn't have to be in your area... when ordering online make sure you click on direct delivery for it to come to your door.

Anonymous said...

No E-Representative? Use SPREE2009 for a purchase over $5.

Michele said...

I am an Avon rep and have a personal website that anyone can use even if you are not in my area. Just go to Let me be you E-Representative! I would appreciate any orders and they can be shipped directly to you. Easy ordering without having to contact a rep directly.

Valerie Hurwitz said...

I am a new Avon Rep. and would be so happy if you would place your orders through
Avon is a secure site and has lots of great deals! Happy Shopping!

A.Marie said...

The code SPREE2009 worked great! I ordered over $5.00 and got free shipping! Thanks to Anonymous who posted that! :)

Thanks Hip to Save for posting this Avon deal!

Elaine said...

Anyone could order from me too! I'd appreciate any business!:)

Brianne said...
and you can use the FSANY code just about anytime you place an order online. If you decide to shop I would appreciate your business on my website.

Thanks and Happy Shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

My Avon rep sends me little gifts as a thanks for my business! and I always use the fsany code for free shipping, though when I registered for her mailing list, I started to get other coupons sent to me in my email.

Anonymous said...

free shipping only if you have an erepresentative

kathie said...

I'm an Avon E-representative too :

I'm new and looking for new customers :) I would love to have your business!

Anonymous said...

My name is Jodi and I'm an Avon rep too if anyone needs one.

My online website is You can always use FSANY for free shipping on any size order. There are lots of great bargains to be found by checking out both the regular brochure and the outlet!

Thanks for checking my website out! :)

Anonymous said...

I did the the code that you have for free shipping, but it is only good if you have a E- representitive phone number.

Jaden Paige said...

Hey everyone!

I am a little late on this one as I was away this weekend, but just in case: I am an AVON rep and would really appreciate if any of you wanted to use my info at checkout! My name is Jaden Brulotte and my phone number is 603-438-8133

You can also shop right through my personal avon rep website if that makes it easier for you:

Thanks in advance, and happy shopping! :D

Anonymous said...

She asked what deals you snagged not come advertise your Avon site for free! SHEESH