Sunday, December 6, 2009

Barnes & Noble: Lots of New Printable Coupons--Including a Buy one get one FREE Latte Coupon!

Barnes & Noble just released some fantastic Members only coupons! Go here to access all of them. They are all valid through 1/24/2010, so you'll have plenty of time to make use of them!

Coupon Highlights:
FREE Tall Caffe Latte with purchase of another one
$5 off one music CD (priced at $10 or more)
$5 off the purchase of $50 or more



Rochelle said...

Awesome! My hubby and I love to peruse through B&N on date night, and to get BOGO lattes will make the night even better! :)

sara said...

i <3 borders so much better. barnes and nobles makes you pay to be a member! :( booooooo. lol but thanks for the coupons. this ones closer to me then my borders and my kids are always in need of a book and sometimes i just dont feel like driving a half hour. i think my sistr has a card? hmm...

Mommy Kennedy said...

Wonderful! Thanks. I just linked back to this post from my "Cool Coupons" page:)