Sunday, December 6, 2009

CVS Deals for the Month of December!

Somehow I must have spaced posting the CVS Monthly deals for December, so here they are! Better late than never, right?

Buy 3 Nestea Iced Tea or Dasani Water bottles=$1Ecb (limit 5)

Anyone know the regular cost of these and/or any manufacturer coupons available?

Promax Energy Bars
2/$3 with Clip Free Coupon
(will be discounted automatically at checkout)
Use the bogo coupon from here (use zip code 15239)
Final cost $0.75 per bar!

Welch's Sparkling Juice
2/$6 with Clip Free coupon
(will be discounted automatically at checkout)
Use the $1.50/1 coupons from the 11/15SS
(value may be lower depending on where you live)
Final cost as low as $1.50 each!

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution $9.99=$9.99Ecb (limit 1)
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 10/25RP
Final cost FREE + $1 in overage!

Neosporin Lip Health $5.49
$2.50/1 CVS Clip Free coupon
(will come off automatically at checkout)
Plus, use the $3/1 coupon(NOT available anymore)
Final cost FREE!

Bayer Breeze2 Meter
$40/1 CVS Clip Free Coupon
Use the $30/1 coupon from the 10/25RP
(will have to be adjusted down to the value of the item)
Final cost FREE!

For more CVS Deals and CVS Coupons visit the new


Ashley said...

Are the promax energy bars good?

Anonymous said...

Wow good thing I printed those Neosporin Lip Health coupons yesterday. I have not tried the promax bars but I too am curious to know if they are any good.

Anonymous said...

Will the coupon for the lip health give overage?

K said...

I tried the neosporin deal this morning and didn't get overage, but the coupon and the cvs clip free worked without any problems:)

The only issue I had at checkout was using an e-gift card. They kept trying to tell me that I had to spend $25 or I couldn't use them. Once they actually started reading the words instead of just trying to scan the paper things got much easier.

Mrs.Litz said...

Anon 2:32PM:

It depends on your cashier. I got two and the second coupon beeped since it was over the amount, my favorite cashier just pushed it through. :) I know others that wouldn't have though.

Anonymous said...

The deals weren't there this week at my CVS, but my daughter used my RR's to buy a $7 Walking Dog. You pull it's tail and it walks. It's one of those tiny body, big head things about 4" tall. It's a good substitute if you are waiting until after Christmas for a Zouh-Zouh, pet. It only zips across the floor, but it kept her and the dog entertained all evening.

Anonymous said...

While checking out the "Purchase $15 of Energizer and receive $5 EBC" I found in the bottom back of the display recharger packs a $5 mail in rebate attached to the package. Item was $27, minus $4 off of @40 minus $5 mail in rebate I got a 4 pack recharger with batteries for about $18!

Barb said...

I've had a lot of problems using the e-giftcards too. None of the cashiers I've had has ever seen them although no one has said I had to use the full amount. I explain that if you just follow the instructions below, it will work just fine and it has so far (twice). It's just frustrating that it takes 10 minutes every time to ask every cashier & manager instead of just using the instructions printed on the e-giftcard as I suggested. As a final note, I have been writing my remaining balance on the paper e-card just so I know the balance since I purchased 2-$25 cards and then received the extra $10 in a separate e-card.