Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Family Dollar: Nabisco Crackers $0.50 + More!

Family Dollar has some great deals available this week! First, in their weekly ad, there is a $5 off $25 coupon. Remember, this coupon can be used before any manufacturer coupons to save even more!

Also, Ritz, Wheat thins, Triscuits (9.5 - 12 oz) are on sale for just $1.50 per box--which is already a sweet deal! Plus, you can use the $1/1 coupon from the 11/8SS to score each box of crackers for just $0.50!

Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats (2.1 oz) are also on sale for just $1.50! Use the $2/2 coupon from the 11/15SS to score $0.50 cat treats!

**Make sure to check out the rest of the Family Dollar deals over at Couponers United!

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Heather W said...

Thanks! Don't forget the Jingle in your pocket rebate also!!

Frugal Burb Chick said...

Thanks for sharing!! The Nabisco deal is even better if you do the "Jingle you Holiday" rebates!! Love that they did one for December-Jan too!!

Laura said...

I did this last night @ Wal-Mart since they price match...

2 boxes triscuits
4 boxes wheat thins
4 boxes ritz
$15.00 + Tax
-10 x $1.00 off
$5.00 + Tax

And I had it separate from my other purchases so I could send just that part of my shopping in for the jingle rebate... score!

$5 MoneyMaker

sjfabian said...

am I correct to assume
17 boxes x 1.50 $25.0 - $5 - $17 in coupons would be $3.50 for 17 boxes?

Anonymous said...

I did the "Jingle" rebate last month (10 purchases by Nov. 30 for $10 back). Can I do the new one also with purchases 12/1/09 thru 1/31/10? It looks like the same rebate only with purchases during a different time period. Just wondering as rebate form indicates one per family. Thoughts?

Carrie said...

Iasked the manager at Family Dollar about using the $5.00 off coupon before any other coupons are used, and he said they do their $5.00 off last. Just like Walgreens. The total had to equal $25.00 after coupons before I could use it. Are they all like this?

Anonymous said...

Nabisco has a 10$ rebate off 10 products heres the link,
then click need a little jingle, will give you a 1$ and 10$ rebate! - jan

Dawn said...

If anyone has any of the Surf coupons left and the store does allow you to use the $5 off before other coupons then this would be a great deal. Buy 5 surf boxes @ $5 each, total $25-$5 ad cpn, minus 5 of the $3cpn's...equals a $1 a box plus any sales tax. I'm going to try this later.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I went to Family Dollar and the lady said "we do not take internet coupons!" are they all like this? I wasn't trying to use nabisco, but a kleenex one and when it scanned she got a beep and said "no, i told you!"...i went to dollar general and they took it!

Rubin'sWife_1977 said...

The Family Dollar store in my area, said that whatever stores are involved franchise wise are not aloud to accept the internet coupons for anything. So if you have to print your coupon, you may want to ask before you try to buy it.

sjfabian said...

My closest one wouldn't accept IP so I had to drive an additional 20 minutes to one that did. Also i did nor have the $5 off q because that came in a mailer I don't get. So to make the trouble worth it. 4 transactions 10 boxes each I had only 6 $1/1. But 17 $1/2. For after 4 mail in rebates to relatives I scored 40 boxes at a $3 profit. Thank good ness we have free breakstome sour cream from last week to make lots of dip!!!! Lol