Sunday, June 8, 2008

Current Walgreen's Register Reward Deals!

Current Monthly Register Reward Deals
(I will continually update this post with new Register Reward Finds)

These are all valid 4/26-5/30, unless otherwise noted.

Purchase 2 Nabisco cookies and 1 gallon milk=$3RR
Chips Ahoy Easy Open Bag 15.25 oz
Oreos 18 oz
Oreo Cakesters 12 oz
Nilla Wafers 12 oz
Lorna Doone 10 oz
Fig Newtons 16 oz
valid 4/26-6/27

Post Honey Bunches of Oats or Shredded Wheat cereal (10 oz or larger)
Buy 3=$2RR
Buy 4=$3RR
Buy 5=$5RR
Valid 4/24-5/17

Buy any 2 Degree=$2RR
Degree Fine Fragrance 2.6 oz. or 3 oz. mist
Absolute Protection 2.7 oz.

Bayer Breeze2 or Contour Meter=$5RR

Buy 2 Wrigley's 3-pack =$1RR

Buy 2 Visine-A Allergy Sets (.5 oz)=$3RR

Buy 1 Advil Tablets or Caplets (100 ct.) or Liquid-gels (80 ct.)=$3RR

Buy 1 Oral B Pulsonic Power or Procare Plaque Remover Toothbrush=$10RR

Buy 2 Dove Chocolates=$1RR
Choc Rose .75 oz
Thank you Box 4.5 oz
Milk Chocolate Mini 9.5 oz
Dove w/ Almonds 4.5 oz

Buy 1 Lotrimin product=$2RR

Buy 1 Nivea Sunkissed Leg Moisturizer (6.7 oz.) or My Silhouette Lotion (7 oz.)=$2RR

Buy 1 Mars=$1RR
Gummiburst 6 oz
Twix 100 cal 7-pk .72 oz
M&M Milk Chocolate 100 cal 7 pack 8 oz

Buy select M&M's products=$1RR
Premium Raspberry
Chocolate Almond, Mint or Triple Mocha, 6 oz.
Skittles 7.2 oz.

Bayer quick release crystals (4 pk)=$2.50RR

Buy $10 in participating Band-aids, Benadryl or Neosporin products=$4RR

(Thanks, SlickDeals for the help in compiling this!)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new "Store Specific Coupons & Info" option for the RR at Walgreens! Bomb "hidden" deals! So helpful! Thanks!

Hip2Save said...

Im so glad you find it helpful! I was hoping someone would!:)

Coupon-Girl said...

I had an oh-duh moment yesterday that I thought I would share. I was taking advantage of the RR on the cereal for the second time this week however I used my RR from my last purchase to pay down my bill and what happened, no new RR printed. It was a silly mistake. If you are going to take advantage of an offer more than once make certain you don't submit the previous RR when checking out. I hope this helps someone not to make the same mistake I did!

Hip2Save said...

I have made that same mistake soooooo many times!

Amy said...

Is there a place on the Walgreen's website where you can find the RR? My store told me they didn't know about the St. Ives or the Pepsi and I lost out on $15 in RR!

Hip2Save said...

First off Walgreen's employees can be pretty clueless about their own Walgreen's RR promotions and coupon policies, so Next time this happens and they wont give you an RR, then do this-Call the Catalina company (they are in charge of all catalina type promotions including Register Rewards)1-888-8COUPON, have your receipt in hand and tell them the details of what happened. If you bought the correct items they will know and issue you a new RR in the mail. It will take a couple weeks to arrive but its better then not getting one at all.

Hope that helps!:)

Amy said...

Thanks. I just called and they are sending out the $15 RR. It'll take 5-6 weeks for them to get here but that's better than nothing!

Thanks again!

Jen said...

ok, this is great!

what would be even better would be to maybe label each one that you CAN'T use to rollover on.

great work!


DESJ and Company said...

Which Sunsilk items are they?
I'm going to do it tomorrow.

Hip2Save said...

I just posted a comment for you on the Sunsilk clearance post. I dont want you to miss it, though, so here is what I wrote-

I wish I could tell you which ones do for sure but I honestly dont really know. In the ad it shows Sunsilk Shampoo or Conditioner, 7 or 12 oz in pink and purple bottles, so I know those will work. I have also gotten the RR when purchasing the silver cans of Hairspray and the green styling products. I know it does NOT work on the Yellow products.

Hope some of this helps!

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions about RR that hopefully someone can answer. I'm new to shopping at Wags and I just got a RR for the Gillette Gamer razor. The fine print says that it isn't valid on P&G products. I'm planning on redeeming the RR on an upcoming purchase on P&G items that are on sale but do not generate any RR. Is this going to work? Or does it really mean not valid on ANY P&G products.

Hip2Save said...

Yes, it will work! Like you said, though, don't use it for another P&G RR deal. However, you should be fine purchasing other P&G products that are on sale and using the RR.

Anonymous said...

I did the Dove deodrant and nothing printed... Do you have any suggestions? Is there certain scents that you are to buy?

Hip2Save said...

This should be called, "The Dove Mystery". I too tryed the Dove Deodorant and it didn't work for me either. I'm guessing and I've also heard that it's just for the Dove lotions and Body Washes. I'm not positive, though.

Anonymous said...

Well I called Catalina and they told me that there isn't anything in the system reguarding Dove until 3-1. I am not going to go through the hassle of returning and hoping to get my coupons back but I will buy more during the WHOLE month of March. They will be covered under the buy 8 get $10RR from Catalina's mouth themselves!

Anonymous said...

please tell me what RR they instantly take off?

Hip2Save said...

Register rewards are store coupons that print out of a catalina machine next to the registers in all Walgreen's stores. The values vary depending upon the promotions going on at the time. Basically you save them to use like cash on your next purchase. For example if you have a $5 Register Reward and you purchase $6.75 worth of products the RR(register reward) will bring your total down to $1.75!

Hope that answers your question!:)

Anonymous said...

Is there a master list of RR from Catalina or Wag's that I can print & take with me to the store? I didn't get the Nature Valley buy 5/Get $3.50 last month and when I told the clerk she asked me to show her in the ad where it said that. It wasn't in the ad, but I've seen pictures of the RR online with with other readers purchases. I will call Catalina, but I would feel a little more empowered if I had it in hand...

Hip2Save said...

I wish I could tell you there was one, but at this time there is not any official Walgreens RR master list. The only thing you can do at this time (like you said) is call catalina and have them send you a new one.

WiJoyMom said...

Lela, I too was going to do the nature valley bars...but it ended on the 22nd of Feb., so depending on when you purchased maybe able to get the register reward by calling Catalina. If you have your store receipt handy that would be helpful when you call.

LarsMn said...

The Dove coupon says a limit of 3. Will it still take off the .60 per bar?


Anonymous said...

Okay, I called Catalina & yes Nature Valley promo ended 2/22 and I shopped on 2/25. I asked him about any master list and he told me they don't produce one because it would be "too cumbersome" a list to produce and update. (I bet there are several of us who could do it, but that's a whole other story.) ;)

Hip2Save said...


Using one in ad coupon WILL deduct .60 off all 8 of them, making each one .99. However, the cashier you get may limit you to 3 at the .99 price. Maybe I've been lucky, but I have never had a cashier do this.

If they do, though, the deal will still be pretty great:

Buy 3 for .99
Buy 5 for $1.59
Plus get back a $10RR
Final cost 8 bars for ONLY .92!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any extra coupons from the walgreens coloring book?? My stores don't even know what I am talking about.
PLease email me @

pepper said...

Please remember that RR expire quicker than most regular manufacturing coupons.

Even if there is a limit on the coupon, the coupon value will be applied to all appropriate items BUT Walgreens does retain the right to enforce the limit. It may be enforced to avoid an outage and frustrate other customers.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the Bayer GLucose Deal...I did it twice the week before last. I saw that you had it posted as a monthly deal so I went in to get more. All the signs were I had them scan it anyway-it rang up over $70!! I will try again tomorrow and see. I am so bummed because CVS drives me crazy with their 2 limit!!