Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fill forms FAST!

We've had a few people complain about how annoying it gets filling out forms to get printable coupons or free samples. A simple solution that we've been use is Roboform. You just fill in your information, and it automatically fills forms for you. It is fantastic, and a huge time saver! We would recommend it to anyone! We just got the free trial and have not upgraded or had to pay any money out of pocket. Just click here and click on start free trial (It is under where it says Get Roboform Pro in green).


Anonymous said...

Glad that you mentioned Roboform. I recently started using password manager myself and it is called cutepasswordmanager. The website says that it is free and I am enjoying the free version so far. Hopefully it stays free for ever. Here is the link if you want to try it out.

Anonymous said...

great job..i had and still do have a binder but i really found it to be impractical for me with my toddler in tow, so i came up with a "simpler" version, i bought a "business" card roledex at office depot during their current red tag clearance event for $ is size of a ladies wallet..the slits were on the inner side which made it difficult to "load" them with coupons so i snipped off th edges to make the pockets accessible from both sides, so now i read all the weekly deals.."plan my "attack", load up my weapons(coupons),get me the "loot"! and its so far worked for me..:)

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the Google toolbar, which in the options has a "form filler", this works great for filling in these forms and its free too.