Monday, July 14, 2008

FREE Movie Rentals!

Who doesn't love movies... especially when they're free!

RedBox is a big red vending type machine found in most McDonald's and popping up in grocery stores all around the country. You just use a touch screen, click on a new release of your choice, swipe your credit card, and your movie slides on out! Their regular rental price is $1 per night. Not bad when you compare it to other rental locations like Blockbuster.

What we love the most about RedBox is that we hardly ever pay any money out of pocket! How is that possible you ask?!?

The first way to get free rentals is by signing up here. You will get promotional email alerts with free codes. If you add your cell phone number too, you will get a text every Monday with free codes that can be used on that day. Even better if you check out this site you can potentially get FREE movies all week long! They update there database everyday with new free RedBox codes.

All you need now is a big carton of popcorn and some candy to go with it!


jazzib said...

i ran across your blog yesterday and it is the first blog i've ever felt the need to subscribe to!

thank you so much for all the wonderful information & your work at putting it together.. it's truly an amazing resource for all of us looking to save.

Hip2Save said...

Thank you so much for the great feedback! You brought a smile to my face!:)

Anonymous said...

How does the Redbox code work? I tried to reserve a movie on line and there is no place to enter a code.

Hip2Save said...

That's the one downside of reserving movies online... you will not be able to use a free code. At this time they only offer free codes if you rent a movie at a Redbox location.

Jennie said...

I signed up our whole family for the e-mails... 5 different e-mails. All of us got the same "welcome" code for a free rental. But, as long as you use a different credit/debit card each time, you can use the same code! Add the welcome codes to the other codes they e-mail, and the free Wednesday rental code... We're set! We've rented 10 movies during the past 2 weeks, and not paid for one!

BReschke said...

THe Code DVDONME also works on each credit card you use! Try it! I always pass on the codes when im waiting in line.

janarie8 said...

Hi: We've been on board for about 3 months now thanks too 2 of our daughters in Richmond, Va, we live in Ventura, Ca and we love you blog. The day just isn't complete w/o our fix from your posts. Thanks so very much for all of your hard work and your willingness to give credit where credit is due to the other sites. Blessings Jan and Marie Niehouse

Damien said...

Is there a maximum amount of free movies you can get in a week?

Because I got 2 free movies (1 using "BREAKROOM" and the other using "DVDONME," and then later on in the week tried to use some random codes that I had found ("kndn4d6"/ "tr3whv3"), and I got a message saying that the code had already been used. It let me use the codes at the screen and came up with the promo and everything and took me all the way until the credit card swipe and entry of zipcode when it said I had already used the code. The only codes I have used so far are breakroom and dvdonme, so I certainly had not used these codes already.

The only explanation I can come up with is that you can only get 2 free DVDs in a given week... is this correct?

Anonymous said...

Redbox is now issuing unique promo codes that can only be used once, meaning no more sharing of codes =(