Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another round of Kmart Super Doubles...

Here is a list of all the great freebies I scored today-
  • 4 L'oreal eye shadows $3.99 each-Used $2 coupon from 10/5RP=FREE

  • 4 Sally Hansen Nail polish $2.49 each-Use $1 coupon from Kmart beauty book=.49 each

  • 2 Olay Body Age Transform defense serum on clearance for $2.50 each-Use $2 off coupon from 11/30PG=FREE

  • 1 Vaseline Mens lotion $2.99-Used $1.50 coupon from 10/26RP=FREE

  • 4 Kotex 22ct Pantyliners $1.29 each-Use .75 coupon from 11/9SS=FREE

  • 4 L'oreal Kids Shampoos $2.49 each-Used $1 coupon from 9/21SS=.49 each

  • 4 Dove Shampoos & conditioners $3.79 each-Used $2 coupon from 10/12RP=FREE

  • 4 Tylenol Rapid Release Gels (smallest box) $4.79-Used $2 coupon from 11/9 and 9/14RP=.79 each
  • 2 Tums Smoothies $1.89 each-Used $1 coupon from 11/16SS=FREE

  • 2 John Frieda Sheer blonde haircare products $2.74 each-Used $1 coupon from 10/12SS=.74 each

  • 2 Pert Plus $3.49 each-Use $2 coupon from 10/19SS=FREE

  • 1 Soft Scrub $2.79-Used $1 coupon=.79 each

  • 1 2000 Flushes $2.99-Used $1 coupon from 9/28SS=.99

  • 8 Glade 9oz aerosol sprays .96 each-Used 4 $1/2 coupons from 11/2SS (make sure the cashier touches 2 items on her screen per coupon used)=FREE

  • 4 Glade Holiday candle holders (NO candles in them) $2.99 each-Used $2 coupon found inside the package=FREE

  • 4 Kellogg's cereals on sale 4/$10-Used $1 coupon from 11/9RP=.50 per box

  • 2 bags of Marshmallows $1-Used $1 peelie coupon found on the cereal boxes above (It states buy Rice Krispies and get $1 off Marshmallows). They did beep and had to be pushed through!=FREE

I also used the $5 off $50 Kmart coupon which I gave to the cashier first!

So for all of the above... drum roll... I spent $7.43+tax!

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barbaraence said...

Where does one get a Kmart beauty book? I want one!

Hip2Save said...

Look for the Kmart beauty book at Kmart (why of course!). It says Beauty Book at the top and has a girls face on the cover. I found mine right by the customer service desk as well as by the pharmacy area. I have also heard that people are finding them in the cosmetics and jewelry section too!

Anonymous said...

How many weekly inserts do you get?

Hip2Save said...

If the weekly inserts are filled with tons of great high value coupons then I will sometimes get up to 20 papers!:) On the other hand if they are really slim with not so many good coupons I will only get 2-5.

When a fantastic deal comes along on a specific product or products its always nice knowing that you have enough coupons to purchase more than one!