Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Save $3 on ANY Disney DVD!

Another great coupon find-Get $3 off ANY Disney or Blu-Ray disc.
I don't know whats going on with printable coupons but I like it! I was able to print this one 10 times! Hurry and print yours!

Look for Disney movies on sale or clearance! I know Walmart always has a huge bin of DVDs priced around $5.
More inexpensive Christmas presents for my kiddos!:-)


barbaraence said...

I'm having trouble printing this. I usually don't have trouble printing coupons through the "coupon printer", but I'm not sure why. Any one else encounter problems? Any suggestions?

Hip2Save said...

I have heard that some people encounter several errors if American Online is their internet service provider. Sometimes I have trouble printing coupons with Internet explorer. If this happens I will use FireFox and for some reason that seems to do the trick. If your still having problems you can also have the coupon mailed to you.

barbaraence said...

How do I go about having the coupon mailed to me? That is awesome.
My usual is Firefox, but I'll try IE, maybe things are a little backwards at our place :)

Hip2Save said...

Actually I was wrong about getting this specific coupon mailed to you. This is what it states-
Some of our clients have chosen to offer postal mailing of coupons. If the coupon you are trying to print has this option, you would have been presented with a form to enter your postal address. If you did not see this option, we are not able to send the coupon to you via postal or electronic mail.

Most coupons have the option of letting you do that if your having trouble printing their coupon.