Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kmart is Doubling up to $3!!!!

Wowza, Kmart is at it once again!

They will start doubling coupons up to $3 in some locations from January 18-24! Check your weekly ad here to see if your one of the lucky ones... and let me know!

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Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

I don't see $3, so where is your source for this info?

Hip2Save said...

My mom emailed me the info this morning. Its only in select places, though. If you look up JAMESTOWN, NY 14701 you will see the $3 Doubles advertised!

Shanna Barnhisel said...

Doubling up to $2 is still really great! Yeah, thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

It is $3 in Chillicothe, OH. It is a SuperK and they get more of the doubles than anyone else around here.

Maria said...

I now see the Cambridge Ohio is having the $2 for four days this week so maybe they will have the $3 for four days next week. That may be worth the trip for me, but last time $2 wasn't.

How exciting for those of you that have great prices and service at your Kmart!

Anonymous said...

I just called my K-Mart (St. Clairsville, Ohio) and asked them. They said that you just have to tell your cashier. It's not advertised, but if you mention it, then they'll double up to $2. Can't beat that! A friend of mine just lost everything in a house fire, so I'm going to try to inexpensively replace some personal care and cleaning items for her. This is a great way to help someone else, even if you don't need the items yourself!

Allison Gordon said...

In the past I've had problems with the coupons that are $1 off 2. The register would only take off the cost of one item. Has anyone had any trouble with this past week? I'm hoping that Kmart has fixed their computers to take off the doubled amount or the cost of 2 items if less than the $2 doubled amount.

Hip2Save said...

Yes, I know what you mean about having problems with the $1 off 2 coupons.

What I do is put all those type of coupons together and give them to the cashier last. When she scans them I tell her to make sure to touch 2 products on the screen, not just one. If the cashier does that the coupon should double correctly.

Anonymous said...

I went to Kmart today and got great deals. These are the few deals I found.
Dog food- The Goodlife Recipe 4 lbs on sale for $4.99 with the $2.00 off coupon (RP 1/4/09) only $.99
Catfood- The Goodlife Recipe 2.7 lbs on sale for $3.99 with $2.00 off coupon (RP 1/4/09) free
Act Cool Mint Mouthwash- $3.99 with $2.00 off coupon free
Gillette Shampoo on sale 2/$9.00 with $2.00 off coupon from 1-18-09 inserts only $.50 piece
Pantene Shampoo $4.29 with $2.00 off coupon only $.29 piece
Trident Gum 3 packs on sale 2/$4.00 with 2 $1.00 off coupon free
Motts Apple Juice on sale 5/$10 with 5 $1.00 off coupon then free
Kellogg Rice Krispies on sales 4/$9.00 with 4 $1.00 off coupon then $1.00 for 4 $.25 a piece
32 oz Powerade $1.19 with $.40 off coupon on $.39
Luden $1.29 with $1.00 off coupon free
Purina Tiny Bonz 10 oz $2.99 with $1.50 then free
Endust Spray $3.29 with $2.00 off coupon free
Glade Spray 9 oz 2/$1.92 with by 2 get $1.00 off free
Snapple on sale 10/$10.00 with $.75 off coupon free

Hip2Save said...

Thanks so much for posting all these great deals!!!

Wish my store was still doubling!