Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Walgreen's Deals!

Here are a few more deals...

**Lots of the Seventh Generation products at Walgreen's are on clearance. Combine with the $1 off coupons from here (after registering) with the $1 in ad coupon found in the weekly flier. I'm not sure about the clearance prices but I'm guessing you could score some great deals, possibly some free cleaning products!

**Blue Diamond Almonds are on sale 2/$5. Use two $1 off coupons from here (page 6). Final price $1.50 each! That's a great price for nuts!

**The Electrasol Gelpacs are priced at $3.59. Use the $2.50 coupon from the 1/4SS plus submit for the $1.50 EasySaver Rebate. Final price FREE plus a .41 moneymaker!

**There is Bayer mail in rebate offer for select item in the 1/4SS. They will send you back 1/2 the price of the items you purchase up to $10! To make this even sweeter Walgreen's has a great Register Reward deal going on with these products, buy $20 worth of select items get a $10 Register Reward. Then on top of that coupons are available too!

Here is what I'm planning on doing-
  • Flinstone Vitamins $5
  • One A Day Vitamins $7
  • Aleve $8
  • Total will be $20
  • Then I'll use..
  • three $1 off coupons from the 1/4SS
  • Total now $17
  • Plus I will get back a $10RR
  • Submit for the rebate which will get me another $10 back
  • Final price after all is said and done FREE plus a $4 moneymaker!
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Anonymous said...

I saw the ad for the Bayer rebate in the 1/4SS, but I never saw the information for how to apply for the rebate. Do you have the info?


Hip2Save said...

The Bayer Rebate that you saw in the 1/4SS should actually have all the info on it. Mine says at the top "Affordable Health Care for All" and then has a picture of all the items that qualify for the rebate below. Then under that is the mail in rebate form. Directions should be on it for how to submit the rebate.

To qualify for the rebate you will need the form, original UPC symbols and receipt(s)with the products circled.

Hope this helps answer your question!

Anonymous said...

Do you know if I can purchase 2 of the Bayer? and 2 of the Flintstones vitamins? Or will only 1 of each count?

Anonymous said...

I got four papers yesterday, and didn't find any thing about Bayer. I was really looking forward to it. I'm new to this so is it just a regional thing? I'm in Wichita, KS. I've decided to get any deals I can whether my family and I use them or not. The things I don't use will go organizations committed to sharing Christ's love, such as Operation Xmas Child, Pregnancy Crisis Center, Union Rescue Mission, etc.

Michelle said...

I believe you will only get $8.50 back in the rebate is spending $17.00 after coupons.

Hip2Save said...

Yes, specific coupons and rebates can vary a little from region to region. Some people may get a certain coupon, while others will miss out on it. Also coupon values can change a little too depending on where you live.

Shoot me an email with your contact info and I will mail you a rebate form-

Hip2Save said...

You can purchase any variety of the qualifying items you want. They will only give you a maximum rebate amount of $10, though.

Hip2Save said...

Actually with most rebates you get back the amount before coupons are used. When you circle the qualifying items on your receipt they will divide that in 1/2 and give you that amount for each item, up to $10. They wont add in the coupons you used and deduct that from your total.

Anonymous said...

Thank You So Much, I just sent my e-mail! My name is Grace S.

Anonymous said...

This rebate does say "rebate based on price paid after coupons", so the $8.50 amount is probably what you will get back. Still a great deal, just not as big a moneymaker.

Hip2Save said...

You are correct! I must have missed that when I was reading the fine print. Thanks for pointing it out!:)

WiJoyMom said...

Tonight I was purchasing items to earn a Register Reward/Walgreens...the cashier said, that if I used a RR (earned before this week) to pay for those items (Bayer rebate stuff)that I wouldn't get the new register rewards. She even called (on the phone)the manager & then told me the same thing. What should I say 'if' that happens again?

If I pay with a register reward & it doesn't spit out the new one...can I ask for my Register Reward back & pay with a difference source of money?

Hip2Save said...

As long as you dont chain Register Rewards with the same offer (meaning you cant do the Bayer RR deal again and pay with RR's from the previous Bayer deal you did)You CAN, though, pay with Register Rewards for a new or different deal and you will still receive Register Rewards back.

Hope that makes sense!

The main thing I have learned from Walgreen's shopping is that about 80% of the time the cashiers and managers DO NOT know what there talking about when it comes to coupons and RR's!

If your Register Reward doesn't print and you did everything correctly and the manager wont let you have an RR then you do this-
Call Catalina-1-888-8coupon with your receipt in hand, explain to them the situation and they will mail you out a Catalina/RR.

Hope this helps answer your questions!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for the Catalina 888#. They were so helpful on getting my Walgreen's register rewards. I bought over $20 worth of products but no $10 register rewards printed out when I shopped yesterday. The Walgreen's employee from the pharmacy told me that the Aleve-D must not have been included in the promotion. I asked her to show me the paperwork that indicated the included products, but they had nothing. She said that since the product did not have one of the red labels under it, that it was not included. This made no sense to me so I called customer service at Walgreen's from the store. I nice woman named Nicole said she would look into this and get back to me the same day. Well, all day went by and no phone call. I called around 4:30 and Nicole had already left. I was able to leave her a voice mail, and someone else at Walgreen's told me she was working today, Saturday. It is 10 am and maybe I will hear, maybe I won't. But thank goodness Catalina helped me and verified that indeed Aleve - D is on the list and that they will mail me my $10 register rewards. Unfortunately, it will take 6 - 8 weeks, but i have a confirmation number and will keep track of it.

Hip2Save said...

Im glad I could help! I know how frustrating it can be to have Walgreen's be of no help, especially when you purchased the items from their.