Thursday, January 8, 2009

Olay Rebate Update!

I, as of today, have just realized there are actually two Olay Rebates! I'm guessing most of you already know this but if its news to you, here's a quick overview.

Olay has two available Rebates:
  • Purchase two Olay Regenerist facial moisturizers or cleansers by January 14th (postmarked by January 28th) and receive a $15 gift card! Look over the details and print the form here.

  • Purchase ANY two Olay definity products by January 28th (postmarked by February 11th) and receive a $15 gift card too! Look over the details and print the form here.

I already sent in for the Olay Regenerist Rebate. I ended up purchasing two Cleansers from Target priced at $6.14 each and used one $5 coupon from the 12/14PG. After all is said and done I will have gotten two products free and made $7.72!

Now since I didn't know about the Definity Rebate... I'm really not sure what my plan of action is! I know there is a $3 off coupon from the 12/28PG but I'm not sure where to use it. Any brilliant ideas?

One more question, does anyone have ANY idea what the $15 gift card is?!? Is it a Visa prepaid card, $15 in coupons?


amtsales said...

I've heard that the giftcard is from Olay and only good for more Olat products.

Boogie said...

CVS in my area has had some of the definity products clearanced for $5 each. I bought two and used two $3 coupons. That will mean an $11 profit after I get the gift card.