Thursday, January 22, 2009

Target Clearance Finds!

I just cant believe all the great clearance we've been finding at Target. Not ONLY are the toys 75% off but also clothes, sporting goods, personal care products and more.

My daughter wont be turning 3 till next November but as you know, we frugal shoppers get prepared way ahead of time, especially if a great deal comes along. Instead of giving out little party favors I'm going to give each child an adorable pink Backpack filled with a sleeping bag, flashlight and water bottle. The cost for each one... ONLY $2.98!

Wanna Snag some too?!?
Look in the sporting good section.

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Anonymous said...

I'm crying into my coupons over here - our Target's are still 30-50% off ;(

Jenny said...

Same here, Jamie! I was so disappointed!

Heather said...

Mine too! They were $5.98! :(

a busy mom getting through life said...

I found these tues. I stopped on way to campus. They still were at 50% off then, I would like to get a couple when they go for 75% off and it would be a cute gift for my girl's 8th birtday in fall or christmas gift.
Thanks for you target post/ walmart/ etc.