Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weight Watchers IncrEdible Rewards Program!

Weight Watchers has an awesome rewards program... that I really didn't know much about. All you have to do is purchase eligible Weight Watchers products, which pretty much includes ALL the Weight Watchers brand foods (yogurt, bars, breads, snacks and more). Oh and they do include Progresso Light Soups too! The only exception is Smart Ones Frozen products, they are not included in the rewards program at this time.

Once you purchase eligible items you will earn IncrEdible Credits, with each item ranging from 1-4 credits. You will then be able to print off a claim form and cut out the UPC from the products.The one exception is that they will let you submit a receipt (with the participating items circled) for the Weight Watchers yogurt ONLY. I don't about you guys but I would much rather submit UPCs then receipts, so I'm definitely very exited about this rewards program!

Once your claim form is mailed, you will need to wait up to 2 weeks for processing. You will receive an email when your account has been updated with the corresponding number of IncrEdible Credits. That's it! Now just build up your credits and choose a reward of your choice and trust me they have quite a few rewards to choose from!

My plan is just to save all my UPCs in a Ziploc bag until I get enough IncrEdible credits for the reward I want, then I will mail them in all at once. That way I'm not waisting a ton money on stamps. I already have quit few Progresso Light Soups that I purchased a while ago, so I'm going to go ahead and cut the UPCs off those! If you purchase any Progresso Light soups make sure to use these coupons.

Are you ready to sign up and check out all their great rewards?!?
Just click on over here and get started!


Tasha said...

Thank you so much for this information. There are so many items to chose from. Not junkie stuff either.Lots of office items that I use almost everyday. And the shipping is INCLUDED in your points too. I love it. Thanks again for this information.


Anonymous said...

Thats great! Is it one point per upc??? They have some GREAT rewards too! Cant wait to get started!

Hip2Save said...

I know... Im exited too!:)
The point amount depends on the items you purchase. Some items are actually worth up to 4 points, while others are just worth 1 point.

Jenny said...

Thanks for posting this! I eat a chocolate muffin for breakfast everyday! They aren't cheap and there are never any coupons for them.

I can't wait to register!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Love your site, as you know! I just got your emil update with your purchases at Walgreens (the Hershey's one) you bought 12 huge candy bars and then referenced the Weight Watchers Rewards program....Um, what-cha doing with all those candy bars?? Ha ha, just givin' ya a hard time! Plus do you guys get hurt a lot? You sure did buy a lot of bandages. PS. you able to stick to the budget you decided on with your hubby?

Hip2Save said...

You are too funny! Actually having 3 kiddos... well, as you can imagine those bandages will some in handy very soon!:)

My budget over all is going well. The only part I'm really struggling with is shopping at the grocery store. There have been so many inexpensive deals recently that I've ended up purchasing more to stock up and my total ends up being higher. Once I build up my stockpile more Im pretty sure it will get easier!

Thanks so much for asking!

Anonymous said...

Don't save up your points to0 long, they change the rules as they go along. Right after I sent A TON of register receipts for WW yogurt points, they said they no longer accepted the cash register receipts and you have to send the UPC from the carton. (Can you say 'sticky'?) Cost me 80 to 100 lost points. Also wish the Smart Ones Frozen products were included in the program as I eat a LOT of those. Wonder why they're not?